Best Place to Celebrate New Year in Myanmar 2024

We are just a few days ahead to ring in the new year. What are your plans for the new year? It’s time to gear up to plan your holiday trip to one of the best places in the world. Myanmar has plenty of places where you can chill out with your friends as part of the new year celebrations. The end of December and the beginning of January are the two best months to spend New Year’s eve in Myanmar. To kickstart your new year celebrations, pick the best place to celebrate new year in Myanmar. We furnished the list of the noteworthy places on where to spend new years eve in Myanmar. Have a glimpse!

Best Place to Celebrate New Year 2024 in Myanmar

From luxurious parties to adventurous events in different islands, Myanmar offers a slew of exciting options to tourists. People can witness the complete festive atmosphere in the magical cities of Myanmar, especially on new year’s eve. If you want to experience extremely intense new year celebrations with your friends and family, pack your bags and head to one of the best places in Myanmar. Here are some of our suggestions comprising the list of the best places to celebrate new year in Myanmar. Check it out!

1. Pagoda

Thinking to do something unique for new year’s eve? Head to Pagoda in Myanmar to ring in the exceptional new year with a bell. The new year celebrations are quite prevalent for bells in Myanmar. Most of the sacred locations in Myanmar comprises a bell or more than 10 bells to ring in the new year amid copious hopes and expectations. Once the clock strikes 12, the tourists can perform any kind of merit activity like praying. Further, the visitors can hit a bell using a piece of wood as part of the new year’s eve traditions in Myanmar. 

2. Mandalay

Mandalay is the second biggest city in Myanmar after Yangon. It is highly prevalent for being the old royal capital of Myanmar. If you reached Mandalay, make sure you visit Mount Popa, one of the noteworthy destination spots in Myanmar. This place is quite popular for its heritage and rich culture. Most people who visit this pilgrimage location plan to welcome the new year by offering their prayers to the almighty. Explore the most unique places in Mandalay to acquire incredible experience on the new year’s eve. 

3. Yangon

People can spot extreme action in Yangon on the new year’s eve. It is one of the busiest cities in Myanmar with massive crowds gathering at one place to watch extravagant fireworks. Yangon is a significant place well known for its fireworks display. The entire place is surrounded by vibrant fireworks that give a spectacular vision to the tourists. Besides the fireworks, the visitors can also enjoy watching several cultural performances, dance, and live music concerts of popular artists. A plethora of options is offered to the people in Yangon with unique rooftop bars to witness the fireworks show clearly and brew special drinks.

4. Minder Grounds

Every year, people gather at Minder Grounds in Yangon to celebrate the new year’s eve. The Forever Group hosts an annual event and people take part in the countdown event once the clock strikes 12. The tourists who visit this destination spot can witness popular singers and artists performing on the stage. This event begins at 4 PM on 31st December night and continues till midnight. The whole bazaar is chock packed with food sellers and vendors who sell a variety of outfits and accessories on the new year’s eve. 

5. Mergui Archipelago

Wondering how to Spend New Year’s Eve in Myanmar 2024? If you are pretty much unaware of the best place to celebrate new year in Myanmar, head to the Mergui Archipelago. It is a perfect destination covered with beautiful sand to augment the look of the Mergui Archipelago. Relax on the new year’s eve to sail around the islands of the Mergui Archipelago. To stay away from the busiest city of Myanmar, head to this place that turns your new year’s eve extremely special. Set up the best bonfire and enjoy the new year dancing all night and wrap up your new year celebrations with spectacular fireworks on the remote island.

6. Kandawgyi Park 

If you want to ring in the new year amid massive crowds then, Kandawgyi Park is the right destination. One can join the huge gatherings in Myanmar to celebrate the new year joyfully. Choose a specially designed boat to float around the Kandawgyi Lake with your beloved ones. Further, you can watch the stunning fireworks display sitting inside the boat. To acquire a royal new year’s eve experience, Kandawgyi Park is the perfect place. One can spend some recreational time in this park that soothes your mind and soul. Witness captivating sights in the park including the wonderful fireworks display and cultural performances of prevalent artists.

7. Taunggyi

Taunggyi is the largest capital city of Shan State in Myanmar. People across different parts of the country visit Taunggyi to celebrate the traditional Shan Water Festival. With traditional dance performances, free food, and more, people can ring in the new year. Besides celebrating the new year’s eve traditionally, the tourists in Taunggyi also rejoice in the eve taking art in some adventurous activities.

8. Thuwunnabumi Event Park

Thuwunnabumi Event Park is one of the worth-visit destinations in Myanmar. On 31st December night, people can take part in the biggest new year countdown party at Thuwunna Bumi Event Park. People enjoy themselves indulging themselves in dancing, singing, and ringing in the new year’s eve uniquely. Enjoy with your friends and family taking part in fun-filled activities and watching the live music of well-known artists. 

That’s all! These are some of the best places to celebrate new year in Myanmar. Hope you have understood how to spend new year’s eve in Myanmar referring to our detailed guide. If you have more places in mind, include them in the comments section. Stay in touch with our website to get more information about the noteworthy destination spots to ring in the new year exceptionally.

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