Best Christmas Gifts For Boss from Employees 2023

It is an intimidating thing to buy a gift for the boss, especially for Christmas when most of the employees gift their higher officials something charming. Though there are tons of gifts available online and offline to buy, picking the right gift for the right person is very essential. You may invest in a luxurious gift, but your boss may not like it. If you want to avoid such bizarre situations you have to have a good eye for gifts. If you think you are lacking on that front, fret not as we have your backing. We have brought before you the outstanding Christmas Gift Ideas for Boss. 

With our list of gift ideas, you can simply sit in your comfort and order the gift for your boss for Christmas. Our list has gift ideas that can be bought even at the last minute. So, even if you are running out of time and haven’t bought a gift for your boss yet, you need not worry and simply look through our list and you will find a lot of gifts that you can get your hands on instantly. Considering the mindset of bosses we have compiled this list and so there will be no looking back at it. These finds would make you go awed in surprise. So, without any more delay, dive into the list and pick your best find for your boss.

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Boss

Our Christmas gift ideas include everything from thoughtful to sentimental to useful to fun gifts. We made sure that all budgets are covered and haven’t gone too luxurious with them because your gift shouldn’t be a show-off at the end of the day. 

1. Osaka Glass Cold Brew Coffee Maker

For the boss for whom coffee is everything, give this Osaka Glass Cold Brew Coffee Maker. He can now prepare fresh coffee every time he wants to drink in just a few minutes. Thanks to the tight lid that keeps the brew stay fresh for a whole week. With the brewer, you can brew both hot and cold coffee or even tea.  The maker comes with a spill-proof spout and a strong handle. 

2. Set of Six Mini Succulents

Succulents are a great way to keep the environment green and healthy. Gift your boss the set of six mini succulents as a Christmas gift so that he/she can use them on the office desk or at home. The succulents come in white ceramic pots that give a decorative appeal to them. You can either pick original or artificial plants for your boss. Either way, they don’t need much maintenance.  

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3. Boss Candle

For the boss, you admire, gift this “Boss Lady” soy candle. This candle will motivate her to work even harder to accomplish her goals. The soy candle has got great fragrances like vanilla, white coconut and vetiver. The fragrances will help her destress from the work tensions at the office. The soy wax candle is eco-friendly and is lead-free. Only premium quality fragrance oils are used to make this candle. 

4. Word Clock

Instead of getting your favourite boss a regular clock, get this word clock that displays time in style. It is the perfect office clock that compliments your boss’s cabin.  The compact clock is the best fit for the desktop and is very trendy in design. It is a plug-in style clock that looks like a word puzzle, but when plugged in will display the time in words with its LED setup. The clock displays time in terms of minutes, for example, ‘five minutes past ten.

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5. Deluxe Christmas Gift Box

Edible gifts are a big yes for the foodie boss. So, this Christmas consider gifting your boss a Deluxe Christmas gift box. You can try out different edible gift boxes filled with different types of delicious sweets, chocolates, biscuits etc. You can also get the gift boxes customized with the treats that your boss enjoys eating a lot. Book an edible gift box beforehand so that it arrives on time by Christmas eve. 

6. Anker PowerCore Portable Charger

Help your boss keep his/her phone alive even when they are off to a remote place by gifting them this Anker PowerCore portable charger. The charger is powered by a 2,6800 mAh battery that charges the phones 6 times, and tablets 2 times in a single charge. The charger is equipped with 3 USB ports and has Anker’s PowerIQ and Voltage Boost technology that ensures high-speed charging to multiple devices simultaneously. 

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7. Feminist Brooch 

For the feminist boss, gift this Feminist Brooch that she can pin to her favourite jacket. The pin is made of good quality alloy material and comes with an electroplating coating finish. Also, the pin is lead-free and nickel free. It is durable and sturdy too. It acts as a fashion accessory for your boss. They are one of the unique Christmas Gift For Boss we have on our list here. 

8. Desktop Waterfall Fountain with Light

If you want to gift your boss a stress-relieving gift, go for the desktop waterfall fountain with light. Yes! It is a lovely gift that you can present to your boss. Made of high-quality ABS plastic material, it is non-toxic and durable. The portable fountain can be placed anywhere in the office, but the ideal place would be your boss’s desk. Just plug it in and the fountain starts emitting lights and water runs giving a soothing experience. 

