Is New Year’s Day A Federal Holiday?

New Year is already scheduled in our calendars and we have many things planned ahead for the day. New Year is a major social observance and zillions of people across the globe celebrate it with true intent. There are many eyebrows being raised over Is New Year’s Day a Holiday. Many have this doubt whether New Year is a federal holiday or not. Today we are here to clarify that for our readers who are anxious to know about it. We will discuss in detail about the New Year being a federal holiday and if so, how it is a federal holiday. Read on!

Is New Year’s Day a Federal Holiday 

United States Government has recognized New Years’ Day as a federal holiday long ago. On the federal holiday, all the unimportant government employees will be off work and almost all the government as well as private offices will be closed. Though private companies are not directed to stay close on the federal holiday, most of them follow and abide by the federal holiday regulations. So coming to Is New Year’s Day A Federal Holiday, Yes it is! New Year’s Day is a federal holiday and is in the government federal holidays listing.

On the federal holiday, here New Year’s Day, the federal employees are paid to have the day off. That means they were given holiday and also will be paid on that day as usual. However, in some cases if the employee is essential and his services are needed then he will be asked to attend the duty and will be given extra amount for doing work on a federal holiday. 

If you want to know about national holiday then you must know that United States have no national holidays at all. The federal government only given federal holidays and there are no such holidays called national holidays.

If you want to have knowledge about Is New Year’s Day A National Holiday then read underneath. On a national holiday every employee would be off from work. But after checking with different sources, we have come to know that United States doesn’t have any such day called National Holiday and the New Year’s Day is definitely not a national holiday.

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