Giant Eagle Christmas Eve Hours 2023: Is Giant Eagle Open On Christmas Day?

Christmas is in the vicinity and we have a lot of things at hand to finish before the festival arrives. Every one of us will indulge in cleaning, shopping, and other festive-related activities during this time. Out of all, grocery shopping becomes tricky given that the list goes on and on. No matter how alert we are, we still tend to forget one or the other important grocery and end up running from pillar to post to get that at the last minute.

If you have any such experiences in the past, which you fear will repeat in the future, you must check for the grocery stores that serve even during festive days like Christmas. In this article, we will talk about Giant Eagle, a prominent grocery chain in the U.S. You can find appropriate Giant Eagle Christmas Eve Hours and Christmas Day hours here. So, without more procrastination, get reading!

Giant Eagle Christmas Eve Hours

Many grocery stores are open on Christmas and other federal holidays like Thanksgiving Day, Presidents Day, etc. Giant Eagle is one among them and it slogs earnestly to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of its customers. Giant Eagle is a popular American supermarket chain with its headquarters in Pennsylvania. To serve them better, especially during the festive times, it keeps its business open. 

So, if you have any last-minute shopping rituals left and are wondering Is Giant Eagle Open On Christmas Eve? You can always find it open. The grocery chain has numerous branches spread across the country and it makes sure to operate in almost all the locations on festive days. Furthermore, many people would like to shop during the festive season, as there will be a lot of discounts and deals running on groceries and other things. 

So, if you want to encash that opportunity you have to make sure to visit the store during the festive season. For that, it is essential to know the business hours of the store beforehand. With that said, we have come here especially to reveal the Giant Eagle Christmas Hours to you. After reading this article, you can successfully plan your visit to Giant Eagle on Christmas to have a memorable shopping experience.

Is Giant Eagle Open On Christmas Day

Many wonder if Giant Eagle is open on Christmas Day or not, but the reality is that it is closed on Christmas Day. Yes! You read it right! Despite the demand, Giant Eagle prefers to shut its business on Christmas Day. This is because Christmas Day is a federal holiday in the country and also is the biggest festival of the year. So, if you ask us Is Giant Eagle Open On Christmas Day, our answer is simply NO. 

You cannot find even a single location of Giant Eagle open on Christmas Day. So, if you have any last-minute shopping left for Christmas, it is better to finish it ASAP without delay. Though you may find local grocery stores to shop at, you may have to compromise on the quality, and you may miss out on the discounts. Not just the Giant Eagle grocery stores, but also the Market District locations shall be closed on Christmas Day so the Giant Eagle Christmas Day Hours can be ignored. 

Coming to Christmas Eve, Giant Eagle is open on that day. So, if you want to shop at Giant Eagle on Christmas Eve, you can happily do that, but the closing hours are adjusted to accommodate the festivities. For the unversed, Giant Eagle closes as early as 5 p.m. while the pharmacy closes at 3 p.m. on Christmas Eve. So, if you want to shop late at night on Christmas Eve, you better change your plan. You can expect huge traffic in the store during the festive time, so find out the off-peak hours (if any) and visit accordingly. 


Whether you are a regular to Giant Eagle or visiting it for the first time, you will be surprised to find everything in one place and at the best price. The store offers a wide variety of products without compromising on quality. If you are here to find out Is Giant Eagle Open On Christmas, we believe your question is answered. The store is open on Christmas Eve but is closed on Christmas Day. We suggest you plan your shopping at Giant Eagle keeping the holiday schedule in mind to bypass trouble. Also, bookmark our website – if you want to come across more articles of this sort.

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