Eating 12 Grapes at Midnight on New Year’s Eve: New Year’s Eve Tradition in Spain

New Year’s Eve has a very special place in every tradition and culture. The day that marks the start of a New beginning or a New Year is considered very significant by many. The traditions, we can even call them as superstitions are practiced faithfully by the crowds. One such tradition that won accolades for being followed by the people of Spain from ages is eating Grapes For New Years. People of Spain eat grapes as a part of tradition on the Eve at the strike of the clock in the midnight. They eat 12 grapes, each for a month believing that they bring luck in their lives. If you want to know in depth about the 12 grapes tradition of Spain, then continue your read.

Eating 12 Grapes at Midnight On New Year’s Eve

Let us first go back to the time where this grapes tradition started. The 12 Grapes New Years Eve tradition dates back to a century or even old. According to a popular story, growers in Alicante had a great harvest in 1909 and they came up with a great way to sell off their surplus. From there this tradition has been picked and is being followed by the people even today. Though every country has a tradition of its own that they practice on the New Year’s Eve, this particular tradition of Spain is somewhat unique.

Grapes for New Years
Grapes for New Year’s

If you are planning to visit Spain for the coming New Year’s Eve and want to know about the Eating Grapes For New Years tradition in detail then we are here to present it to you in broad-gauge. Have fun knowing an all-new tradition of Spain. Who knows, it may bring you luck as well. First know what the tradition is about and where it was actually originated from.

Other than the 1909 story that we have discussed earlier, there is another tradition associated with the 12 grapes concept that dates back to 1800s. It was the time when rich families used to eat grapes and drink champagne to celebrate the New Year. To ridicule this tradition, people belonging to the working-class gathered at the Spanish capital’s Puerta del Sol square to consume grapes and drink champagne.

That is the same New Year’s Grape Tradition we get to see even today at Puerta del Sol square. This place can be compared with Times Square in New York. People of Spain gather at the square and eat 12 grapes in the midnight. Most of the people like to visit the square and watch ball drop live and then consume grapes with the clock strikes following the drop. 

If you are not a person who likes to go out and chill in the crowd, then you need not do that. You need not go all the way to the square and consume the grapes to grab the luck. You can even sit at your home and consume grapes with your entire family at the strike of the clock. If you believe that eating grapes will bring luck, you can do that at the comfort of your home. You have to however catch the live in the TV to follow the clock strikes.

Eating Grapes At Midnight On New Years is actually a fun thing to do. With the belief that the New Year is going to be prosperous and lucky for you, consume the 12 grapes for each of the 12 bells chime. By the way, if you think that it is an easy task to fulfill, you are wrong. It is not that easy to gasp 12 grapes in 3 seconds each. You will get only 3 seconds for each grape. So, if you are new and don’t want to play with the luck then make sure you pick small grapes. Also, you can do a little practice beforehand if you take this tradition seriously.  

If you have any plans to visit Spain or you actually hail from there and haven’t practiced this tradition yet then give this 12 Grapes For New Years tradition a try. Make sure to share your experience with us in our comments section below. Also, don’t forget to bookmark our website – NEWYEARWIKI.COM to find more information.

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