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9. USB LED Clock Fan

Looking for a cool gift to present to your boss this Christmas? Gift this USB LED clock fan that displays the time and also runs the fan and gives out a cool breeze. The fan has PVC soft blades that are super safe. In addition, you can bend the fan the way you like as it has a gooseneck. The clock fan is perfect for desktops. Plug into the USB port and use it. You can use it anywhere and along with the fan, you can see the time on the LED display. 

10. Anti-Theft Backpack

For the boss who carries many superficial things in his backpack, gift this anti-theft backpack that comes with many interesting anti-theft features. The bag is made of strong anti-scratch fabric that is water-resistant too. The bag has a built-in charging cable on the inside of the laptop backpack and a USB charging port on the outside. Simply plugin and charge your device using this backpack.

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11. Smart Squeeze Stress Relief Ball

For the boss who is super stressed due to work-related things, gift this smart squeeze stress relief ball. The ball connects to the smartphone through Bluetooth and allows the user to indulge in games that increase strength. Users can exercise the small muscles in both the hands and arms with the help of hand therapy through the relief ball. This is again one of the very useful Boss Christmas Gift Ideas we have with us.

12. PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer and Charger

The sanitiser cum charger is a very thoughtful gift you can give to your boss given the pandemic. According to a study our phones are 18x germier than a toilet and we just don’t clean them as much as needed. That is why we need this phone sanitiser that can help us clean and it is proved to be 99.9% effective. The product is designed to house any kind of smartphone and it also comes with a charger to charge the phone. 

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13. Decision Paperweight

No one would have considered gifting paperweight to their boss until now, but this paperweight which makes decision making super easy could become a serious gift to your boss. To simply put, this paperweight is more than just a paperweight and when your boss is in a dilemma he can use it to make his decision instantly. It is not just functional, but also fun to use. 

14. Personalized Full Pad Portfolio

If you have a lot of meetings in your office and you want to gift something that comes to use to your boss, go with this personalized full pad portfolio. Made of vegan leather, this professional business padfolio comes with multiple slots for storing business cards and a zipper closure. It also has a phone pouch, 30-page notepad and a handle to hold it. It is the perfect gift for a boss who is a perfect businessman.

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15. Work From Home Survival Kit

Work from home has become the new normal and people have adjusted to living that way. Help your boss and co-employees increase their productivity with the essentials and fun items so that they can make a lot out of it. Also, these items will help them turn their home into a workspace. The kit comes with a webcam cover, ‘Do not disturb sign, desk yoga guide, conference call bingo card, fidget cube, earplugs etc. 

16. Smartphone Vase

This smartphone vase is also one of the beautiful gifts for your lady boss. It is a vase stand that can hold the smartphone. The nightstand is perfect for both home and office use. The phone sits right on the stand with the bloomy flowers in the background. The vase stand simply enhances the look of the office desk of your boss. The holder is made of high-quality ceramic material and it also allows the charging cord to pass through its bottom. 

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17. Deep-Sea Sand Art

Just rotate the ring and see the most mesmerizing sandscapes that are made of sand art. If your boss appreciates nature a lot, this is an ideal gift for him. The ring can be rotated in 360 degrees and as you rotate it, it forms different pictures like oceans, deserts, and mountains. The falling sand and the formation of different landscapes will leave your boss in awe. 

18. Personalized Business Card Holder

A personalized gift is not a bad idea either and so go with this Business Card Holder. Get the cardholder personalized by getting it engraved with ‘Best Boss Ever’ and gift it to your boss. The cardholder can hold up to 15 business cards of standard size. The holder is made of premium quality stainless steel and is very durable. It can also house 4 to 5 credit cards. 

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19. Moleskine Classic Notebook

Get a creative Moleskine Classic Notebook for the boss who always comes up with great ideas. The notebook works like a journal and is very sleek in design. The notebook comes with an elastic closure band and inner storage folders which can be used to store notes and papers. The cover of this notebook is very thick and the paper used is of premium quality. They are also perfect companions for travelling and it is all thanks to their slim design.

