Are Apple Stores Open On Christmas Day 2023? Apple Store Christmas Eve Hours

Who doesn’t admire Apple products? The iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and other Apple products are dream devices that people long to have in their hands. If you are looking to add a new Apple product to your collection of gadgets this Christmas season, now is the right time to find out if the Apple store is open or not. If you want to surprise your beloved with the latest Apple gadget for this Christmas, finding out Apple Store Christmas Eve Hours ahead of time is very essential. In this article, we are going to talk exactly about it, and of course about the Christmas Day hours as well. 

If you are curious to know the Christmas hours of your nearest Apple store, you are on the right page. We have curated the latest information conforming to the hours of the Apple store for Christmas. Well, Is Apple Open Christmas Eve is what we are going to precisely talk about. Find out if the Apple store is open to customers during the Christmas season and, if so, discover its business hours by reading to the end of the article. Other than the business hours, we have covered other important points about Apple stores in this article. So, get set and read!

Apple Store Christmas Day Hours

Traditionally, Apple stores are open during the Christmas season for the public. However, it is a wise idea to check appropriate Apple Christmas Hours to have a joyful shopping trip. Whether you want to get a new Apple device for yourself or gift it to someone dear, you can always have the stores open. Moreover, you can also find online delivery options where you can get one-day delivery for last-minute purchases. However, if you want to visit the store physically and get the device, you should check the business hours of the store you are going to visit first. 

Christmas is the season when all the Apple stores run discounts and deals on its products. Also, it is the time when a major share of purchases takes place throughout the year. If you are waiting for Christmas to cash the advantage and grab an Apple product at a reasonable price, you can visit the store and grab one. Well, Is Apple Open On Christmas,  yes, the Apple store is open on Christmas Eve. The store operates from 10 AM to 6 PM on the Eve. Usually, the store shuts its doors at 8 PM, but on Christmas Eve, it reduces its business hours.

Is Apple Open On Christmas Eve

Christmas season is around the corner and Christmas Day is a federal holiday when most stores stay shut. If you want to buy an Apple product on Christmas Day, you must check Is The Apple Store Open On Christmas. If so, you can uncover the answer here. Unfortunately, the Apple store is shut on Christmas Day. Apple store is closed for Christmas Day. So, it is advised to change your plans to shop at the Apple store on Christmas Day. You can either shop on Christmas Day or even before or wait for the next day to get your gadget home.

People usually like to bring home new gadgets during Christmas. While deals and discounts are one of the reasons that people shop for new gadgets during the Christmas season, they also associate buying new things with a positive sense of joy. It is also the best time to gift beloved people in our lives to make their Christmas even more special. So, it is quite common to search Are Apple Stores Open On Christmas Day. As the Apple store is closed on Christmas Day, we advise you to shop some other day when the store is open at its regular hours. 


Apple Store is a go-to destination for those who are seeking to buy Apple gadgets during the Christmas season. If you are a habitual last-minute shopper, you might want to know Apple Store Christmas Day Hours, but as we said earlier, the store is closed for the big day. On Christmas Eve, the Apple stores close at 6 PM, and again they open on 26th December at 10 AM. So, keep these timings in mind while heading to the Apple Store during Christmas. We hope the information secured in this article has offered a hand in finding out the Christmas hours of Apple stores. If so, bookmark our website – newyearwiki and keep checking back for more such articles.

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