Best Places to Go for New Years 2024 In USA

New Year is celebrated by the entire world with much glamour and glitter.  It is a celebration that takes place in every part of the world and people party hard on the 31st night as a part of welcoming New Year.  It is the time when people go out and celebrate their hearts out.  If you are planning for a vacation in USA for this New Year and want to know the Best Places to go for New Years in USA, then you are in the right place.  We have all that you are looking for.  Just read on to find the best of the places in USA to visit for the New Year.

Best Places to Go for New Years In USA
Best Places to Go for New Years In USA

Best Places For New Years 2024 In USA

There are plenty of such places in USA where you can literally witness pre-eminent celebrations on the New Year eve.  December 31st night stays remarkable in all the places that we are going to talk about today.  You can have the gala time you are dreaming to in these places. These places are way too popular for the amenities, safety and prices they offer.  You can get a package of everything you are looking for in this list of best places to travel in USA for New Year eve 2024. Check out the places that will offer you utmost pleasure on this coming New Year with their mesmerizing celebrations.

1. Times Square, New York City

Times Square New York City
Times Square, New York City

New York City is one of the finest places to celebrate New Year eve in the USA.  It is the first and foremost place that everyone should visit on the New Year eve.  The ball drop is pretty famous and millions of people gather over the building of Times Square to count down the last seconds of the past year.  After done with watching the ball drop, you can go see the different dance forms at Baby’s All Right in Williamsburg. You can also attend concerts and shows specially organized on New Year Eve.  The last but not the least thing that people go gaga about is the fireworks that take place right at midnight.

2. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles California
Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is one of the fun places to go for new years in the US.  The Tournament of Roses Parade takes place in Los Angeles near Pasadena on the New Year eve, which is a must watch.  You can watch Cleopatra’s Ball at the popular Egyptian Theater to EVE at the University Studios in Hollywood. You can also visit Marina del Rey to witness the fireworks.  You can see face painting, bubbles fun, giveaways, photo booth, food trucks and of course fireworks. The fireworks can be witnessed from Burton W. Chace Park or Marina del Rey’s waterfront restaurants.

3. Chicago, Illinois

Navy Pier Chicago Illinois
Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois

If you like to chill on the New Year, then Chicago is the best place to visit on the New Year in US.  If you are planning for a family tour to USA, then Navy Pier is the best place to visit for New Year. You can enjoy the rides and attractions over there.  At the Lake Michigan you can watch fireworks for a beautiful soulful music. Interestingly, you can also visit Lincoln Park Zoo where millions of lights are lit up for New year 2024.  You can watch live DJ, games, ice carving, wine and champagne etc over there.

4. San Francisco, California

San Francisco California
San Francisco, California

San Francisco has so much to offer in terms of fun and entertainment on the New Year Eve.  The fireworks of course remain the talk of the town in the city. You can witness lots of New Year Eve balls like San Francisco Symphony’s posh Black and White Ball and the Passport to the World New Year’s Eve Ball.  You can witness live music, entertainers and much more. To get a close watch of the fireworks go to the Twin Peaks or Embarcadero rooftop.

5. Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Walt Disney World Orlando Florida
Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

It goes without saying how interesting and surprising it will be to spend the New Year eve at Walt Disney in Orlando.  You can witness dance parties, festivities, fireworks whatnot everything fun there. Tourists can watch the fireworks from California Grill at Disney’s Contemporary Resort by dining on different packets offered by Disney hotels.

6. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are a party person then this is the place for you to visit on New Year eve in US.  You can visit night clubs, witness dances and more in the night. Around 3 lakh people come together to celebrate the New Year in Las Vegas.  The fireworks are launched in the midnight which is well choreographed. You can also take an adventurous ride on helicopter and toast the champagne on top of the fireworks.

7. Dallas, Texas

Dallas Texas
Dallas, Texas

Dallas is yet another cool place to visit in US on New Year Eve.  The Victory Park will witness lakhs of people welcoming the New Year with music and fireworks.  You can enjoy the food over there that include waffles and chicken in the nearby restaurants of Downtown.

