Is Olive Garden Open On Christmas Day 2023? Olive Garden Christmas Eve Hours

Looking to dine out with your family or friends during Christmas? Struggling to zero in on a restaurant where you can indulge in Italian-American cuisine? Look no further than  Olive Garden. Olive Garden is the right address for all your Italian-American cuisine cravings. But wait, Is Olive Garden Open Christmas Eve? If so, what are its business hours? Your search ends here as that is exactly what we are going to address here in this article for you. We are also going to explore the Christmas Day hours of Olive Garden here. So, keep reading!

Olive Garden is the celebrated name in the food industry and it is all thanks to the delicious food it serves its customers. The restaurant chain offers a distinguished menu, which makes it one of the go-to restaurants in the city. In the event that you prefer to visit the restaurant during the Christmas season, it is wise to check Olive Garden Christmas Eve Hours ahead of time. This will not only save you time but also help you plan your visit to the restaurant in an off-peak time where you can enjoy dining relaxingly with your dear ones. 

Is Olive Garden Open On Christmas Day

The common plan we all have on Christmas is to dine out, and yet, it still sounds very exciting every year. We are sure you have made your own plans to dine out at the best restaurant for Christmas and if that restaurant happens to be Olive Garden, we have a peace of advice for you. Before moving ahead with your plan, check Olive Garden Christmas Day Hours. This is the first thing you ought to do if you don’t want to end up in hunger. With that said, the restaurant chain is closed on Christmas Day. But if you wish to dine at Olive Garden for Christmas, you can choose another day in the season.

On Christmas Day, usually, most of the restaurants remain closed. You may find some local restaurants if you wish to dine out on Christmas Day, but big restaurants like Olive Garden are closed. Well, Is Olive Garden Open On Christmas Day shouldn’t be a matter of concern for you anymore as the restaurant chain is on holiday. You have to visit the restaurant the other day when it opens at its regular hours without fail. We also suggest you call the local Olive Garden to find their hours. 

Olive Garden Christmas Eve Hours

Olive Garden offers a unique menu for its customers that includes Black Tie Mousse Cake, Chocolate Brownie Lasagna, Italian Donuts, etc. Moreover, during the festive season like Christmas, the restaurant adds more interesting items to its menu exclusively for its customers. So, if you want to treat your tastebuds with that festive menu, you must visit the restaurant at the right time. For that, discovering the Olive Garden Christmas Hours in advance is highly suggested. 

If you are interested in savoring the food late at night, you might have to cancel your plans. This is because the restaurant will close early on Christmas Eve. The restaurant operates from 11 AM to 10 PM from Monday through Sunday. You can visit the restaurant on Christmas Eve and indulge in your favorite food. Well, if you are wondering What Time Does Olive Garden Close On Christmas Eve, you have the answer here. The restaurant’s hours are minimized from 10 PM regular closing time to 8 PM on Christmas Eve. So, we suggest you keep track of these closing hours before heading to the restaurant. 


During the Christmas season, the restaurants get super busy and you should book the table well beforehand to avoid disappointment. You may also come across a lot of foot traffic during the season as most of the people want to dine out on the big day. If you are a crowd-averse, you must consider ordering food online. You can visit the official website of Olive Garden and place your customized order. We hope this article has better answered your question “Is Olive Garden Open On Christmas”. If so, bookmark our website – and keep checking this page for more updates on Olive Garden business hours on various federal holidays.

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