20. Premium Bento Lunch Box

Though the food taste may not vary with this Bento Lunch Box, the presentation would vary. Gift this Premium Bento Lunch Box to your boss who appreciates presentations a lot. The lunch boxes are available in six unique colours other than classic black and white. The pack comes with two compartments that can accommodate a good amount of food for an adult. There is also a sauce container, fork, chopsticks, knife and spoon that come with the pack. 

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21. Stainless Steel Tumbler

If you are in search of simple, yet meaningful Christmas Gifts For Bosses, go with the stainless steel tumbler. Though it may look simple, it is very useful in general. The tumbler comes with double-walled storage that is made of premium quality food-grade stainless steel. The tumbler also has vacuum insulation with copper that can keep the hot and cold beverages hot and cold respectively for a long time. 

22. Mouse Pad

Don’t just look down on this gift as it is more than what meets the eye. This mouse pad is personalized and has written ‘Boss lady’ on it, which itself is a wonderful piece of gift. The pad is made of natural rubber and has a silky cloth surface. It is very easy to clean and maintain this pad. The mouse pad gives very smooth wrist support and is available in different colours and patterns. 

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23. Yoda Best Boss Mug

For the Boss who is obsessed with baby Yoda from Star Wars, gift this Yoda Best Boss Mug. Get the mug packed in a giftable box for your boss and shower your admiration for her with it. This mug is no less than any promotional gifts you are giving to your boss. The mug is made of premium ceramic and is very durable. Also, it is microwave and dishwasher safe. 

24. Storm Cloud

Seeking to gift your boss a unique and useful gift? Invest in the Storm Cloud that is capable of predicting the weather. Yes! This small and beautiful instrument can predict the climate and tell you the forecast beforehand. The device is filled with a special liquid that changes with the changes in the atmosphere. The crystals present in the glass indicate whether it will be rainy, cloudy, windy, fair, or stormy.

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25. 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

For the boss who likes to keep his desk mess-free, gift this 3-in-1 wireless charging station. The charging station can be placed anywhere on the desk or at the corner of the office room where your boss can keep all his belongings for a charge. The station is capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously. Also, it is compatible with Android and iOS devices that are Qi-enabled. Also, the charging dock is safe and reliable to use and is certified by Qi, CE, FCC, ROHS.

26. Only Good Vibes

Only Good vibes jar is for the boss who wants to kick start the day with inspiring and motivating quotes. The jar contains notes for all the month and your boss can get motivation from the jar every time he needs it. If your boss is facing tensions in his professional life or is down due to some reason, gift this jar and the quotes in it will bring positive vibes to him. 

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27. Desk Organizer

Looking for ideal Christmas Gifts For Female Boss? A desk organizer will be an ideal choice. For the boss who is very tidy and wants to keep all his things well-organized, gift this desk organizer that saves a lot of space on the desk as well as keeps the things organized. The organizer has three small compartments, three large compartments for storing utensils and other accessories. There is also a cell phone holder that is made with acrylic. 

28. Pillow Support Cushion for Office Chair

Make your boss feel extreme comfort on his office chair with this pillow support cushion. The cushion is very comfortable and is made with heat-responsive memory foam. The pillow adjusts as per your back and covers your entire lumbar area avoiding any discomfort. Your boss will thank you for this gift forever as he will say goodbye to his back pain which is caused due to long hours of sitting in the office chair.

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29. Photo Display with Pen Holder

For the family man boss, the photo display with a pen holder is a wonderful gift to present on Christmas. The display comes with seven ring clips and a removable cup to hold the stationery like pens, pencils etc. The ring clips hold the pictures and your boss can easily replace the photos as and when needed. He can also attach important cards, notes etc to the photo display if he wants.

30. Luggage Tag

The luggage tag is a must while travelling, especially abroad. If your boss often travels to foreign lands for work or personal purposes, she might need a luggage tag very badly. So, what are you waiting for? Go get a luggage tag for your boss and gift her this Christmas Eve. Instead of getting a single piece luggage tag, get her a set of 5 luggage tags so that she can label all her belongings. 

