Best New Year’s Eve Party Games

There are many games out there that can be played on New Years’ Eve party and we have covered few for you. You will be surprised to know the games that you can explore on the New Year’s. New Years Eve Games trend a lot especially when it is New Year time and people search a lot to find out the latest and entertaining games to engage their guests at the party. If you are also thinking of throwing a big bash on the New Year’s Eve and are planning to conduct some entertaining games for your guests then give our list of games a read. You will fall in love with them instantly. These games are hand-picked by us and so you don’t need to worry about the entertainment quotient which is the prime priority.

New Year’s Eve Party Games 

If you have important guests coming for your New Year’s Party and you don’t want to compromise on entertainment then these are the games that you should include in your party. We have rounded up best of the best games that are apt for a New Year’s party. Hosting a New Year’ Eve party is not a small thing.

New Years Eve Party Games
New Year’s Eve Party Games

There are tons to look at and in order to make it memorable and successful lot of thought and hard work should go in. But with our New Years Eve Party Games we will reduce your work to almost half. You can simply check out our games and pick the ones that you feel will connect to the crowd in your party. Have a ride into the games!

1. Frozen Legs

If you like musical chairs then you will love this frozen legs game, which is a latest version of the former one. Put on some music and have the guests dance their heart out until you pause the music. Once the music stops, the players have to freeze in the pose they were in without moving until your next resume. The player who fails to freeze in the pose will be out of the game. 

2. This or That

This is a very interesting to play at New Year’s Party. You need yarn to play this game. Instruct the players to sit in a circle and pick the sticks with questions written on them. Ones the questions are answered, the yarn is thrown to the other person forming a web. By the time the game ends, you will get to know each other and also a huge web is created with the help of yarn.

3. Loaded Questions 

This game is great to play with couples as you will get to know many interesting secrets about them. If your guest list have new couples then you will have super fun watching them saying what they knew about each other. It is like exploring each other. Prepare a list of questions for the couples and ask them to trigger at one another. This game will show how close they are to each other. 

4. Who can Ring in First?

Another fun game to be in our New Year Games list is Who can Ring in First? As we all ring in the New Year, having it as a concept is quite interesting to start with. You will be given a category and you have to ring the bell when you hear an answer that matches the category. It is like match the following type category game. But if you ring the bell for wrong answer you will need to suffer the consequences.

5. Truth or Dare

Though Truth or Dare is an age-old game that we have been playing from years now, it has got its eye grabbing concept that makes it play-worthy even today. For the unversed, truth or dare is a very simple game and all you need is a table and an empty glass bottle. Make all your guests stand around the table and place the bottle flatly on the surface of the table.

Now spin the bottle in a clock wise direction and whom it stops on. The person who is at the pointing end of the bottle will have to play truth or dare. If he chooses truth he/she has to say the truth for any question asked by the other players and if he chooses dare, he has to do any challenge given by the other players.

6. Charades Game

Charades is yet another New Year Party Games you can play on the Eve. The game becomes quite fun if the words given are little difficult. First list out some difficult words on a piece of paper and put them into a bowl. The topics could be politics, culture, top news etc. Now divide into two teams and from one team one player picks a paper piece and acts while the other team fellas will be busy guessing the word.

7. Dice Game

Dice game is quite easy to play. For every roll in the dice game you will be given a treat and you have to share a happy moment from the past year with the fellow players. You can also share what you want to reflect in the coming year.

8. Name the Tune

Everyone loves music and this game is especially for the music lovers. Make a list of top playlists of the year and play them while making all the players sit settled. Divide the players into two teams and ask them to guess the name of the tune or the artist of the played song. For genuine gaming use a buzzer and ask the teams to press the buzzer when they know the answer. The one who presses the buzzer first will give their answer and if they fail to answer it or gave a wrong answer, they will be awarded minus point. This is definitely one of the Fun New Years Eve Games to play on the Eve.

9. Blank Champagne Labels

This champagne label game is pretty good to play on the Eve. Ask your guests to write their wishes for the New Year on the champagne labels and they can later share them with other players in the party anytime. Right when the clock strikes 12 and the ball drops, everyone should pop their champagne bottles at once.

10. Riddle Meme

If you are looking for Fun Games To Play On New Year’s Eve then this Riddle Meme will be the best one to win your thumbs up. Memes are trending lately and most of us are sharing them a lot rather than the general messages. They are so hilarious and that is why on full rage. If you like memes then this game is for you. Collect some funny riddles and ask your guests or players to come up with viral memes from the past year as an answer to the riddles.

These are the New Years Eve Games that we have in our store right now. You can have fun playing these games at your New Year’s Eve party and make your guests laugh out louder. These games will surely stick in your memories for a long time. If you like them don’t forget to bookmark our website – NEWYEARWIKI.COM and stay connected for our further broadcast.

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