Things To Do In Halifax For New Years Eve

New Year is the right time to party and celebrate new beginnings. Are you planning to visit a new place to celebrate New Year’s Eve? Struggling to figure out where to spend New Year’s Eve? We are here to assist you with your decision. Fancy a memorable trip down to Halifax with the help of our full guide. The city hosts a lot of New Year events and parties for the locals as well as visitors every year. Whether you are looking for themed parties, DJs, fireworks displays, diverse cuisines, or live music, the city has you covered. 

Have an exciting celebration for the New Year in Halifax by visiting the top places in the city. Bid adieu to the old year and welcome the New Year in Halifax by attending the top events and parties in Halifax. If you are not a party animal, you can indulge in watching fireworks and having mouthwatering meals in prominent restaurants. Check out the places to explore in Halifax and learn more about Halifax New Year’s Eve. Refresh yourself for the New Year by celebrating it in Halifax. 

Things To Do In Halifax For New Years Eve

There are a lot of things you can do in Halifax that elicit enthusiasm in you. Even for those who like to do unconventional things, there is a lot to explore in the city. There are a lot of events and parties lined up for the 31st of December night. However, you need to make advance bookings in order to avoid last-minute worry. Moreover, in consequence of the pressure, the tickets shall be sold much earlier to the event. So, the visitors are requested to book the tickets much in advance to have a happy visit to the beautiful city of Halifax.

In this article, we are going to list out the places, events, and parties that you can attend during the New Year in Halifax. If you are searching for the same, halt it right here and get into the details. Whether you want to party hard with your friends all night or simply take a stroll through the streets of Halifax, you are sure to have the best time in the city.

1. Glow Gardens

Glow Gardens is one of the popular destinations to visit for New Year’s Eve. If you want to witness the beautiful fireworks lighting up the night sky, you must visit Halifax New Year’s Eve Fireworks without miss. Other than the fireworks, the show also has performances from top artists. It is an outdoor festival which will be held at Halifax Exhibition Centre. The show at Glow Gardens starts at 4 PM and the fireworks will go live at 8:15 PM. 

The show is usually held for a couple of months from November to January and is joined by the locals and visitors alike. Other than fireworks and outdoor exhibitions, the show also has interactive activities and performances by A-list artists for the visitors. Families with kids can have the best time at the show. There is a winter market for shopaholics where you can shop the arts made by local artisans. Last year, the music band Big Fish performed at the Halifax Glow Gardens show. 

The Glow Fun Land is an interactive place in the Garden where visitors can enjoy participating in various interactive events. There will also be party favors like noisemakers, and hats distributed to the visitors in the garden. Visitors can witness the fireworks from the garden. People of all age groups can have a blast at Glow Gardens, Halifax.

2. Halifax Harbourwalk

Halifax Harbourwalk is a waterfront located in Canada. If you are a historic person who likes to explore historic monuments, you must mark this place to visit for the New Year. There are many beautiful scenic views you can witness as you stroll along the harbor. There are a lot of restaurants, galleries, and shops along the way where you can buy gifts and unique items. You can also witness amazing sculptures and art installations as you walk around the harbor. 

Along the harbor, you can also find seafood stalls where you can get the taste of local cuisines. If you like to explore museums, you can find them on the Harborwalk, like the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, and the Immigration Museum. You can learn a lot about maritime history if you visit this museum. You will even get to participate in events and festivals conducted by the authorities at the Halifax Harbourwalk. The usual festivals and events include the Tall Ships Festival and Canada Day celebrations. You can also take a cruise in the harbor and enjoy the views of the islands. 

You can capture stunning scenic views from the harbor and even get photographed there to make lasting memories. Other than walking at the waterfront, you can also ride a bike along the harbor while enjoying the landscapes and scenery. Harbourwalk is undoubtedly one of the must-visit attractions in Halifax. 

3. Citadel Hills

Citadel Hill is yet another wonderful tourist spot in Halifax. If you are okay with the cold winds, you can climb the hill and explore what it has to offer. The best part is that you can grab a 360-degree view of the city from the hill. You can visit the Halifax Citadel grounds between 10 AM to 4 PM. You can take a relaxing stroll at the given time.  Your kids can have great fun too at the hills. Make sure to wear some warm clothes if you want to tag along with your kids to the hill. You can have an amazing time if you celebrate New Year’s Eve In Halifax.

