Things To Do For New Year’s Eve In Auckland

New Year is right around the bend and if you are pondering where to bid adieu to this year and welcome the New Year, allow us to suggest you a place called Auckland. The Kiwi city is in New Zealand and is the peerless site to welcome the New Year in style. Auckland New Year’s Eve events are like to die for and you should have a blast celebrating the New Year there. If you are planning to celebrate New Year out of your town, downtown Auckland is the unmatched locale for you to celebrate the big day memorably.

In this article, you will find some of the top New Year’s Eve events to be held in New Zealand this year. We suggest you not waste your time and energy on searching further as our list would cover all the top events to be held on NYE events. So, without further ado, check out the best things to do for New Year’s Eve in Auckland.

Things To Do For New Year’s Eve In Auckland

Find out the most lauded Auckland New Years Events down here.

1. Highlife Festival

Highlife festival is marked as one of the exceptional New Year’s Eve events held in Auckland. This festival is regarded as one of the go-to festivals in Auckland and is attended by a major share of tourists and locals to welcome the New Year. This festival is held at Matakana and you can witness mind-blogging views around the place. If you enjoy music a lot, you can party hard at the festival, as you can have a great DJ who will let you dance the night away. 

2. Cocktail Cruise

Street parties and club gatherings may be at one level, but cruise parties take things to the next level, especially for those who like to party in the middle of the water watching the fireworks lighting up the star-studded sky even more. If you are a Cupid’s disciple, you must prefer a romantic way to herald the New Year. If that is the case with you, you must be a part of this dreamy sail on a cruise ship. 

The cocktail cruise is the most admired event held on New Year’s Eve in Auckland. You can witness Auckland City New Years Eve Fireworks from the cocktail cruise. Get your hands on delicious food, drinks, and soul-stirring music as you sail into the beautiful water watching the fireworks. 

3. Northern Bass

As the name suggests, it is a music festival that is held in Mangawhai. The festival lasts for three days and is attended by music lovers from all corners of the city. If you are a great dancer or want to bring out the dancer in you, Northern Bass is a top choice for you. You can include Northern Bass in your go-to place for Auckland New Years Eve 2024.

4. Resolution Festival

Looking for another New Year’s Eve festival to ring in New Year in Auckland? Resolution Festival could be what you are searching for. The festival is all about crazy workshops, market stalls, zones, musicians, and more. The event lasts for four days and three nights and is the best place to count down to the New Year. The best part about this festival is that kids below 12 years have no entry fees.

5. Britomark Block Party

Britomark Block Party is nothing but a street party held in downtown, Auckland. As the name says, the festival is celebrated in three blocks, which includes popular bars and nightclubs. If you are a party animal and enjoy dancing and clubbing all the time, this should be the favorite hangout for you. You will enjoy the music to the core as you can expect the unexpected artists singing for you on the stage to usher in the new year. 

6. Upside Downtown Party

Another place to gaze upon Auckland New Year Celebrations is the Upside Downtown Party, which is held in Fort Street, Auckland. For the music lovers out there, this is a shoutout from our end to attend this party as you are going to indulge in the best music you have ever heard live. You are going to witness 30 top DJs singing and rapping for you all night as you ring out the old and ring in the New Year. 

7. AUM New Year’s Festival 

AUM New Year’s Festival is a 3-day/night music festival held an hour north of Auckland. The family-friendly event is full of arts, camping, fancy dress, workshops, healing, yoga, circus acts, yummy food, adventures, lighting & decor, bands & DJs, and more. You will get to see 5 astounding music stages set to feature world-renowned artists and promising acts. 

8. Ackland Singles NYE Party

The Remuera Club comes up with unique New Year party ideas and one among them is Ackalnd Singles NYE Party. As the moniker indicates, this is a wholesome party exclusively meant for singles in the city. If you are single and want to mingle, this is the trusted retreat for you. If you are into music and want to bid adieu to the old year singing your heart out, you will find the best lineup of DJs performing for you at the club. 

9. Sky Tower

If you are more into fireworks, Sky Tower is the place for you. The Sky Tower in Auckland allows you to have a close call with the fireworks. The light show will leave you mesmerized as it paints the night sky with breathtaking colors and patterns. You can also find fireworks pounding in from places like Harbour Bridge, Auckland Museum, and Queen Street.


Well, these are the Things To Do New Years Eve In Auckland. As the beautiful city Auckland gears up for the New Year, there are plenty of options to ring in the New Year. From the dazzling firecrackers to the uplifting symphonies to street parties and clubbing, New Year at Auckland is simply exceptional. Whether you choose to dance your heart out, taste the yummiest food on the streets, or simply immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of the city, Auckland welcomes with you open arms to welcome the New Year in a brand new style. Check out more articles on New Years Eve at NewYearWiki website.

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