6 Famous Brazil New Year’s Traditions

New Year is the most awaited time by everyone. As it is the time that we say goodbye to the old year and hello to the New Year, people usually get super excited. Different countries across the globe observe different traditions at the strike of the midnight on the New Year’s Eve with a hope of luck. Brazil is one such country that has many superstitious traditions that people over there follow religiously without hitting miss on every New Year. If you are a Brazilian by birth or want to settle there, you have to know the Brazil New Year’s Traditions beforehand. This will help you grab the luck according to the Brazilian people’s beliefs.

New Year’s Eve Traditions in Brazil 

Brazil has a unique way of celebrating the New Year. They host world’s best NYE parties and people participate in them in millions. Also people from other countries travel to Brazil around the time of the New Year to be a part of their outstanding celebrations. With eye-catching fireworks and numerous mouth-watering dishes to try, one will enjoy the NYE party at Brazil like never before. Other than for the NYE party, Brazilians also emphasize the traditions that are followed on the day. They give utmost significance to the traditions to be followed on the New Year’s Day that are in every way related with luck, prosperity and wealth.

Their only motto for the Ano Novo, Brazilian Reveillon, or New Year is “Ano novo, vida nova,” which means “New Year, new life.” Most of the Brazilians are very superstitious and follow the traditions wholeheartedly on the New Year’s Day. If you are excited to know the New Year’s Eve Traditions In Brazil read on this article completely. Who knows, by the end of this article, you may also want to follow the Brazil’s New Years’ traditions to attract luck.

1. Jump 7 Waves At The Stroke Of Midnight 

Brazilians love to celebrate New Year at the beach. They plan their NYE parties at the popular beaches of Brazil and this particular tradition we are going to talk about can be implemented there. If you want to attract good luck you have to jump into the ocean when the clock strikes 12 on the New Year’s Eve and jump 7 waves. However, you have to face the waves without taking backfoot. While passing through each wave, you can make a wish. This number 7 is a sacred number for Brazilians and is linked with the Water Goddess Lemanja who is believed to give you strength to sustain difficult times in the upcoming year.

2. Wear White Attire 

Copacabana beach is one of the most popular beaches in Brazil and millions of people gather there on the New Year’s Day to welcome the New Year into their lives. Imagine millions of people donning white attires and enjoying the NYE parties at the beach side. Such a pleasure to watch, isn’t it? This tradition of wearing white attire comes from African religion as a tribute to God Oxala. So, if you plan to visit Brazil for the NYE make sure to pack white clothes in your bag.

3. Wear Multi-colored Underwear 

Brazil people also have this tradition called Brazil New Year Underwear Tradition. In Brazil people wear different colors of underwear as it is also indirectly related with luck. The colors have different meanings and people choose the color depending on their interest and need. Check out the underwear colors and the results of wearing them on NYE.

  • White – Peace and harmony
  • Blue – tranquility and Friendship
  • Yellow – money an luck
  • Pink – love
  • Red – passion
  • Orange – professional success
  • Green – health
  • Purple – inspiration 

4. Food 

According to Brazilians the food we eat on the New Year has a great meaning and will attract good luck. The most common foods that are consumed on the New Year’ Day are lentils and pomegranates as they symbolize good luck and wealth for them respectively. Some people who are very serious about the food and its affects will tell you not to consume poultry as these animals walk backward that represent regression.

5. Bay leaf Brings Luck 

Brazil people believe that bay leaf sharpen one’s intuition. While celebrating the New Year Brazilians place bay leaf in their pockets for good luck.

6. Welcome New Year On Elevated Surface 

Last but not the least Brazil New Year’s Eve Traditions include welcoming the New Year on elevated surface. They believe that counting down the last seconds of the New Year standing on an elevated surface like chair, table etc would bring good luck.

These are the Brazil New Year’s Traditions that are famously followed by the people there. If you want to start off the New Year on a great note make sure to incorporate any of these super fun traditions on the New Year. Do bookmark our website NEWYEARWIKI and stay connected for more articles.

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