Best Movies To Watch On New Year’s Eve

New Year is pretty close by and the world is getting ready for the big bash to have a blast on that day. But not everyone have the same plan to go out and party hard on the New Year Eve. Some people may like to leisurely sit on their favorite couch and watch their all time favorite movies. If not for the favorites, may be those movies that are tagged as Best New Year’s Eve Movies. Yes! There are of course movies that are considered to be the best ones to watch on the Eve night. We don’t get you think anymore as we sponsor you some best collection of movies to watch on New Year night to make it remarkable in your own way.

These movies have everything to do with your mood. You can choose from a wide variety of genres like comedy, action, sentiment, love, romance etc from the list. We are pretty sure that you will find the best movie that you will remember all the yearlong from our list. So why late! Go dive in to find your New Year movie.

Best Movies To Watch On New Year’s Eve

If you are not in a mood to go out and party with your friends and raise a toast then don’t worry. Give this article a read to find out some of the best movies that can make your New Year as content as going out and partying with your buddies. At the comfort of your couch you can enjoy these New Year promising movies and have a blast all by yourself without even having any company. Get into the spirit of the season with these Best Movies For New Years Eve.

Get ready to enjoy the best of the movies to your heart’s content. Put your homey pajamas, get the finger foods to snack on and start channeling these movies on the New Year Eve. Kick off the Eve with these best movies for new years eve.

1. When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally is a Rom-Com and stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in the lead roles. Harry and Sally head out on a journey and discuss about love and due to disagreement over the matter, they unfriend each other and part ways. Time and again they get to meet, just to part ways. After 12 years of their first meeting, on the New Year’s party they express their love for each other in public.

2. While You Were Sleeping

The story of this wonderful romantic flick starts on Christmas Eve and ends on the New Year Eve. It is a sure shot one of the Best Movies To Watch On New Year’s Eve. A token seller named Lucy wants to have a second chance in love and falls for the charming commuter who passes her booth every day. Saving him from death, he mistakes her of his fiancée at the hospital. She enjoys the attention and love of his family while he was sleeping. How Luck tackles the situation forms the rest of the story.

3. New Year’s Eve

This romantic love story showcases interconnected arcs of love. The lives of couples as well as singles intertwine on the New Year Eve surprisingly. It is a romantic comedy film directed by Garry Marshall. It features an ensemble cast and has very attractive storyline that makes one stick to the idiot box. 

4. About Time

As the title says, this movie is about time travel where the main lead has the ability to time travel. Not just Tim, but his entire family possesses the power to travel in time. But Tim uses his ability to seek love from his love interest Mary.

5. Waiting to Exhale

This is a movie that revolves around beautiful friendship between four women played by Bassett, Whitney Houston, Loretta Devina, and Lela Rochon. They all bond together over the same matter and that is husbands. While two of them continue their relationship with their lovers thinking that they would leave their wives, Bassett’s husband divorces her for his mistress and Loretta finds a new lover.

6. Sex and the City

This romantic comedy is directed by Michael Patrick King. The story takes you all over the year, but the main sequence takes place on the New Year’s Eve. The main leads Carrie and Big are in a relationship, but due to some differences, they get separated. Later the situations bring them together and Big gifts her shoes in place of a ring for marriage proposal. They marry in presence of their friend group simply.

7. Eat Pray Love

If you are looking to watch Good New Years Movies on the New Year’s Eve, then this is it. Though the movie has nothing to do with New Year’s Eve, it is a must-watch as it has so much to offer in terms of food and love. The movie showcases Elizabeth Gilbert where she gets divorced and finds herself completed shattered down. Instead of sitting and crying, she decides to take on a journey to explore the world and to discover herself once again. In her journey she enjoys delicious dishes and falls in love as well.

8. Radio Days

Radio lovers can easily relate to this movie directed by Woody Allen. The plot shows an American family living in a Golden age of Radio that narrates the story with music and memories. The main lead Joe associates old radio songs with his childhood memories during a radio game. 

9. Are We There Yet?

This movie takes place on the New Year Eve where Nick was given the duty to drop his girlfriend’s reluctant kids from Portland to Vancouver. On the way in the car they sabotage him in every way possible. The movie is a complete comedy film that showcases the unassuming kids and Nick in hilarious roles. 

10. The Holiday

Are you looking for Good Movies To Watch On New Year’s Eve? There you go! The Holiday might give you that good movie vibes with its intriguing storyline. This romantic comedy was directed by Nancy Meyers where two women troubled with their guy-relationships swap their homes for the holidays in different countries. Nevertheless, the twist comes when they fall in love with the local guys there. 

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11. 200 Cigarettes

This New Year’s movie takes place right on the eve in the New York City. It has star-studded cast like Kate Hudson, Dave Chappelle, Paul Rudd and many more. All the characters in the flick find their way to the party and different situations arise. However, the party host Monica loses her consciousness having taken lots of alcohol. She wakes up in the next morning just to find that the bash was a huge hit and many unlikely romances took place on the floor.

