12 days of Christmas Gift Ideas

The countdown for Christmas Eve will start pretty soon and many are excited about the 12 days of Christmas gifts that they gift/receive from their loved ones. For the unversed, people exchange gifts for 12 days in a row until Christmas Eve as a token of love and it is all inspired by the song “12 Days of Christmas Gifts”. People gift their loved ones with 12 gifts that are mentioned in the song that goes by the theme of Christmas. You can either get the 12 gifts directly from the store or prepare some of them by yourself at home for your dear ones.

It is such a fun thing to shop according to the lyrics of a popular song. Even the recipients will have a great time receiving the gifts. If you want to create a memorable experience for your loved ones like parents, kids, friends, wife, etc, you can opt for gifting by the song theme. You can get gifts for both kids and adults by going by the song lyrics. Also, you get gifts that are budget-friendly all the 12 days of Christmas. Start your Christmas shopping as soon as you completed referring to our list here.

When Do the 12 Days of Christmas Start

If you are not sure When the 12 Days of Christmas Start, you can rely on us for the answer. Every year, the 12 days of Christmas start on December 25th, which is the day of Christmas Eve. The 12th day of Christmas will be the 5th of January. Everything about the 12 days of gifting goes by a theme and it is a great way to get different gifts, most of them are edible. However, you can pick the idea from the song lyrics and upgrade the gift with your skills.

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas

Now check out the 12 Days of Christmas List here. 

1. A Partridge in a pear tree

On the first day of 12 days of Christmas, gift your loved one a basket of pears. You can also opt for a special recipe made of pears as the main ingredient. You should not miss the theme of pears here and get any gift related to pears like a pear candle, pear soap, pear cider, pear tree ornament, pear pie, etc. 

2. Two Turtle Doves

On the second day of 12 days of Christmas, get your loved ones gifts that are themed either turtle or doves. If you want to get edible gifts, go for dove or turtle chocolates. You can also get bath products from Dove. However, the most exchanged gift would be a beautiful necklace with a dove charm. 

3. Three French Hens

If you go by the lyric of this verse, you can get chickens or hens as a gift. Here the relatable gifts would be cans of chicken soup, french items like perfume, cookbooks, French press coffee maker, etc. You can also gift something interesting like Hens & Chicks Succulents. You can also have a yummy dinner with chicken soup. 

4. Four Calling Birds

The fourth-day gift from the 12 Gifts of Christmas is four calling birds. You can gift your loved one four little birds in a nest, a birdfeeder, a birdwatching book, etc. If you want to go by calling theme, gift a cell phone case or a stand. 

5. Five Gold Rings

The fifth verse of the song says five gold rings and it is the easiest gift you can get. You can either choose five gold rings as in the lyrics or get gifts that are ring-shaped or something similar. For example, ring pops, pineapple slices, doughnuts, napkin rings, ring toss game, etc. 

6. Six Geese a Laying

On the sixth day of 12 days of Christmas, gift your dear ones a grey goose bottle as per the lyric. You can also choose from gifts like eggs, egg cookbooks, egg recipes, goose socks, etc. 

7. Seven Swans a Swimming

For the seventh day theme of Christmas in the 12 days of Christmas Gift Ideas, you can get anything and everything related to swans and swimming. You can get like 7 swans as in the verse or a swan recycled gift bag, a chocolate swan, a swan lake music box, a swimming costume, etc. 

8. Eight Maids a Milking

On day 8 of Christmas celebrations, gift your dear ones something related to milk and maid. For instance, if you go by the milk theme get milk, food items made of milk, milk bath ingredients, milk frother, cheese basket, etc. On the other hand, if you go by the maid theme, get microfiber cleaning cloths, cleaning service, etc. 

9. Nine Ladies Dancing

On day 9 of the festive season, gift your loved ones presents that are related to dance. The gifts would include a new Christmas dance numbers CD, dance charades game, socks of a dancer, dance video game, ballet dance classes subscription, etc. 

10. Ten Lords a Leaping

On the tenth day of 12 days of Christmas, as per the verse, you can get something like a jump rope, a basketball, Lord of the Rings DVDs, lord-themed gifts, a trampoline, etc. 

11. Eleven Pipers Piping

On the 11th day of Christmas gifts distribution, you can get your loved one gifts that are related to pipers and piping such as windpipes, piping hot coffee, piping tips, windchimes, pipe cleaners, etc. 

12. Twelve Drummers Drumming

Finally on the 12th and last day of Christmas you can gift your dear one gifts related to drums like drumsticks, pencil drumsticks, chicken drumsticks, a little drummer boy toy, tickets to a live band, etc. 

How Many Gifts in 12 Days of Christmas

If you are still wondering How Many Gifts are in the 12 Days of Christmas? There are a total of 12 gifts that are exchanged between loved ones, one gift each day. You can choose the gifts as per the theme of the song or if you just want to go by the idea of the 12 days of gifting and not by the song theme, you can buy gifts of your choice for your loved one. There has to be nothing to do with the song lyrics while choosing the gifts. So, get ready to surprise your loved ones for 12 days in a row with unique gift ideas. 

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