Things to Do for New Year’s in Hobart 2024

Usher in the New Year’s Eve in Hobart Style partying all night with your darlings at the iconic spots. Celebrating New Year’s Eve is all about having a fun time with loving ones and wandering across the city in a full party mood. Situated on the island state of Tasmania, Hobart offers enticing locations, spectacular landscapes, and breath-taking panoramic views to the spectators. With the widely renowned MONA gallery, tasty gourmet food, fine wine, a wide range of pastries, and more, Hobart welcomes you to ring in New Year’s Hobart 2024. Brace yourself to experience an unforgettable NYE Blast in the Greater Hobart. Ring in an energetic NYE 2023 full of hope and positivity. Discover where to go and fun things to do New Year’s Eve Hobart with your dearest buddies.

Things to do New Year’s Eve Hobart

With high standards of living, top-notch musicians, popular artists, and creative minds, Hobart is a beautiful destination to ring in New Year’s Eve Hobart. Hobart is one of the most favored destinations in Tasmania, Australia. Being the most populous capital city of Tasmania, Hobart attracts millions of tourists, and local folks with its charming sights, customs, cultural events, and a lot more.

Hobart overflows with the fascinating points and natural wonders around the city. One must surely get the beautiful view of the fireworks exploding the entire skyline of Hobart over the River Derwent on new year’s eve at the perfect vantage points. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and fly off to Hobart to experience the fresh beverages, mouthwatering feasts, and a range of seafood.

From historic museums and galleries to lavish seafaring customs at the deep-water harbor, Hobart holds iconic attractions in the cordial capital. Witness the family-friendly fireworks shows and wondrous celebrations at 9.30 PM and midnight on 31st December 2023. Here’s a complete guide on the fun things to do New Year’s Eve Hobart to the tourists and locals.

1. Exciting Hobart’s NYE Bash on the Pier

Enjoy the new year’s 2024 celebrations on the Pier in Hobart with excellent dining options, tasty beer, sparkling fireworks, and an unlimited flow of drinks throughout the night. Make a booking beforehand at the Hobart Function and Conference Centre in Hobart to relish a 7-course degustation dinner. 

Live Band performances of Manhattan artists and spectacular fireworks shows sparkling the entire city are the key highlights of NYE celebrations on the Pier, Hobart. Go down at the Pier to spot the extremely captivating fireworks on 31st December at midnight from the perfect vantage point. 

Pier hosts one of the preeminent Hobart new year’s events. Situated on the Elizabeth Street Pier, Hobart’s NYE fireworks render enchanting views to the visitors. With unlimited entertaining options, delicious foods, and a brilliant view of the New Year’s Eve fireworks Hobart, the capital city offers superior packages to the guests.

2. Join MONA’s Exquisite NYE Celebrations

Museum of Old and New Art hosts a unique New Year’s Eve Event – Annus Finis on 31st December 2023 marking the end of the year. With a wide range of local foods, free-flowing booze, and relaxing Tassie musical numbers, welcome the fun-filled new year’s eve at MONA. 

One of the memorable Hobart new year’s events is organized at the Museum of Old and New Art with a series of live tunes. If you are an art lover then, you shouldn’t miss giving a visit to MONA as it is considered the major part of the Hobart landscape. With immense art collection, contemporary architecture, modern antiquities, high-end exhibits,  and more. 

The New Year’s Eve Hobart celebrations begin at 6.30 PM on 31st December on the main stage of the museum. The event kickstarts with live tunes followed by scrumptious foods and drinks. Visitors can enjoy the music delivered by popular singers, hip-hop artists, and other skilled performers. Enjoy a great evening with your friends and family members listening to soothing music at MONA.

3. Top Vantage Points to Watch Stunning Fireworks

Watching New Year’s Eve fireworks Hobart is the ultimate fun for every person. Enjoy the captivating fireworks sparkling across the waterfront at midnight standing next to your beloved partner. To rejoice in the fabulous party atmosphere, just drive to the waterfront in Hobart that gives you an eye-feasting fireworks display illuminating the whole sky over the beautiful yachts and cruises. 

River Derwent is the Best place to see New Year fireworks in Hobart that are exploded twice as part of the custom. At 9.30 PM and midnight, people can witness breathtaking fireworks display. The family-friendly fireworks show will be initiated before the arrival of the new year. Some of the well-known restaurants and organizers at 31st December Hobart new year’s events also hold fireworks shows as part of the NYE celebrations. 

Plenty of vantage points is present in Hobart that offer magnificent views to the tourists and locals. Hobart Waterfront, Mount Nelson Reserve and Lookout, Sandy Park and surrounds, Mount Wellington, and Clarence are some of the primary vantage points to spot the shimmering fireworks blaze around the city.

4. Experience the ‘Taste of Summer’

Are you excited to celebrate Hobart New Year’s Eve? Well, just join the Taste of Summer NYE event held in Hobart and get a unique experience. Head over to the 7-day event held from end of December 2023 to 1st week of January 2024 to enjoy the best-ever New Year’s Eve bash with a line-up of special events. With more than 80 stalls, Princes Wharf 1 hosted ‘Taste of Summer’ features free-flowing wine, tasty beer, the best seafood, and a lot more. 

The event also features exceptional cooking presentations, demos, unlimited beer fest, live music performances, Symphony with popular singers, and more. One can get an elegant view of the midnight fireworks while seating in the front row on the Hobart Waterfront. Make sure you book your tickets beforehand to reserve a comfortable position at the event.

