Is Kohl’s Open New Year’s Day 2024? Kohl’s New Year’s Eve Hours

As we all know, New Year’s Day is a federal holiday in the United States. On the federal day usually most of the restaurant chains and stores will stay closed. However, there are few stores that work for reduced hours instead of completely going shut for the day. One such store is Kohl’s. If you are new to the store or a regular and wish to shop at it on the New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day there is a great need to know the opening and closing timings of it. Here we will talk about Is Kohl’s Open New Year’s Day and the exact hours at which the store will be operating to serve its customers. If your forethought is to shop at Kohl’s then here is the info you are looking for. Have a glance!

Is Kohl’s Open New Year’s Day 2024?

Kohl’s is the largest department American departmental store that caters all its customers with clothing, accessories, furnishings etc. For the customers who wish to shop at Kohl’s that to on the occasion of the New Year here are the Kohl’s New Year’s Day Hours 2024. People may want to shop on their day off and Kohl’s will lay platform for them all. People who have been searching for the operating hours of the store, we have updated our page with the latest New Year’s Day hours of Kohl’s. Citing the customers that wish to visit the store on the Eve and the Day here we have uploaded the timings at which one can visit the store accordingly.

Kohl's New Years Day Hours
Kohl’s New Years Day Hours

On the New Year’s Day, Kohl’s will be open and the timings will be mentioned down below. Though many stores will be closed on the New Year’s Day, Kohl’s will be open, but at limited hours only. Customers need to check the timings with the front desk of the store or visit the store directly to know the timings of opening and closing on the particular day of New Year. On the New Year’s Day the Kohl’s will be open by 9 AM and closes between 8 PM and 10 PM.

Kohl’s New Year’s Eve Hours

For those who are looking for Kohl’s New Year’s Eve Hours here are the timings. The Kohl’s is open on New Year’s Eve as well. Interestingly, the store is open on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day and the timings are almost similar. It is just that the opening and closing timings may vary depending on the stores’ location. It is advised that customers check with the local store before paying a visit to the store in person. 

If your question is, Is Kohl’s Open On New Year’s Eve then here are the hours of the store. On the New Year’s Eve the store opens by 9 AM in the morning and closes by 10 PM. The retail chain will operate no more than the regular hours.

So yes this is about Kohl’s New Year’s Day hours and of course New Year’s Eve hours. If you find the info helpful, do bookmark our website – NEWYEARWIKI.COM and stay connected for our further broadcasts.

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