What Restaurants Open On New Year’s Day And New Years Eve?

It always feels like a blessing to ring in the New Year. It excites everyone as it brings in new hope and challenges to face. Hosting a party for friends and family on the Eve has become common in many houses, but if you are sick and tired of eating the same homemade stuff and want to go all out to have a great meal on the Eve, we have few restaurant suggestions for you. It is a known fact that most of the popular chains and restaurants are closed on the New Year’s. But if you badly want to go out and eat on the big day, you better check with the restaurants that welcome the customers on the New Year’s Eve. Citing the need we have compiled the list of Restaurants Open On New Year’s Day that offer flavorsome dishes to their customers.

Restaurants Open On New Years Day And New Years Eve

New Year is scheduled tight with wishing, dancing, partying and of course eating. If you are bored of eating the leftovers of your Christmas delicacies then you may want to visit the nearest restaurant to grab a meal or two with your family. As we all know, not all restaurants are open on the Eve and we have to have information about the opening and closing timings first.

What Restaurants Open On New Years
What Restaurants Open On New Years

From breakfast to lunch and dinner, you can grab anything from the restaurants we are going to list here. You can visit these restaurants anytime in the day. So, What Restaurants Are Open On New Year’s Day will be a question of past after going through our list of names. Have a glance!

Panda Express

If you are craving for Chinese food then do visit the Panda Express to taste your favorite dishes there. All the stores around the country will be open on the New Year’s Day that too at regular hours. Visit the store satisfy your cravings for their special foods.

Domino’s Pizza

Pizza is loved by almost everyone. It has such a great taste that one cannot resist eating it no matter what the reason is. So, if you want to have a pizza on the Eve then fret not as Domino’s is open and there to serve you super tasty pizza. 


Chili’s is one among the Restaurants Open New Years Eve. With the desi name, Chili’s is an American restaurant chain that offers dining for its customers. Other than the snacks and meals, you can also grab the drinks from there. If you want to go visit a new restaurant on the Eve, then give a try to Chili’s.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell also welcomes its customers on New Year’s Eve. You can either drive through the restaurant or can opt for delivery service through online. You can visit the restaurant on the Eve to pick your favorites from the Taco Bell. By the way, if you are new to this restaurant, do give a try to the tacos which are their special.

Fogo De Chao 

If you want to kick-start your New Year with mouth-watering delicacies then Fogo De Chao is absolutely open. The restaurant is open on New Year’s Day and you can grab your favorite dishes from there anytime.

Panera Bread

Panera Bread, which is a bakery cum café is open on the New Year’s Day. There are around 2000 locations in which the café is located. So, visit your nearest restaurant to grab your favorite food. You can find good food there and they claim that they serve clean food in a welcoming environment.

Cheesecake Factory 

For all those cake lovers out there Cheesecake Factory heartily invites on the New Year’s Eve and Day. The shop is open at all locations across the country. However, the timings may vary depending on the location. You can dial the local restaurant to know the timings.


Chick-fil-A is also open on New Year’ Eve, but the operating hours may vary from location to location. The special chicken sandwiches from this place will make you crave for more. Check with the store hours before visiting.

Smith & Wollensky 

The dinner menu of Smith & Wollensky on the New Year’s Eve will literally blow your mind. So, if you want to have a memorable meal then make sure to pay a visit to this restaurant. Check the location hours before you visit the store.

Buffalo Wild Wings 

If you want to taste the wings on the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day then head to the Buffalo Wild Wings. You will find your favorite dishes there for sure. The restaurant opens at regular hours on both the festive days.


For those who ought to get a coffee on the very morning of the New Year can visit the most popular coffee shop in the world, Starbucks and get a cup of coffee there. Though the hours may vary by location, the stores will be wide open on the New Year’s Day for the customers. You can visit the store’s website and find the hours of operation using the designated tool.


If you badly want to cram down pancakes on the New Year’s Eve or Day then IHOP welcomes you with wide hands. The store will operate on both the days and you can go pick your favorite pancakes there or even get them packed for your home-eating. Nevertheless, before visiting the location, make sure to contact the store for hours of operation.

