9 Best Place to Spend New Year’s In Colombia 2024

Celebrating the new year in Colombia delivers great fun to most of the tourists. People dance together, chill around with their beloved ones, and enjoy watching spectacular fireworks with families on the new year’s eve. To get an unforgettable experience, plan your holiday trip to Colombia to ring in the new year exceptionally. Thinking where to spend new years eve in Colombia? Our guide helps you pick the best place in Colombia for new years. To understand more about the typical new year’s eve traditions and cultures of people in Colombia, just go through this article. We rounded up some of the best places to spend new years eve in Colombia. Have a glimpse!

Best Place In Colombia For New Year’s 2024

Plan your perfect new year celebrations with your pals in the best place in Colombia for new years. With a wide range of festivities, traditions, and stunning fireworks, people across different parts of the world visit Colombia to welcome the new year. Once the Christmas celebrations are wrapped, people look forward to ring in the new year stylishly and uniquely. As there are several best places to spend new year’s eve in Colombia, you might be muddled in selecting the right destination. Spend some gala time with your family in Colombia in one of the perfect destinations. Check it out!

1. Cartagena

Cartagena is the best-ever city to celebrate the new year’s eve in Colombia. It is the topmost choice for most tourists to ring in the new year in Colombia. Cartagena is a magical city that grabs the attention of the locals and foreigners with stunning sights. The celebrations in Cartagena begins with a delicious dinner, rings in the new year with a final countdown and street parties. Enjoy a scrumptious meal in one of the best restaurants in Cartagena and roam across the streets to witness special new year celebrations. Book your accommodation in one of the best villas and luxurious hotels in Cartagena. Spend some quality time at the beach in tropical weather with your friends and family. 

2. Bogota

As part of the new year traditions in Colombia, people celebrate a special occasion with family. Still, people in Bogota celebrate the eve with wild parties. With plenty of food stalls, live music concerts, eye-catching fireworks shows, Bogota gets you into action on new year’s eve. Bogota is quite popular for amazing fireworks and nightclubs. To spot the fabulous fireworks in Bogota, head to the Plaza Bolivar  Square. Later, you can indulge yourself in various fun-filled activities in popular nightclubs in Bogota. Some of them include La Villa, Andres Carne de Res, Theatron, and Baum. All these nightclubs host unique new year parties for the visitors.

3. Ciudad Perdida

Ciudad Perdida is one of the most prevalent ancient cities in Colombia. It is another best place to spend new years eve in Colombia. It is a perfect destination for those who are planning to celebrate the new year amid beautiful nature and cultural exchanges with native tribes. One can get a lost city experience in the new year’s occasion with your family and friends. The interested folks can even join Lost City treks to make your holiday trip quite adventurous.

4. Feria de Cali

Feria de Cali is considered heaven especially during the new year 2024 celebrations. Cali Fair is one of the significant events hosted in Cali to bid adieu and welcome the new year in Pacific style. With utmost fun, joy, and salsa, the tourists invite the new year in Cali. Feria de Cali is a fabulous place to spend new year’s eve. Plan your schedule to take part in the fun festival that runs all through December till the first day of the new year.

5. Valparaíso

Valparaíso is a beautiful town in Colombia where tourists can find the fantastic beauty of the entire town. One of the noteworthy places to visit in Colombia is the historic port town in Valparaiso. If you are a newly-wed couple, it’s the perfect romantic destination to spend a couple of nights at the end of the old year. People can witness one of the biggest fireworks shows in Valparaiso. It’s a 20-minute show that remains one of the most memorable moments in your life. The festive celebrations begin on 28th December and the visitors can enjoy the fun-filled activities all through the night. On the occasion of the new year, all the streets of the town are jam-packed with confetti and the tourists wandering across the streets. One can even witness live music concerts and enjoy the finest drinks. Make sure you put on yellow underwear for good luck.

6. Barichara

Barichara is another best place to spend new years eve in Colombia. It is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Colombia. The architecture of this town remarks the times of the Spanish colony. If you are looking for great entertainment and don’t think of spending more money, Barichara is the right destination spot. The tourists can get an unforgettable experience, especially during the new year’s eve. You may not find more number of restaurants in Barichara. Still, you can find delicious local food and a cozy atmosphere. Witness breathtaking fireworks show in the sky that augments the beauty of the town.

7. Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva is pretty near to Bogota in Colombia. It is one of the noteworthy places to ring in the new year in Colombia. Festival of Lights takes place in Villa de Leyva in December. Plenty of candles are illuminated in Villa de Leyva to enjoy the end of the most beautiful year and to invite the arrival of the new year. With extreme joy, crazy music, and pyrotechnic games, ring in the new year. 

8. Medellin

Planning to celebrate the new year in Colombia? Medellin is one of the best places in Colombia to spend new years. People follow a variety of traditions and customs to ring in the new year in Medellin. With illuminating lights throughout the city particularly in rivers and parks, the entire city turns beautiful during the new year’s eve. People indulge in copious fun-filled activities like pyrotechnic games, music, artillery, and lights with their friends and family. 

9. Pasto

Pasto is another beautiful city in Western Colombia quite popular for its Blacks and Whites carnival. If you are planning to begin the new year 2024 with the best attitude, Pasto is the right destination spot. People can learn more about the history and symbolism behind the parades, themes, and costumes in the carnival. One can get an incredible experience spending some gala time in Pasto during the new year’s eve.

Well, these are some of the best places in Colombia for new years. Hopefully, your confusion on where to spend new years eve in Colombia might be resolved by now upon reading this post. If you have any other best place to spend new years eve in Colombia, drop them in the comments section. Keep in touch with this website to get more exceptional new year ideas, special places to celebrate the new year across the world, and more.

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