Hobby Lobby Christmas Eve Hours 2023: Is Hobby Lobby Open On Christmas Day?

Christmas is around the corner, and everyone is super excited about the celebrations and happiness it brings. The star was hung, the Christmas tree had been decorated already, and it was time to give the house a significant upgrade for Christmas. If you want to buy new decorations for your home on Christmas, you can visit Hobby Lobby, but wait; you must first check Hobby Lobby Christmas Eve Hours. This is because most stores, like Hobby Lobby, remain closed for Christmas, citing the festivities, so it is a good idea to check its business hours before visiting.

Hobby Lobby Christmas Eve Hours

If you like to modernize your house with the latest stuff in the market, you must know about Hobby Lobby by now. The store has over 70,000 products, from home decor to art supplies to craft supplies to jewellery making to fabric to seasonal decor and much more, but wait, Is Hobby Lobby Open On Christmas Eve? You are on the right page if you also have the same question. The thing is that Hobby Lobby is open on Christmas Eve, which means you can happily go for last-minute shopping at Hobby Lobby. 

Hobby Lobby Christmas Hours
Hobby Lobby Christmas Hours, Source: Bigstockphoto.com

Hobby Lobby operates in numerous locations across the city and is one of the best stores to visit to buy quality products at the best deals. During the festive season, Hobby Lobby will be pretty busy, and for Christmas, the store attracts more crowds than usual. If you want to find out about Hobby Lobby Christmas Hours, you can get them here. As Christmas celebrations start much earlier on Christmas Eve, Hobby Lobby closes earlier than usual. According to the official sources of Hobby Lobby, the store opens at 9 AM and closes by 5:30 PM on Christmas Eve.

Is Hobby Lobby Open On Christmas Day

Hobby Lobby is one of the biggest retailers in the market, with over 900 stores spread across the country. You can find anything and everything in the store, and it operates at feasible hours for its customers. However, it is closed for Easter and Thanksgiving Day, but wait, Is Hobby Lobby Open On Christmas? The answer is a big No. The hobby Lobby is closed for Christmas. Though it operates on almost all the big festive days, it takes a break from its hectic schedule for Christmas and allows its employees to enjoy the festival with their families.

Hobby Lobby usually opens at 9 AM daily and closes by 8 PM. The store keeps its timings minimal, which is how its customers got used to shopping at Hobby Lobby. On festive days, it shuts its doors no matter what. Is Hobby Lobby Open On Christmas Day? Christmas Day is no exception for Hobby Lobby. Since Christmas Day is a federal holiday, Hobby Lobby observes the holiday too. It shuts all its stores in various locations on Christmas Day. Nevertheless, it opens its stores on the very next day of Christmas at 9 AM, regular time.

Is Hobby Lobby Open Christmas Day? As we said earlier, the store is closed for Christmas. So, if you have any urgent business at Hobby Lobby, you must push your shopping plans forward. Also, you can visit the store on Christmas Eve to shop, but remember the closing times we mentioned earlier. For more information about Hobby Lobby Christmas hours, bookmark our website – NEWYEARWIKI and stay connected!

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