Texas Roadhouse Christmas Eve Hours 2023: Is Texas Roadhouse Open On Christmas Day?

Texas Roadhouse is a favorite family restaurant located in the United States. The American-style restaurant is visited by the customers in huge numbers every day. BBQ lovers and flavor fanatics visit the restaurant often to have a feast. As the Christmas season is rolling in, it is common to search about Texas Roadhouse Christmas Eve Hours. If you have the same question, you are on the right page. 

In this article, we are going to discuss Texas Roadhouse holiday hours, especially Christmas. If you wish to have a feast on Christmas with your family at a restaurant rather than cooking at home, you can always count on Texas Roadhouse. However, with many places closing on Christmas Eve, Is Texas Roadhouse Open On Christmas Eve? You shall find out the answer right here. So, without further ado, start reading!

Texas Roadhouse Christmas Eve Hours

Texas Roadhouse is a popular American restaurant chain known for its yummy steaks, sides, and seafood. The ambiance and the atmosphere at the restaurant are so welcoming and family-friendly. The restaurant has expanded its wings and made its name big in the food industry. If you are planning to have a delicious meal at Texas Roadhouse for Christmas, you must be wondering Is Texas Roadhouse Open On Christmas? To serve its customers even during the festive season without disappointing the restaurant is open for the holiday. 

You can visit the Texas Roadhouse restaurant on Christmas Eve and indulge in the delectables with your family. The authentic tastes of the dishes offered at the restaurant will make your Christmas even more special. Unlike the other days, on Christmas Eve, Texas Roadhouse follows adjusted hours. The Texas Roadhouse Christmas Hours are from 3 PM to 8 PM. You can visit the restaurant during the opening hours to have a memorable feast. Nevertheless, we advise you to phone the local Texas Roadhouse franchise ahead of time to confirm the hours. Also, we suggest you book the table in advance as there might be a super rush at the restaurant during the Christmas season.

Is Texas Roadhouse Open On Christmas Day

On Christmas Day most of the restaurants remain closed. But Is Texas Roadhouse Open On Christmas Day? If you want to treat yourself to the most delicious food on Christmas Day you can consider visiting Texas Roadhouse, but before heading there, it is important to check if the restaurant is open or not for the holiday. You can find out the same by calling them up or by visiting their official website. Use the store locator tool to locate the nearest outlet and its business hours for Christmas Day.

Usually, the restaurant opens at 3 PM and closes at 10 PM on regular days. During weekends it opens at 11 AM and closes at 10 or 11 PM. On holidays the restaurant has special hours. So, you have to check the Texas Roadhouse Christmas Day Hours before visiting. According to the previous year’s schedule, Texas Roadhouse is closed for Christmas. The restaurant is completely shut and all its franchises across the country remain closed for the holiday. So, you have to wait for the next day to visit the restaurant. 


Texas Roadhouse has a great business during the Christmas season. It welcomes the customers with open arms and even adds a lot of new cuisines and dishes to the menu. Also, it runs deals and discounts on the festive days to make the customers happy. So, it is a wise idea to visit the restaurant during Christmas, but the thing is, it is closed on Christmas Day. So, we suggest to plan your holiday dinner at Texas Roadhouse on some other day. If you find the information secured in this article helpful in planning your trip to Texas Roadhouse for Christmas, please make sure to bookmark our website – newyearwiki.com, and keep checking this page to get instant updates.

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