8. Miami, Florida

Miami Florida
Miami Florida

You can observe the best nightlife in Miami especially on New Year eve.  The city is famous for its beaches and the travelers will get the best view of the beaches on the New Year.  South Beach and Miami Beach are the best places to visit to celebrate New Year 2024. You can also party in the nightclubs over there like Club 50, Mansion etc.

9. Denver, Colorado

Denver Colorado
Denver, Colorado

Denver is full of Rock Mountains and if you are a traveler who loves to explore the mountains then this place for you.  Visit the Winter Park Ski Resort to explore spectacular views of the city. Another winter attraction is the Southwest Rink at Skyline Park.  The fireworks will take place at 16th Street Mall with mascots, balloon artists, magicians, comedians and stilt walkers performing live.

10. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is a place for those who quest for budget-friendly places in USA.  If you want to explore a lot of things like fireworks, food, entertainment etc at lowest costs possible then Atlanta is apt for you.  Even with a big family you can get here for a trip on the New Year Eve.

11. San Diego, California

San Diego California
San Diego, California

Southern California ranks top five with San Diego ranking fourth in the chart.  This city is not just budget-friendly, but also is the best place for those who are looking for safety and accessibility.  You can take small rides to go to different destinations in the city at budget costs.

12. Washington, D.C.

Washington DC
Washington, D.C

Washington is the capital city and it has so much to offer on New Year eve.  There is no exception to what to offers from balls, parties, dances, entertainment, food, fireworks what not everything beyond you can imagine.  In Old Town Alexandria, you can visit family-friendly First Night celebrations in nearby suburbs. The Washington, D.C. restaurants have a lot of offer in terms of dining.

13. New Orleans, Louisiana

Jackson Square New Orleans Louisiana
Jackson Square, New Orleans, Louisiana

If you want to witness the big party in the city, then simply visit the Jackson Square there.  You can witness tons of people celebrating their New Year on the streets of Bourbon. You can see jazz music and also the Sugar Bowl.  Party persons can get the best in this city for sure. At the midnight the “Baby New Year” will drop from its perch on the top of Jax Brewery.  You can also watch the fireworks show at the Mississippi following it.

14. Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu in Hawaii is also one of the best places to spend new years in the US 2024.  Here, you can attend the traditional luau like Waikiki Starlight Luau at Hilton Hawaiian Village.  To witness the party on the New Year Eve, visit the Ala Moana Boulevard at Aloha Tower Marketplace.  You can watch the food trucks, rides, live music and DJs in the midnight. You can head to the rooftop of Dolphin Star or Star of Honolulu to view the fireworks closely.

15. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio Texas
San Antonio, Texas

You will experience the spring at the San Antonio River Walk, which is the place for celebrations in the city.  Restaurants and bars in the city welcome the tourists with great packages that include prix-fixe meals in the new year.  In Texas, the biggest New Year celebrations take place in Downtown San Antonio.

16. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville Tennessee
Nashville, Tennessee

The New Year eve celebrations in Nashville were held on Broadway.  The celebrations will witness great musicians from all over the world who will perform for the audience over there.  The ‘Music Note Drop’ takes place at the Nashville when many major bands give their performances. The fireworks get skyrocketed on the New Year Eve in the Music City.  The famous Rayman Auditorium will witness parties and events on the night.

17. Lake Tahoe, Nevada and California

Lake Tahoe, Nevada and California
Lake Tahoe, Nevada and California

Here you will witness the traces of Christmas celebrations as well.  The Heavenly Mountain Resort will witness all the galore of the New Year.   It features live music, ice sculpting and entertainers and then at the midnight “Gondola Ball Drop” takes place similar to the Times Square ball drop in New York City.  The party will take place at Squaw Valley on the north side that hosts fireworks, live music, and at the Olympic House.

18. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If you are an entertainment lover then Philadelphia in Pennsylvania is the best place for you to visit on New Year eve.  In terms of entertainment Philadelphia is just a step later with New Orleans. It is also the safest place that ranked 21st in the list.

19. Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham Alabama
Birmingham, Alabama

Based on costs, Birmingham is the fifth best place in America with finest celebrations on the New Year Eve.  In terms of entertainment, the place stands in the 22nd place and those who are looking for cost-effective travel for New Year celebrations can opt for this place.

