Is It Happy New Year Or Happy New Year’s?

It really feels bad to speak butler English and the same goes with the wishes when they are not according to the rules of the grammar. Around the time of the New Year we all exchange wishes through messages and sometimes we have this confusion whether to use Happy New Year or Happy New Years. There is a lot said and done about this Year and Years concept, but still the confusion exists. So we are here today to give you a clear idea on what to use Happy New Year or Happy New Year’s?. You can check out this article to find out the same and share the wishes further without any grammar mistakes.

Is It Happy New Year or Happy New Year’s?

On the New Year’s Day people wish each other and use specific wishes like Happy New Year for the said purpose. But there was this confusion over what to use between Happy New Year and Happy New Years. While some use Happy New Year most generally, few use Happy New Years. Now, what is the difference between two and which one is right way to wish. Is It Happy New Year Or Year’s? Note that it is never New Years, it is only New Year, especially when it is being used with Happy.

Happy New Year or Happy New Year’s

Happy New Years means there are more than one new years and you are wishing for two. As we have only one New Year and one celebration, we must drop the S from the year and say “Happy New Year” instead. Also, coming to New Year Or New Years, when we are talking about the entire year, New Year is what we should use. And New Years comes into picture when we are talking about the specific night of New Year. Precisely, New Year is generally used when people are talking about the year either before or at the beginning.

Now Is It Happy New Year Or Happy New Years? It is incorrect to use Happy New Years. We have to use Happy New Year only to greet. New Years is the end of one year and start of another year. Here there are two years and only one year is new. So, you shouldn’t use years here. Also, years is plural and as only one New Year is celebrated at a time, we shouldn’t use years.

There are of course situations where you use New Years like New Years gives chance to reflect and resolve to be a better person. Do You Say Happy New Year Or Happy New Year’s? We have to say Happy New Year and not Happy New Years when we generally wish someone. 

These are the rules you have to heed in mind while wishing your near and dear ones on the New Year. We hope this article on Happy New Year or Happy New Year’s is helpful to you. If so, do bookmark our website – NEWYEARWIKI.COM and stay tuned.

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