5. Never-Ending Comic Shows @ ‘The Last Laugh’

Join the NYE’s comedy event ‘The Last Laugh’ held at the Wrest Point Casino Showroom in Sandy Bay. The Last Laugh Comedy show is hosted in Sandy Bay on New Year’s eve. Jokers Comedy will present a couple of comedy shows on a beautiful evening in the presence of thousands of audience. The comedy show features comic acts by popular comedians in the presence of a special guest Daniel Connell. 

Laugh wholeheartedly at the end of the year to welcome the very first day of the new year amid sparkling smiles. The show kickstarts at 7 PM and continues until 10 PM. Further, the viewers can wait to catch up with the stunning New Year’s Eve fireworks Hobart. Moreover, the spectators can get a perfect view of the Hobart fireworks on the New Year 2024 from the Wrest Point Casino.

6. Go for a Memorable River Cruise over Derwent

Spending a peaceful night in a serene atmosphere on a cruise at River Derwent is one of the unique things to do New Year’s Eve Hobart. River Derwent cruise offers a 6-course special dinner alongside exclusive live entertainment to the spectators. Hobart is an extremely popular cruise ship destination in the city of Hobart with more than 40 ships docking around the river.

Go for a 30-minute cruise over the Derwent River on a high-speed ferry that will drive you to the MONA from Hobart’s waterfront. Flowing over 200km from Lake St Clair in the central highlands, the Derwent River is a perfect destination in Hobart City. One can take a short cruise ride on the river or go for a long cruise trip watching the stunning views of the city from the water.

To enjoy with families and friends, hop on to one of the sumptuous dinner cruises on the River Derwent to watch the marvelous fireworks display while sipping a glass of champagne. Peppermint Bay Cruise is one of the most popular cruises that offer excellent views of the beach, wildlife, and harbor of the city. Once the cruise departures at 5.20 PM on 31st December, go for a tasty 6-course meal, unlimited drinks, fireworks, and a myriad of entertainment options.

7. Spend a Great Time at ‘The Chowk Night’

Indulge in family-friendly New Year’s Eve Hobart 2023 celebrations at The Chowk Night with your colleagues, or best pals. Enjoy a great time at The Chowk Night with DJ performances hosted at the best spot in Hobart. Welcome the beginning of the new year by joining the exclusive New Year’s Eve event at the Chowk Night and bid adieu to 2023.

At the event, the audience is offered free complimentary drinks, and excellent upbeat tracks performed by DJ Nutcase. What could be a better option to ring in a new year indulging yourself in listening to great music and having finger-licking food and unlimited drinks. Keep up your spirits high on the very special occasion and take part in the exclusive performances with your besties.

8. Savor Premium Buffet with Family in Sandy Bay

Hobart gives excellent dining options to the visitors with a bunch of wonderful restaurants serving delicious foods. Enjoy a premium New year’s eve dinner Hobart buffet at the Wrest Point Buffet and Coffee Shop in Sandy Bay. A plethora of restaurants in Sandy Bay offers multi-course premium dining options coupled with unlimited beverages, fine wine, and live entertainment in Hobart style. 

Enjoy a 7-plate dinner full of appetite alongside a complimentary glass of champagne at the Stock Market Restaurant. Some of the popular Hobart restaurants that offer special NYE dining packages to the customers include Tasman Restaurant, Wrest Point Waterfront, Mures Upper Deck, Tavern 42 Degrees South, and a lot more.

9.  Spot the Beautiful Sunrise View from the Waterfront

Thousands of locals and tourists flock to the waterfront to enjoy the spectacular views of the city from the harbor. What could be the best thing than watching the sunrise from the waterfront on New Year’s Eve Hobart? Waterfront in Hobart is the Best place to see New Year fireworks in Hobart to watch the massive fireworks show over the beautiful yachts.

The reflections of the sunlight falling over the water give stunning views to the spectators from the waterfront. It’s the highlight of the waterfront wherein the spectators can spot it at the gateway of the Derwent River. Besides the colorful sky with the spectacular sunrise, there are plenty of spots around the piers to enjoy the new year’s eve celebrations.

10. Roam around the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens renders an excellent glimpse of the River Derwent from the hill. Those who are exploring the city of Hobart to get the scenic beauty, stroll around the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. It’s the second popular and oldest Botanic Gardens in Australia with an extensive range of plant collections. Plan a picnic or a leisure trip to the Botanical Gardens with your large family and kids packing some delicious snacks or meals. 

Wandering around the botanical gardens watching the huge collection of plants, gardens, and full of greenery gives an iconic memory on the New Year’s Hobart 2024. If you are planning to ring in new year’s eve in a calm and composed manner, just escape loud noise and busy roads heading out to the botanical gardens with your friends and families. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you get a highly exciting and entertaining New Year’s Eve celebration at Hobart with your family and friends. Whether you head down to the Waterfront to watch the fabulous fireworks at midnight or hang out with friends to enjoy a delicious meal at the popular restaurant, Hobart has a lot to offer the tourists and locals with a lineup of crazy NYE events. We are damn sure that by the end of your Hobart NYE trip, you will bid adieu to the beautiful city wrapping up a bunch of memories as an extra rucksack. Stay tuned to this website – to get the latest updates about the Hobart new year’s events and the Best Things to do New Year’s Eve Hobart. 

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