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31. Boss Face Mask

For your young boss who loves sparkly things, get this boss face mask that is made of rhinestones. The mask comes in black colour with ‘Boss’ written on it in rhinestones. It also comes with adjustable ear loops that make it comfortable to wear. She can wear the mask to the office parties if she wishes to. The material of the mask is cotton and is very smooth on the skin. 

32. Desk Name Plate

Desk nameplate is also a very thoughtful gift to give on Christmas eve to the boss. Pick the nameplate that is multifunctional like it can hold business cards as well other than just sitting on the desk displaying the name of your boss. You can go the extra mile and get his picture engraved on the nameplate if you think he will appreciate your idea. The nameplate comes with a smooth glossy finish.

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33. Infinity Bracelet

For the mentor boss of yours who has guided you in the right direction always, gift this infinity bracelet. With the infinity bracelet thank your boss for being your soul support. Your boss is going to appreciate you for the beautiful gift. The bracelet looks elegant as it is made of crystals and comes with a rhodium-plated chain. This is going to be a special addition to your boss’s jewellery collection. 

34. Songbird Eyeglass Holder

If your boss always forgets where he kept his eyeglasses, you have to gift him this Songbird Eyeglass holder so that he will permanently remember where he kept them without wasting his time searching for them. He can place the holder on his desk for easy access. The owl eyeglass holder is unique in design and will come to great use to your boss. The stand is designed in a way that all the standard size glasses perfectly fit into it.

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35. Mini Cactus Humidifier

Humidifiers are of great help for people that get dehydrated easily. For your boss who needs fresh mists blowing in her room, gift this mini cactus humidifier. It features a USB and works on ultrasonic technology that generates almost no noise while performing its job. It comes with an auto-shutdown technology that turns off the humidifier after 4 hours of use. The humidifier can hold up to 280 ml of water and can be even connected to laptops, computers, phones etc.

36. Turmeric Herbal Tea Assortment

For the tea fanatic boss who survives on tea, gift the turmeric herbal tea assortment for this Christmas and get ready to take his pats on your back. The turmeric tea tastes a little bitter, but it is very healthy and has many health benefits on regular intake. The tea assortment comes in different flavours like moringa, ginger etc. They come packed in air-tight containers that keep the assortments fresh for a long time. 

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37. Cowboy Corgi Christmas Ornament

The Christmas season is here and we are talking about Christmas gifts here. What better gift than a Cowboy Corgi Christmas ornament to gift the boss? So, without a second thought get a cowboy corgi Christmas ornament right away and get it wrapped in a beautiful box. Your boss is going to hang the corgi on his/her Christmas tree without fail and he may even keep it safe as a keepsake. 

38. Popcorn Gift Set

Popcorn is a favourite snack for everyone and your boss might not be an exception. So, gift your boss a popcorn gift set so that he/she can enjoy watching their favourite movie with mouth-watering popcorn. The set comes packed with perfectly seasoned popcorn, oil, seasoning salt, and three different types of corn kernels. The pack also comes with a popcorn recipe book containing 15 recipes.

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39. Hand Cream Trio Gift Set

We already learnt how important hand cream is and why not try gifting it to your boss? The three-piece hand cream includes lavender, shea butter and almond scents. Hand creams are the most beloved creams for the kind of care they give to the hands. If you are okay with the budget, this luxury collection is going to be your boss’s go-to hand cream very soon. The creams are blended with organic Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Argan Oil that deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

40. Nippon Kodo Aloeswood Incense

Still didn’t find a decent gift for your boss? Check out yet another Christmas Gift Ideas For The Boss we have shared here. The Nippon Kodo incense sticks are very popular and the pack comes packed with sticks and each stick burns approximately for 25 minutes. There is no bamboo core for clean burning and the only pure scent is used in the incense sticks. The most favourite scent is undoubtedly the Aloeswood incense stick.

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41. Aluratek 7-Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame With Auto Slideshow

The digital phone frame is a gift for the boss whom you know on a personal level. She can have her family pictures sliding one by one on this digital frame as she enjoys watching them from a distance enjoying the coffee. There is no touch screen or memory or remote control or is powered by a battery. The frame is 7 inches tall and has an LCD with a 4: 3 aspect ratio. The frame also supports vertical orientation. 

