Best Place to Spend New Year’s in Morocco 2024

The much-awaiting New Year is approaching. Have you decided where to celebrate the new year? If you haven’t planned your holiday trip, think of exploring the best place for new years eve in Morocco. Start this very special new year with new beginnings and hopes. Morocco is one of the perfect destination spots to ring in the new year with your beloved pals. Explore the noteworthy places in Morocco to celebrate the auspicious occasion by following a variety of traditions and cultures. To save time, we rounded up some of the best places to spend new year’s in Morocco. Take a glimpse!

Best Place To Spend New Year’s In Morocco 2024

Most of the Morrocons spend the new year’s occasion amid immense excitement and entertainment. There are copious places in Morocco to ring in the new year such as Marrakech, Rabat, Fes, Meknes, and more. Few cities in Morocco might be slightly expensive. Still, it’s worth visiting the significant places in Morocco. From mindblowing places to explore, and a mixture of different cultures to bustling nightlife, spend the new year’s eve exceptionally. We furnished the list of the best place for new year’s eve in Morocco. Check it out!

1. Marrakech 

Marrakech is the most lively city in Morocco located north of the Atlas Mountains. People can witness several bustling bazaars for shopping across Marrakech. Hang out with your friends and family across the busy streets in Marrakech to purchase some of the significant items. Some of the special attractions of Marrakech on the new year’s eve in Morocco include belly dance performances, conventional musical concerts, and more. During the day, this place will be jam-packed with vendors selling a variety of items, foods, traditional leather water bags, brass cups, and more.

2. Chefchaouen 

Chefchaouen is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Morocco. Some of the places in Chefchaouen are truly picturesque and photogenic where you can capture some of the best selfies. Situated in the northwest region of Morocco, Chefchaouen is the primary town in the country. The locals in Chefchaouen call it ‘The Blue Pearl of Morocco’. It is one of the best cities to explore its beauty and travel across various places. Moreover, it’s the perfect weather to spend the new year’s eve, especially for nature lovers. Kasbah is the major tourist attraction and Chefchaouen is the right place for shopping for some of the best things like handicrafts.

3. Agadir

With beautiful structured white buildings cityscape and captivating beach at the Atlantic Ocean, Agadir is the best place to spend new year’s in Morocco. Besides the charming landscape, there are several other attractions in Agadir that render a festive atmosphere to the tourists. It’s not just the night time where people can enjoy the new year’s eve but the whole day can be turned into celebrations. Indulge in some unique activities like boat excursion, sea fishing, and more in Agadir. Once you are done with your holiday time in the day, join the wild party hosted in Agadir to celebrate new year’s eve. Agadir is a flourishing seaside resort town quite popular for Agadir Bird’s valley and the Souss-Massa National Park. Spend some quality time on the Agadir beach to enjoy the cool breeze in the evening.

4. Fez

Fez, the cultural capital of Morocco is widely popular for its Fes El Bali walled medina. It is the old Maghreb city situated in the northeastern region of Morocco. One of the noteworthy attractions of Fez includes the boulevards of Ville Nouvelle. Fes el-Bali is the primary attraction of Fez that comprises ancient architecture and modernism. Make sure you taste the delicious food in some of the luxurious hotels in Fes. One must appreciate the architecture of this city who visit this place to ring in the new year 2024.

5. Casablanca

Casablanca is a must-visit best place for new year’s eve in Morocco. Head out to Casablanca along with your friends and family to spend some gala time in Morocco. Explore the scenic beauty of the city from the Casablanca Twin Center. It is the best city that perfectly represents modernity. With fantastic food and architecture, Casablanca is the right destination to ring in the new year 2024 in Morocco. Most of the tourists who visit Morocco first land in Casablanca to spend some chill time.

6. Rabat 

Wondering how does Morocco celebrate new year’s? Rabat, the stunning administrative capital city of Morocco has abundant tourist attractions. Explore the beauty of the charming beaches in Morocco and acquire exquisite experiences during the holiday trip. The key attractions of Rabat include beautiful palaces, spectacular beaches, and popular museums. The Kasbah of the Udayas is another special attraction for the tourists who visit Morocco. Enjoy scrumptious foods available in some of the best cafes and restaurants in Rabat that will be open till 3 AM on the new year’s eve. 

7. Tangier

Tangier, mostly known as Tanja is the northwestern city in Morocco is prevalent for its unique cultures and civilizations. The history and culture of this city are appealing to tourists. The caves of Hercules is one of the major tourist attractions in Tangier. Once you visit this city, explore the beauty of the ancient caves, enjoy some delicious dishes in popular cafes, and know more about the rich history of the city.  

8. Meknes

Meknes is a 9th century-old town situated in Morocco. Despite featuring old architecture, Meknes has several best place for new year’s eve in Morocco. Most of the tourists explore the popular historical sites in Meknes such as Dar Jamai Museum, Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, and more. Plan a trip to visit the hilltop pilgrimage town of Moulay Idriss in Meknes on the new year’s eve. Take some of the stunning pictures at the spectacular Bab Mansour Gate for a memorable experience in Morocco.

9. Saidia

It is one of the significant beaches on the Mediterranean coast in Morocco. If you want to stay away from the loud parties and crowded celebrations on the new year’s eve, head to Saidia. Most people from different parts of the country head to Saidia to enjoy the beachside locations. It is a perfect destination spot to ring in the new year amid the serene atmosphere.

10. Asilah

With beautiful sandy beaches and elongated city walls, Asilah is the perfect new year’s eve 2024 destination. Paradise beach is the major attraction of Asilah where people can enjoy some delicious local food. Purchase some significant items in the little souk. Make sure you visit Aplanos, the most popular art gallery in Asilah as part of your new year’s trip to Morocco. Get a sigh of relief from the stress that you go through the whole year on this special occasion.

That’s all! These are the best place to spend new year’s in Morocco with your beloved ones. Hopefully, this guide on how does Morocco celebrates new year’s helped you understand more about its new year’s eve traditions and cultures. If you have any other place in mind, just drop them in the comments section. Stay in touch with our website NEWYEARWIKI.COM to know more about the best places to spend new year’s eve in different parts of the world.

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