5 biggest New Year Celebrations in the World

With the New Year just a stone’s throw away, everyone around the world are excited about the celebrations. New Year is the biggest celebration marking the end of the past year and start of a new year. The celebrations get skyrocked in all the places across the world and people like to attend the bashes thrown by big citites. If you are also planning to have a gala time this New Year and are searching for Biggest New Year’s Celebrations across the world, you are on the right page. NEWYEARWIKI.COM has brought before you the list of top 5 best places to visit on the New Year’s Eve. 

You will be super excited on visiting these places during the New Year time as what they offer is beyong one’s imaginations. Get ready to experience a new world of fireworks, food, bashes and much more. Visit the world’s best New Year celebrations and make unforgettable memories. Say goodbye to the past year from the place you have never been to before. You are going to have a ball at the year end bashes organized at these places. 

5 Biggest New Year’s Eve Celebrations in the World

Here are the 5 biggest New Year’s Celebrations in the world. Have a read!


Sydney is one of the best places where the New Year Celebrations are carried out with much pomp and glory. The speciality of Sydney is that it is the first city to welcome the New Year. The astonishing fireworks displayed at the Sydney Harbor will make you go awe.  The fireworks will go on air at sharp 12 and will last for 12 minutes. The fireworks are displayed across 3 ½ miles of water and various effects are displayed in the sky. Around 1 million people gather at the harbor bridge to witness the magic moment. The boats, light parade, fireworks, everything about Sydney on New Year’s Eve looks extra special. 


New Year celebrations in Rio, Brazil are attended by around two million people from across the world. The party set at the beachside of Copacabana is one of the Biggest New Year Celebration in the World. The evening starts on a great note with a 20-minute fireworks display and get ready to dance to the best dance numbers all night with your buddies. All the visitors wear stark white dresses and offer prayers to lemanja, the sea goddess. They also wear red, yellow and green accessories which resemble romance, prosperity, and health respectively.


Many people dream of welcoming the New Year at Times Square at least once in their lifetime. Around one million people gather at the iconic Times Square to catch the glimpse of the ball drop at midnight. Also, the event goes live on Television for everyone to watch making it more exciting. If you are to visit New York this New Year, make sure to get the tickets for the Time Square show. You can also reserve seats at a restaurant nearby to watch the event live. 


Millions of tourists visit Goa every year and on the New Year, the number just doubles. People gather at the bay and celebrate the New Year in style. Also, welcoming New Year in Goa is much more affordable than you would think. Witness firework displays, participate in underground parties, and take part in music festivals etc at Goa this New Year Eve. 

5. Edinburgh, Scotland

To celebrate the last day of the year called Hogmanay, people of Scotland gather at streets of downtown Edinburgh. It is another World’s Largest New Year’s Eve Celebration. If you are a foreign visitor, you will get to watch the traditional ceilidh dancing that takes place in Princes Street Gardens. Musical acts will take place by renowned musicians from across the world to attract the masses. People accumulate on the Princes street, Carlton Hill, and downtown Edinburgh to watch the fireworks. Residents of the city participate in a charity event called dog-sledding by diving into the River Forth. 

These are the 5 Biggest New Year’s Celebrations across the world. Have you already decided on the place you want to ring in the New Year this time? We hope you do. If you want to read more intriguing articles on New Year, do bookmark our website – NEWYEARWIKI.COM and stay tuned.

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