Where To Spend New Year’s In Japan 2024

Planning to ring in the new year in Japan? It is one of the perfect places where you can witness captivating celebrations during the new year. Every individual considers visiting Japan during new year’s eve as a one time experience in their lives. New Year’s occasion is the biggest celebration in Japan where every family exchanges gift with their beloved ones and gather at one place to wish each other. If you want to be a part of the exceptional new year celebrations in Japan, pack your bags right now. As there are several places, you might wonder where to spend new year’s in Japan. To help our readers, we listed out some of the best places to celebrate new year 2024 in Japan. Have a glimpse!

Best Places to Celebrate New Year in Japan

The new year celebrations in Japan are unique from conventional Western parties. Starting from 31st December night, the new year celebrations begin and continue till 3rd January. You may not find many people spending out to enjoy wild parties on new years in Japan. Still, you can consider it as the best place in Japan for new years eve. People visit their hometown during New Year’s eve as it is a holiday time. Most people indulge in spending quality time with family during this occasion and follow a plethora of traditional customs and cultures. Get to know more information about the Japanese new year celebrations and the best places to rejoice in Japan. 

1. Shibuya

If you want to welcome the new year 2024 in one of the most appealing nightlife destinations in Japan, just visit Shibuya in the capital city of Tokyo. To celebrate the New Year with your friends and family in one place, gather at Shibuya Crossing for the countdown. If you want to party hard, visit any of the popular bars and restaurants in Shibuya. Take part in a rowdier affair on the special new year occasion at Shibuya Crossing. 

2. Namja Town

Namja Town in Sunshine City is another noteworthy place in Japan to celebrate the new year’s eve. Enjoy eating free icecream at Namja Countdown Party in Ikebukuro. Don’t miss the chance to capture selfies with your beloved characters at the party. You can get one of the incredible experiences celebrating the new year’s occasion in Namja Town. Starting from 31st December night, the celebrations will continue till 5 AM the next day. Make sure you visit this place with your family and kids to give the utmost delight. 

3. AgeHa

People can acquire an immense assortment of New Year’s celebrations and fun at AgeHa in Japan. It is one of the most popular countdown parties where thousands of people gather at one place to ring in the new year. With exceptional dance performances, live events, countdown parties, and more celebrate the new year in AgeHa. AgeHa is the largest nightclub in Tokyo, especially during the new year’s eve. The most popular artists entertain people with their live performances and stay up all night to welcome the new year.

4. Porto Europa, Wakayama   

Port Europa Marina City is a widely popular themed park in Wakayama. It is an ideal place to enjoy the New Year’s bash with friends and family. To lit your spirits high, enjoy an exceptional party in Port Europa. If you are looking for a party with a free pass, just pick this place. Just visit this place by 7 PM on 31st December night and enjoy the night till 2 AM on 1st January. With breathtaking fireworks shows and enjoying local musicians performances, welcome the new year amid massive celebrations.

5. Hatsumode

Willing to learn how is new year’s celebrated in Japan? Just visit Hatsumode in Japan. Hatsumode is the first temple or shrine visit of the year. The maximum number of people in Japan and tourists also visit this temple on the new year’s eve. It’s the significant tradition and custom of the Japanese New Year. Once the clock ticks 12 AM, people begin worshipping for the next 1 week. You can witness several people lining up to visit this Buddhist temple in Japan and praying for good health and prosperity.

6. Huis Ten Bosch, Nagasaki

Huis Ten Bosch is one of the best theme parks in Sasebo, Nagasaki quite similar to the Netherlands country. People can witness Dutch-style architecture in this park. This widely popular theme park in Japan features beautiful flowers and illuminations that captivate every visitor. On the New Year’s occasion, the countdown event will be organized at this park location. With millions of LED lights, splendid views, and vibrant flowers, welcome the new year 2024 at the biggest theme park in Japan. 

7. Joya no Kane

One of the unique customs in Japan on the new year’s eve is ringing a large bell 108 times. This ritual is known as Joya No Kane. Zojoji Temple is one of the significant Buddhist temples in Tokyo, Japan that ring bells 108 times at a stroke on 31st December night to welcome the first day of the new year. The 108 count marks the number of desires and wishes of people. There is a belief that this custom brings good fortune and luck to people.

8. Port of Yokohama Countdown

Head out to the Port of Yokohama to witness spectacular fireworks display to celebrate New Year’s eve. To make this new year exceptionally beautiful, visit this place to witness a special light show and illumination at Minato Mirai. For those looking for fantabulous Western-style New Year celebrations, visit Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise. 

9. Tokyo Tower, Minato Ward

People in Japan celebrate New Year’s eve in a serene and peaceful environment instead of joining wild night parties. One of the best ways to celebrate the new year in Japan is to visit the illuminated Tokyo Tower in Minato Ward. This place has a modern countdown celebration with lights change color, beautiful balloons released into the air, and more. One can even witness a date display switches on the Tokyo Tower as part of ringing in the new year. If you don’t want to sit at home and pass the new year without any excitement, head out to Tokyo Tower. 

10. Hatsuhinode

One can get a unique experience of seeing the first sunrise in Hatsuhinode and begin the new year. It’s not just an experience but it is also a great belief of Japanese people. People believe that watching the first sunrise of the year has a supernatural quality and it brings good luck. To get this rare experience, people take overnight trips to nearby beaches, mountain tops, and lakes to offer their prayers to the rising sun. Some of the best places to experience Hatsunohide in Japan include Mount Takao, Mount Mitsutoge, Hakone, Izu Peninsula, and others. Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building also organize special events for the willing applicants.

11. Tokyo Disney

Tokyo Disney and DisneySea are the most prevalent amusement parks in Japan. People can witness captivating fireworks on New Year’s eve in these parks. If you are highly interested to watch the fireworks display, make sure you book the tickets online in advance. Enjoy watching the show with your friends and family on a special occasion. Earlier, these events were only constrained to hotel guests and others. Now, any person can enjoy the show by booking the tickets in advance.

12. Shangri-La Hotel

If you are seeking to spend luxuriously on this eve, visit the most popular 5-star hotel, Shangri-La Hotel in Japan. The hotel administration hosts an elusive countdown party with several live performances. With traditional delicious dishes, snacks, a variety of cocktails, and more welcome the new year at the party. One can enjoy live DJs, special drinks, and exceptional festivities at this hotel as part of the new year celebrations.

There is so much to watch and experience during the new year’s eve in Japan. To acquire such an incredible experience from watching spectacular fireworks to enjoying scrumptious recipes and treats, just go to the best place in Japan for new years eve. We hope this guide has given adequate information on where to spend new year’s in Japan. If you are pretty much aware of the best places in Japan for NYE, just drop them in the comments section. Visit our website frequently to get to know more about the unique places to celebrate New Year across the world.

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  1. Shibuya crossing is off limits on New Year’s Eve since 2020 and is policed since 2022 so it is strongly recommended that you don’t visit it for New Years.


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