Noodles & Company 

Noodles & Company as the name says offers great variety of noodles. Noodles lovers can explore a different variety of noodles there. If you want to have your meal at a restaurant on the Eve then Noodles & Company is absolutely open on that day. They have a long menu consisting of popular foods like mac and cheese, zucchini noodles etc. Check out the hours of operation of the store before visiting.

Dunkin Donuts 

If you wonder What Restaurants Are Open On New Year’s Eve other than the Dunkin Donuts, then here are more for you. Donuts are a favorite food to snack on for many. No matter how many of them we consume, it is difficult to say enough. So there comes Dunkin Donuts that offers on the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. You can check the store location and open hours using the designated mobile app.


McDonald’s is one of the most sought-after food chains in the country as well as the world. The store is open on the New Year’s Day and you can get to eat your favorite foods from there on the special day. The store opening and closing times will be different as they are owned individually.


Sonic is yet another restaurant that operates on the New Year’s Eve and Day. Almost all the drive-in locations are open on the New Year’s and you can catch your favorite food from there on the New Year’s Eve as well as New Year’s Day.

Olive Garden 

Olive Garden is also one among the New Years Eve Restaurants that stay open on the Eve. You can visit the restaurant to taste the Italian cuisine. The restaurant operates at regular hours on the Eve as well as the Day. The interesting part about the restaurant is that it hosts New Year’s Eve bash with an open bar, champagne toast and DJ. 

Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr. is also open on the New Year’s and you can get your ideal bacon cheese fries from there. You will have a great time visiting the restaurant on the Eve. You have to however check the holiday hours by location.

Morton’s  The Steakhouse 

If you want to celebrate this New Year’s Eve on a different note then do visit Morton’s The Steakhouse. You will have great fun there and you will be surprised to see the menu that the restaurant offers. The restaurant is open on both the days and you can visit the store by checking the hours of opening and closing first.


If you want to taste the finger-lickin’ food on the New Year’s Day then your destination is definitely KFC. Most of the KFC restaurants are open on the New Year’s holidays and so you can go get a bite of your favorite fried chicken from there. The holiday hours are decided by the franchises and you can check the timings with the local restaurant.

Boston Market 

Boston Market is a rotisserie kitchen where you can satisfy your food cravings on the New Year’s Eve and New Year’ Day, meaning it is open on both the days. You can either visit the shop or book online to get it delivered.


For those who want to feed on Burgers on the New Year’s Eve, good news is that Hardee’s is open. You will be surprised to see the menu with different types of burgers. Burger lovers should not miss out on this restaurant on the Eve.

Cracker Barrel

There are still more Best Restaurants For New Years Eve in our list. Cracker Barrel are only closed on December 26 post the Christmas and then open regularly on the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. So you are free to grab your preferred food for yourself. 

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse 

Most of the Ruth’s Christ Steakhouse locations will be open and working in the holiday season of New Year. On both Eve and Day you will find this restaurant open and serving to its customers. See the hours of the location from the website.


Denny’s is open for those who like to eat in the wee hours of New Year’s Day. This particular restaurant is open 24/7 during the New Year and so you can visit it anytime you feel like eating. You will enjoy the flavors of the restaurant a lot.


To celebrate the New Year no less than any big festival, have ‘Tis The Season Burger’ from Wahlburgers. Te restaurant operates on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Know the operational hours from the website.

HomeTown Buffet

HomeTown Buffet offers real favorites menu for its customers and operates on New Year’s Eve as well as New Year’s Day. The buffet store has a huge list of delicacies from breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts. You can even order online to get the foods delivered at your doorstep.

So yup, these are the Restaurants Open On New Year’s Day. We hope our information is of help for you. We also hope you had a great time exploring these restaurants and tasting those great dishes on the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. If so, follow our further broadcast by bookmarking our website – NEWYEARWIKI.COM and stay connected.

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