12. Ocean’s 11

This movie is set on the New Year’s Eve when the lead Danny Ocean who plays the gangster assembles a group of 11 people to steal money from his rival Terry Benedict owned casinos in the New York City. 

13. Bridget Jones’s Diary

Bridget Jones’s Diary is a rom-com directed by Sharon Maguire. The movie is about woman named Bridget Jones who has the habit of writing a dairy daily. In her diary she writes what she wishes to happen in her life. Nevertheless, her life changes when two men compete with each other to win her heart.

14. Ghostbusters 2

Ghostbusters 2 is not among New Years Themed Movies, but if you are someone who enjoys watching supernatural comedy flick then this is the right one to watch on the New Year eve. The movie depicts Ghostbusters being retired after having no work in hands. But their services are required by the city and Dana’s baby as there is a threat upcoming. 

15. Mermaids 

The movie is about a single mother and her two daughters. Surrounded by many troubles, Flax along with her two daughters leaves the city and relocates to a small town. In the new place they undergo various events and challenges that strengthen them and their bonding with each other. 

16. Strange Days

The movie is about policeman Lenny Nero who is involved in selling illegal virtual reality-kind of recordings that allows users to experience the emotions and past happenings of other people. As a part of his job, Nero once comes across a murder and determines to find out the killer with the help of his friend Mace just to find that a huge conspiracy surrounding the police force one he worked with.

17. Rent

Rent movie will remain as one of the favorites for most of the music lovers. The movie takes place between Christmas Eve and New Year and a group of people hailing from New York struggle in their lives due to careers, relationships and AIDS. An aspiring filmmaker played by Anthony Rapp and HIV patient cum musician, Roger suffers to pay the rent. How they survive in the situation and achieve their passions forms the rest of the story. 

18. Snowpiercer

The movie is set on a moving train where the survivors of the Earths’ second Ice Age live. The train travels through snow and ice the poor residents of the train plans to take on the engine room to improve their living. The movie won many awards for the plot as well as the performances from the cast.

19. Four Rooms

Four rooms is a one of a kind of New Year’s Eve Themed Movies. The movie takes place on New Year Eve where on the first day of his duty at a Hollywood hotel, the lead character Ted is given many jobs to carry out from looking after the gangster’s kids to help a coven of witches. He also gets involved in a domestic argument. In each of the room he enters, there comes a different story altogether. 

20. Forrest Gump

Forrest gump is a movie based on a novel by the same name. The movie showcases the life of a man named Forrest who has a very low IQ and recounts his early life. He finds himself in the middle of pivotal historical events and also his love of life Jenny. He wishes to get reunited with his childhood love Jenny.

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21. Rosemary’s Baby

If you want to watch not so lighthearted or rom-com on this New Year’s Eve, then you can opt for this horror genre movie. The movie is again set on the New Year’s Eve where a party takes place. Rosemary and her husband moves into a new apartment where she hears and dreams of strange things. When she gets pregnant, she finds out that her neighbors have evil plans for her baby. 

22. Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread is a historical drama directed by Paul Thomas Andreson. Reynolds Woodcock is a popular dress designer who is named for his wonderful designs. He meets a waitress and falls for her after which his lifestyle drastically changes. 

23. Carol

Carol is a romantic drama directed by Todd Haynes. The movies takes place in the Christmas season where a photographer named Therese works in a department store in Manhattan meets Carol and falls for her instantly. It is a homosexual movie where Carol and Therese find love for each other.  

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24. Sleepless in Seattle

The movie is about a man Sam and his son Jonah where the son finds that his father is still suffering from the death of his mother Maggie. The young boy forces his father Sam to call a national radio talk show with a hope that he finds love. 

25. Happy New Year, Charlie Brown

Happy New Year Charlie Brown is an animated show to watch for the kids on the New Year Eve. You can rekindle the kid in you with this show as well. It is a very popular comic show that every kid will enjoy watching. The movie is about Charlie Brown who suffers to finish the book report in the holidays. 

26. Trading Places

It is a total fun movie to watch and you will have lots of fun on the New Year eve for sure. As a part of a bet, an investor and a street con artist find their positions reversed. The bet is planned by two millionaire brothers who conspire to switch their fates and fortunes. It is your turn to watch and know how they get back to their roles after going through the reverse fates. 

27. An Affair to Remember 

This American romance film directed by Leo McCarey stars Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr in the lead roles. Just as the name says, the movie depicts an affair between Nicky and Terry who were engaged separately with different people. They both meet on a cruise and instantly fall head over heels in love with each other. Though they were engaged already, they decide to meet again. If you are a romance-loving person then this movie fulfills your desire cent percent. 

So well, these are the Best Movies To Watch On New Year’s Eve. We are certain that you stick right to your cozy couches and idiot boxes watching these best movies of all time. If you have any movie suggestions, make sure to share them with us in the comments section below. Don’t forget to bookmark our website NewYearWiki.

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