How To Say Happy New Year In Cantonese

When we talk about Cantonese new year wishes, we have to talk about Chinese new year wishes as well.  This is because both the wishes go hand in hand with each other with just a difference of accent. If you want to wish someone you know in Cantonese then here are the wishes for you.  Though you are a complete newbie to these wishes, you can easily say Happy New Year In Cantonese after going through this article.

How To Say Happy New Year In Cantonese

There are many websites that offer new year wishes in Mandarin, but very few websites offer new year wishes in Cantonese.  Citing the same, we have come up with new year wishes in Cantonese. These wishes will help you greet your friends, family members, business partners, colleagues etc.  You can simply go through the wishes that we have uploaded here in this page and choose the ones that you want to send to your beloved on the new year eve.

Happy New Year In Cantonese

To know How To Say Happy New Year In Cantonese you can simply check out our collection of wishes here.  You need not be aware of the Cantonese language perfectly in order to read it or spell it.  We will provide here the ways to spell the Cantonese wishes. You can use it to know the ways to spell the wishes if you want to wish your buddies.  If you are in plans to visit China for a trip on this new year eve then give these Cantonese wishes a try. You will find these wishes interesting in just a single read.  Though you won’t be able to understand the meaning of it, with the translations we have offered here you can understand them easily.

For those who are in search for How Do You Say Happy New Year In Cantonese here they are for you. To wish new year in Cantonese, you have to say “Gong hei fat choy”.  This wish is used mainly in southern China and Hong Kong. You can use this phrase in Cantonese to wish your beloved.  You can share these Cantonese wishes with your contacts on social media pages too to wish multiple people at once.

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