How To Say Happy New Year 2024 In Hebrew

New Year is the perfect time to celebrate beginnings.  It is the best time to welcome the change in life. If you are determined to make this new year exceptional then give this article a read.  We are here with How To Say Happy New Year In Hebrew for you.  If you want to know the different ways to say happy new year in Hebrew then you will find your answer right in this article itself.  You can perfectly greet your friends in Hebrew for this new year. So why late? Read on!

How To Say Happy New Year In Hebrew

Hebrew new year messages are quite famous and are used by many native people and of course non locals too.  The new year wishes that we are going to reveal here will help you wish your buddies on a positive note. You can have some right set of Hebrew words handy to wish your buddies in Hebrew.  First of all, the country that uses Hebrew language as native language is Israel. The country follows Hebrew calendar and the Hebrew year starts on the first of Tishrei and it is the day on which people celebrate Rosh HaShanah, which marks the beginning of the new year.  So, if you are someone who follows Hebrew calendar then check out How To Say Happy New Year In Hebrew.

How To Say Happy New Year In Hebrew
How To Say Happy New Year In Hebrew

On the first day of the Hebrew year, people wish each other to have a better and happy year. It is a holiday there and people offer prayers by visiting the river banks and shake their clothes and pockets to cast away the sins and bad deeds symbolically that they have done previous year.  Also, people over there avoid sleeping all the night as a custom believing that their luck sleeps along with them if they fall asleep.

If you are looking for Happy New Year 2024 In Hebrew then here it is.  You have to say שתהיה לך שנה טובה!  she`tihiye lekha shanah tovah! to wish someone in Hebrew.  Though it is not that easy to spell it in the first attempt, you will get it with good practice.

  • Happy New Year: שנה טובה
  • Happy New Year 2024: שנה טובה 2024
  • Wish you a Happy New Year: מאחל לך שנה חדשה שמחה

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