There are a lot of outdoor activities taking place at Citadel Hill which include snowboarding, snowshoeing, skiing, etc. Take the Citadel tour with the help of a guide to know the history of the site. You can also witness military drills taking place at the site. If you are interested in knowing Citadel’s history, visit the visitor center and find out about the history of the place. Along the site, you can explore places like barracks, powder magazines, and more. The Halifax Citadel is not only a beautiful historical place, but also a place where you can find amusing sites to explore. 

4. Grand Parade New Year’s Eve Party

The Halifax Regional Municipality conducts annual live New Year’s Eve celebrations and invites visitors for the free event. The event usually takes place on December 31st from 9:45 PM to 12:30 AM at Grand Parade. If you cannot make it to the event, you can catch the live TV broadcast on Eastlink Community TV. The top artists set the dance floor on fire with their breathtaking performances. Grand Parade hosts various Halifax New Years Eve Events and you can take part in them with great enthusiasm to make wonderful memories.

If you like to dance until you drop, you must attend the live music performances by local artists. They do everything possible to wow the audience. If you want to enjoy the fireworks display, you have to wait until midnight and participate in the countdown. If you like to taste the cuisine of the city, you can grab the best local cuisine from the food trucks available there. If you have come with your kids to visit the Grand Parade, they will have a great time there. If you want to grab a drink you can get it from downtown, Halifax. You can wait a little while to find out the events and performances that will take place in the upcoming New Year 2024.

5. Peggy’s Cove

Peggy’ Cove is a stunning location and is apt for those who admire photography. The scenery and the beautiful lighthouse make it a perfect attraction in the Halifax. The coastal landscape around Peggy’s Cove is a lovely sight to view. Photographers and nature lovers can get the best of the place as it has many mesmerizing landscapes and oceans everywhere. The Peggy’s Cove harbor has many colorful boats and you can take a ride into the blue waters if you want to explore the beauty closely. Peggy’s Cove also hosts a lot of art studios and galleries where you can do window shopping or buy some art that interests you. 

If you want to go hiking, there are hiking trails available where you can hike and explore the beautiful coastal views. As the place is close to the ocean, you can get your hands on fresh seafood at the restaurants in the locality. If you want to find the routes of the nearby attractions, restaurants, cafes, etc,  you can stop by the Peggy’s Cove visitor information center where you can get the maps. 

6. Emera Oval 

If you want to take part in recreational activities, you must visit Emera Oval, which is located in Halifax, Canada. The recreational activities available in Emera Oval include skating, rollerblading, etc. If you visit the place in the winter months, you can get to experience a lot of outdoor activities. Most of the activities are free at the location and start at 7 PM and last until midnight. Kids can have a blast at Emera Oval given the fun activities conducted by the organizers over there. You can expect live music performances from top brands and also fireworks at midnight. 

7. New Year’s Eve Restaurants 

If you are looking for New Year’s Eve Dinner Halifax, we have you covered. There are numerous restaurants that offer excellent cuisine and dishes during the New Year for visitors. If you want to dine out with your family on New Year’s Eve outside in Halifax, you must book the table in advance, especially if you want to eat in a popular restaurant in the city. Here we have some recommendations for you: 2 Doors Down, Stores Fine Dining, Edna Restaurant, The Bicycle Thief, HopYard, The Auction House, etc. You can visit any of these restaurants on New Year’s Eve and enjoy delectable cuisine there. 


Well, these are the Things To Do In Halifax For New Years Eve. If you want to bring in the New Year on a grand note, try visiting this beautiful place on Earth where you can explore a variety of destinations on the go. From pubs, parties, music, drinks, DJs, and more there are a lot of entertaining and amusing things waiting for you to ring in the new year together. If you haven’t been to this place earlier, make sure to plan a trip this time to Halifax with your family to make memories for life. Especially during the New Year, you can have a blissful time in the city. If you found our article informative, please kindly encourage us by adding our website – to your bookmarks list and stay on the lookout.

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