Is Burger King Open on New Year’s Day 2024? Burger King New Year’s Eve Hours

New Year is here, and so is the holiday season. With the holiday season comes a lot of festivities and mouth-watering feasts are a common sight in every household. While few cooks with their own hands, most people like to celebrate the first day of the year at the best restaurant by eating all their favourite dishes. On New Year’s Eve and New Years’ Day, Burger King will be super busy, with tons of customers visiting the chain to grab their favourite burgers. Many wonder Is Burger King Open On New Year’s Day. To find out the answer, read through this article thoroughly.

Is Burger King Open On New Year’s Day

If you are a burger lover and want to start the New Year with a yummy burger from Burger King, it is time to find out if the popular chain is open or not on the big day. Burger King remains open almost all the holidays, and it is all thanks to the customers that visit it repeatedly over and again for the taste and quality of the burgers it offers. Is Burger King Open On New Year’s Day 2024? Nope. The food chain is closed for New Year’s Day and will open the next day as usual at its regular times.

Burger King is only closed on New Year’s, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. Remaining days the restaurant will be wide open for its customers to offer its super delicious burgers. The store may not be available on New Year’s Day, even in prime locations. You can check out the same with the restaurant contact desk by calling them. So the Burger King New Years Day Hours are not a matter anymore as the chain is closed for the day. 

Burger King New Year’s Eve Hours

The regular business hours of Burger King are from 6 AM to 10 PM. Unless and until it is a significant holiday, Burger King will not reduce its business hours. If you want to say goodbye to the year in style with a tasty burger, you can visit the chain and have a bite of it, but it is crucial to check the Burger King New Year’s Hours before visiting so as not to return with empty tummies. The restaurant chain is open for various festive days at reduced hours. So, there is a chance it is also available on New Year’s Eve.

Burger King regularly opens in all its significant locations where the frequency will be high. However, the closing timings may be compromised. It is up to the franchise owner to decide the closing timings of the restaurant. Is Burger King Open On New Year’s Eve? The answer is yes. The restaurant is open on New Year’s Eve, but you must check the local restaurant times before paying a visit. Also, the store will be open again on 2nd of January at regular times. 

Burger King’s closing time is the same throughout the year, except for the festive days and major holidays. The Burger King Hours On New Year’s Eve will be affected as people will be busy welcoming the New Year. So, if you plan to visit Burger King for a burger or some other popular dish, make sure you are on time. 

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