20. Seattle, Washington

Seattle Washington
Seattle, Washington

If you are planning to make New Year 2024 a memorable one for life and would love to dig in the entertainment factor to the crux, then Seattle in Washington is your spot.  The place stands in the ninth in terms of entertainment. However, the costs are quite high in the city.

21. Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville Kentucky
Louisville, Kentucky

If you want to reside in a three star hotel room on the New Year eve then Louisville is the best option you can go for.  It ranks pretty low compared to Memphis. This is a total wallet-friendly place for the tourists. There is also wide range of options to make the New Year celebrations remarkable.

22. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach Virginia
Virginia Beach, Virginia

In terms of cost and safety and accessibility, Virginia Beach ranks top six in the list.  As the name suggests, it is located in the city of Virginia and ranks first in terms of getting the New Year ticket at a very lowest price tag.  Also, the three star hotel rooms cost pretty decent in the city.

23. Tampa, Florida

Tampa Florida
Tampa, Florida

Tampa is again one of the best places to go for new years in USA.  For those who are looking for destinations that are wallet-friendly, this is yet another place for you to visit in the tour.  It ranks fourth in terms of costs and fifth in terms of New Year party tickets.

24. Houston, Texas

Houston Texas
Houston, Texas

Houston is also a popular place that witnesses New Year celebrations on a grand note.  People in the city of Houston celebrate the New Year with much fun. It ranks 22nd in the list and it is all credit to its music, fireworks, and dancing.

25. Portland, Oregon

Portland Oregon
Portland, Oregon

For those who are in quest for the city with cheap party tickets, Portland is the place.  It ranks top 4 in the list for its cheap tickets cost for the New Year eve 2024. The nightlife in the city is something that people will enjoy leading and it ranks fifth in that area.

26. Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford, Connecticut
Hartford, Connecticut

On New Year’s Eve, Connecticut also welcomes the tourists with wide hands. If you are visiting with your family, you are sure to be entertained to the core at Hartford. The place is famous for the First Night Hartford event which kickstarts at 2 PM on the Eve where you can witness live music performances, fireworks display, etc at Bushnell Park. The ski destination is a great place to visit and skiers can participate too. If you are looking to visit a casino, go straight to Mohegan Sun which hosts a Let’s Glow party.

27. Boise, Idaho

Boise, Idaho
Boise, Idaho

The specialty of Idaho is potatoes and so the potato drop event will take place on New Year’s Eve. The party followed by fireworks will take place at Idaho State Capital and thousands of people come together to welcome the New Year with a huge potato drop. You will get to welcome the New Year at the lakefront at Idaho, which is a major attraction. Moreover, you can dine with your family at the grand buffet held there.

28. Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona

For the music enthusiasts, the Arizona music festival is a must. You get to watch a lot of exquisite things in the festival and dance your heart out to the biggest dance numbers. The crowds present there shake their legs to the dance numbers and kickstart the New Year on a grand note.  You can also have fun with DJs and have a feast at the food trucks while watching fireworks in the night sky.

29. Hot Springs, Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas
Little Rock, Arkansas

The New Year’s ball drop begins at 9 PM in Benton. The fireworks will light up the sky and the crowds will have a lot of fun events to watch like games, laser shows, food trucks to feast on, etc. The major attraction of Arkansas is the Hot Springs National Park and many tourists visit the place to take part in the celebrations held by the park authorities. There will be fireworks taking place and you can catch a view of them from the rooftop of the restaurant over there.

30. Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland
Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is yet another wonderful place to visit during the New Year. Zoo Lights, Baltimore is popular for one million lights it hosts for the New Year and the fireworks show is another dominant enticement. Enjoy the classy music and live performances from trending musicians. You can obtain a VIP ticket and enjoy partying privately in a lounge with your loved ones. You can also enjoy watching fireworks from Baltimore.

These are the Best Places To Go For New Years In USA.  Hope the list of places we have provided above are up to your mark.  We strive hard to bring before you more such interesting articles on New Year.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our website –

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