Big Lots New Year’s Day Hours 2024? Big Lots New Years’ Eve Hours

Big Lots is a named store offering an exclusive collection of branded items and high-quality products all at once. The store is open during regular business hours for the holidays, as many people will be looking to shop at Big Lots. The store is only closed for Christmas, and it works at reduced business hours on other festive days. The Big Lots New Years’ Day Hours are revealed here for you. You can check out this article if you are looking for the same. You can find the appropriate opening and closing timings of Big Lots here.

Is Big Lots Open On New Year’s Day

Thanks to the demand and supply policy, Big Lots does a lot of business during the holiday season. As most people love to cook with their own hands for their beloved ones on festive days, most of them visit general stores like Big Lots to shop for the necessary items and ingredients. If you are among them and have been wondering, Is Big Lots Open On New Year’s Day, you can be at ease. The store is open on New Year’s Day, and you can shop peacefully at the store. 

It is, however, advised to check with the local store’s customer service department about the timings before heading to the store. You can check the timings of the store even by visiting the official website of Big Lots. To the shopper’s surprise, Big Lots New Year’s Day Hours are the same as any other regular day hours. Yes, the store is open from 9 AM to 9 PM, the store’s regular business hours. 

Big Lots New Years’ Eve Hours

Big Lots welcomes its customers with open arms and keeps its doors open even on festive days like New Year’s Day, but wait, aren’t the Big Lots New Years’ Hours compromised due to the festivities? Nope. Due to the massive rush in the store and a lot of business going on around the New Year, the store doesn’t close early. It maintains its timings at a regular pace and serves its customers as usual. 

Meanwhile, the Big Lots New Years Eve Hours may not remain unchanged for all the stores. Sometimes, Big Lots stores in not-so-prime locations may adjust their working hours and close early. So, you must check that with the local store executives or through an online store locator before visiting. After all, you cannot return empty-handed, especially when the New Year is just a night away. 

If you ask, What Time Does Big Lots Close On New Year’s Eve? The store abides by its regular closing hours and closes by 9 PM on New Year’s Eve, but if anything comes up or there is no rush at the store, it may close early. It is up to the store’s management at the end of the day. This is all about the New Year timings of Big Lots. If you like to know more about other store timings, you can bookmark our website – NEWYEARWIKI.COM.

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