42. Sundance Laptop Stand

For the work from the home boss, gift this Sundance Laptop Stand that is pretty useful. The laptop stand is perfect for all sizes of laptops from 10 to 15.6 inches. It is very portable and is sturdy too. It is made of strong aluminium alloy and is perfect for daily use. The stand also has rubber on the holder hands that keeps the laptop in place. In addition, the stand can be easily installed without the need for tools. 

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43. Light Society Hylight Retro Desk Lamp

A decent desk lamp isn’t a bad consideration either for a Christmas gift for the boss. The lamp features a 4 watts LED energy-saving bulb, a wood body, a metal stand and a fabric cable. The power cord sports an on/off switch for easy access. The lamp can be adjusted at various angles with the help of swing arms. The wood base is very strong and the lampstands are still without moving. 

44. Faber-Castell Pitt Calligraphy Pen Chisel Tip

If you are into graphics and designing, you must use the calligraphy pen a lot and most importantly your boss. For the in-office journalist boss, gift this Faber-Castell Pitt Calligraphy Pen Chisel Tip. The pen has ink that is waterproof, acid-free and smudges free. The pens sport a 2.0mm Chisel nib. The pens are ideal for journalists or for doing calligraphy. 

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45. Ottolock Steel and Kevlar Combination Bike Lock

For the boss who likes to cycle a lot, get this Ottolock Steel and Kevlar Combination Bike Lock. The combination lock can keep the cycle from missing and is very compact and lightweight. It features an innovative theft design that allows quick stops. It comes into the pocket easily and has a patented design. It is made of stainless steel covered in an ultra-tough Kevlar jacket that cannot be easily cut using sawing tools. The 3-dial combination is almost impossible to break. 

46. Amazon Basics 500-Watt Ceramic Mini-Heater

The mini-heater which is portable can also win your boss’s heart this time. The compact space heater can also be considered as a Christmas gift for the boss as it is very useful in chilly times. The mini heater features efficient ceramic coils that get heated up in seconds. If you are thinking of colour options, there are four colour options available to choose from. For safety, the mini heater features tip-over protection. 

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47. Desktop Pinball

End your search here if you are up for Christmas Gifts For Male Boss as we have it covered here. The Desktop Pinball is a lovely game and if you have ever seen your boss playing it on his mobile, it is a great idea to gift him the desktop pinball so that whenever he gets time he can play it and relax. Though it is an old-school game, it still has many fans who play it often. 

48. Boucle Scarf

In the cosy winter season of Christmas, gift her something that she would wrap up her neck with and feel the warmth. Gift your boss the Boucle scarf so that she doesn’t feel the cold much this winter. The scarf is super soft and is made of 100% Polyester boucle yarn. The scarf has whipstitched edging and acts as a style statement for the boss. The scarf is quite lengthy and can be worn in different styles. 

49. The Solo Umbrella

The solo umbrella is for the boss who likes to be tan-free. The solo umbrella is not just any gift you gift to your boss as it is on the expensive side. If you are looking for Christmas Gifts For Boss From Employees this gift would be your ideal choice. Because of the finest quality, it is made with, it will last for years and years for your boss. The umbrella is made with a wind-combat frame system, fibreglass, aluminium, zinc alloy etc. 

50. The Original NutriBullet Nutrient Extractor Blender

For the smoothie lover, the nutrient extractor blender is a great and very useful gift. This is a perfect gift that can save a lot of his time. Made of high-quality BPA free material, this can blend and extract tasty juice in no time. The food-grade 304 stainless steel blender is dishwasher safe and is very easy to clean. Also, it is compatible with Nutribullet 600W and 900 W models. 


Well, these are the Christmas Gift Ideas For Boss that we have specially compiled for our dear readers. We hope that you found that ideal gift for your boss to gift on this Christmas eve. We also wish that you fall in the good books of your boss if you haven’t yet. If you like our listings, please do share them with your buddies who are also in the quest for the best gift ideas. We have enough gift ideas with us for every kind of audience. Bookmark our website – NewYearWiki and stay tuned for more gift ideas.

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