Is The Post Office Open On New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

Many have this doubt whether post offices will be open on New Year’s Eve or not. This is because sometimes people may be in urgency and want to send a mail a day before the Eve, on the same day or even on the New Year’s Day. So, Is The Post Office Open On New Years Eve becomes the question there. If you want to know whether the USPS offers its services to its customers on the New Year’s Eve or not, you have to read this article. Here we have covered the details about the working of the post office on the Eve and as well as on the New Year’s Day. With the information provided here you can happily mail your dear ones on the Eve as well.

Is The Post Office Open on New Years’ Eve

If you want to mail a letter or something important to your dear ones living far away from you, then the United States Postal Service (USPS) is absolutely open with its services. It operates with all its services on the New Year’s Eve as well. New Year Eve is not a federal holiday in the United States and so you can relax and send urgent mails or packages if any on that day. The Post Office Hours New Year’s Eve are same as usual. Not all the post office branches operate at regular hours and some may work at reduced hours citing the Eve. 

Is The Post Office Open On New Year’s

The post office is something that we make way to when we want to mail something important to the other person present somewhere. Before visiting the post office you better check with the opening hours of the local branch first. This is because most of the post office branches are run by individuals or by franchises. This means whether the branches are open or not and the timings will vary depending on individuals. 

If you want to ask Does USPS Deliver On New Year’s Eve then it depends on the branch and location it is located. While some of the branches operate, some branches may not operate on the Eve. While few of the branches open on the Eve, others remain closed on the New Year’s Eve and also on the following day considering the bank holiday. Coming to the delivery services of USPS, it will deliver regular mail and packages on the New Year’s Eve without fail. 

Does USPS Deliver On New Year’s Day

According to the officials of the post office, some branches may close by 4 PM on 31st December considering the Eve of New Year’s while very few branches operate. If you want to know Is The Post Office Open On New Years Day, it depends on the branch and location. To know further about the post office opening and closing hours along with delivery details visit the official website of post office. You can also use branch finder of USPS. There you can find apt information about the USPS delivery on New Year’s Day. 

If you are looking for Is The Post Office Closed On New Year’s Day then you can get the answer here. One has to know that on a federal holiday most of the private and government sector offices will be closed. The same goes with New Year’s Day as well. 

Does USPS Deliver On New Year’s Day? No. As we said earlier, New Year’s Day is a federal holiday and so the post office services will be paused on that day. The services will be resumed as usual on the next day of the New Year’s Day. 

So we guess your doubt Is The Post Office Open On New Years’ Eve has been cleared. You can now prepare your mail or package to be delivered on the Eve through USPS. If you find our information helpful do bookmark our website – NEWYEARWIKI.COM and keep visiting.


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