Best Place In France For New Year’s 2024

Celebrate the very last day of the year in France with your friends and family uniquely. With exceptional museums, art galleries, popular wine bars, monuments, and more, ring in the New Year in France. Get ready to experience thrilling moments in the romantic destinations on the new year’s eve in France 2023. Whether you spend the new year’s occasion watching fireworks on the French Riviera or join the huge crowds, spend some gala time in France. We put together a list of the best place in France for new year’s eve. Have a glance!

How to Celebrate New Year in France 2024?

A wide range of celebrations will be carried out in France on the new year’s eve. All the friends and family members gather at one place to enjoy private and public fireworks show at the midnight. People follow specific traditions and customs in France at night and on the first day of the new year with a myriad of expectations and hopes. In general, people celebrate the new year quietly in France without much noise. However, most people visit the best place to spend new years in France to ring in the new year. We help you explore the best places in the country and learn how to celebrate new year in France by looking at their traditions. Check it out!

1. Paris

Paris is the best place in France for new years eve celebrations. The entire city illuminates with vibrant lights and huge crowds across popular bars, clubs, and streets in Paris. If you don’t want to miss the fun, plan your holiday trip to Paris and enjoy to the fullest on the new year’s eve. Being the capital city of France, Paris offers a myriad of entertainment options to tourists. With prevalent art galleries, historic monuments, museums, and Eiffel Tower, Paris is one of the most prominent cities across the world. Make sure you prepare for an advance hotel reservation in Paris for accommodation. The splendid fireworks show at the midnight augments the beauty of the city. 

2. Champ de Mars

Champ de Mars is one of the noteworthy gathering points on the new year’s eve in France. People plan to spend the entire night chilling out on the streets watching stunning fireworks. Most of the tourists and visitors from different parts of the world gather at Champ de Mars to shout loud and wish everyone a Happy New Year amid the massive crowds. A wide range of restaurants and hotels in Champ de Mars offers copious traditional dishes to the visitors. 

3. Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a must-visit destination spot for tourists, especially on new year’s eve. One must acquire a great experience of traveling in the new high-speed train route from Paris to different cities. Pick one of the noteworthy restaurants to spend the new year’s eve eating delicious dishes. Ride on a cruise along the Garonne river that travels through the city. Bordeaux is renowned for extravagant treats and luxurious hotels for accommodation.

4. Marseille

Planning to spend the new year’s eve romantically? Just head to Marseille to witness amazing fireworks, unique countdown shows, and more. Experience the unexpected in the most fabulous city of France. Marseille is a popular city that throws several fun-filled parties where the visitors can enjoy watching live music concerts, dance performances, carnivals, festivals, exhibitions, and more. On 31st December night, people can witness dazzling fireworks in the sky. One can witness huge crowds in Marseille to enjoy new year’s eve in France 2023

5. Nice

People can celebrate in a plethora of ways to ring in the new year in Nice, France. Nice, the most populous urban region in France is located in the French Riviera. One can enjoy spectacular fireworks at midnight once the clock strikes 12. Join the amazing street party organized in Place Massena to begin the new year 2024 countdown. The tourists arrive from different parts of the world to be a part of indoor theme parties, private parties that comprise delicious dinners with a variety of seafood and music. Several restaurants and clubs in Nice host unique musical concerts that comprise electro, classical music, and pop.

6. Cannes

How to celebrate new year in France? Cannes will give you the right answer and renders a plethora of options to spend the new year exceptionally with friends and family. Whether you are a local or a tourist from some other country, you will acquire an incredible experience partying in Cannes on the new year’s eve. Explore the Town Hall of Cannes to witness a massive firework display on the Croisette. Cannes is the right destination to watch one of the stunning fireworks display in France. Watch the outstanding view of the sky at midnight from the lake and have something delicious from the popular restaurants. 

7. Toulouse

Toulouse, one of the beautiful cities in France is the most prevalent destinations to spend the new year’s eve along with your friends. Visit this place with your family and kids to give them a surprising new year’s eve celebration. With classy parties, scrumptious dishes across popular restaurants, exciting games, and luxurious accommodation, Toulouse is the best place to spend new years in France. Once the clock strikes 12, wish people a happy new year out of great warmth and friendly gestures. Dance with great joy and ring the bells to welcome the new year.

8. National Parks

Stay away from the noisy new year celebrations by heading out to one of the biggest national parks in France. With about 11 national parks situated in the south of the country, France has immense mountainous locations. Explore the beautiful park in the evenings holding some scrumptious food and a bottle of champagne. Most of the national parts in France are situated in massively populated mountainous locations. 

9. French Riviera

To welcome the new year uniquely, join the unbeatable countdown at midnight in French Riviera. Witness jaw-dropping fireworks display vibrantly illuminating the sky. The musical concert begins at 11 PM on 31st December night with the performances of popular artists. Swim in the Mediterranean on the very first day of the year that drives your mind crazy. On the new year’s eve, French Riviera hosts spectacular firework and pyrotechnical shows to entertain the tourists visiting this place from different areas.

10. La Grande Parade, Deauville

La Grande Parade is another best place to celebrate the new year’s in France 2024 romantically. Visit this place with your beloved soulmate to ring in the new year more lovingly. One can witness the incredible performances of highly talented musicians, singers, dancers, acrobats, and more in the most romantic atmosphere. Make this new year a memorable day in your life by watching the fantastic fireworks, confetti, flying bikes, and a stunning 20-minute aerial finale in La Grade Parade. This show begins at 5.30 PM on 31st December evening and ends at 6.45 PM.

That’s all! These are some of the best places in France for new years eve. Hopefully, the places and the information gathered in this post is helpful to explore the beauty of France on the special new year’s eve. If you have any other places in mind, drop them in the comments section. To know more places to celebrate the new year exceptionally in different countries, stay tuned to this website.

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