How Many Lights For Christmas Tree?

Christmas season is around the corner and the big thing that everyone is excited to bring home is the Christmas tree. The breathtakingly beautiful Christmas tree stands as an attraction in every home. Lighting the Christmas tree is a thrilling task and everyone has love notes for it. Moreover, the Christmas tree is the first thing that the guests notice when they enter the house. The thing is that many don’t know How Many Lights For Christmas Tree. The technology has emerged so much that there are even calculators available to calculate the number of lights to put up for a Christmas tree considering its height.

If you are in a quest to find out the number of Christmas lights per foot of a tree, you are on the right page of NEWYEARWIKI. Here we have curated the number of lights a Christmas tree should have that gives the tree that superb festive look. We will give you the exact info on the number of lights your tree will need to shine on Christmas like a bright star. This article will help you figure out How Many Lights Per Foot Of Christmas Tree to purchase for your Christmas tree as per its size. Give it a good read!

How Many Lights Do I Need For My Christmas Tree 

The common Christmas tree that most people would buy is 6-foot. The basic thing is that the tree should not look too flashy and at the same time dull. You have to make sure that your tree has a perfect number of lights to give it that outstanding look. Usually, for each foot of the tree you will need at least a strand of lights. Here again, the strand may contain varying numbers of bulbs, say from 150 to 200 or 250. So, before asking How Many Lights Do I Need For My Christmas Tree, it is for you to choose the number of bulbs you want for a strand. Consider your preference and go for the strand with the right number of bulbs.

Most recommended bulbs per strand is 150, which looks great. Overall, your tree height decides the length of the strands and number of bulbs it must have. Whether you ought to choose a less flashy look or vibrant look, it is completely your choice at the end of the day. Nonetheless, you will also have to consider the storage of the lights after the tree is down. Usually, it would be good if you use one strand of lights on each foot rather than going overboard. You can also take reference from previous year’s Christmas tree lights and assess how else you want to upgrade your tree this time. 


Here we have answered some frequently asked questions for you. 

  1. 1. How Many Lights For 6ft Christmas Tree

    If you have brought a 6ft Christmas tree and are wondering How Many Christmas Lights For 6ft Tree? You can get the answer here. The number of lights one can use for the 6ft Christmas tree is 600 lights i.e., 6 strands and 100 bulbs for each strand. If you want a super flashy Christmas tree with the lights dominating the ornaments, you can go for up to 1200 lights.

  2. 2. How Many Lights For 7ft Christmas Tree

    Before you ask How Many Led Lights On A 7 Foot Christmas Tree, check how many lights are apt for a foot first. For a 7ft Christmas tree, you can use 7 strands of lights with each strand containing 100 bulbs. So, the minimum number of lights for a 7ft Christmas tree is 700 which can go up to 1400 lights depending on your preference.

  3. 3. How Many Lights For 8ft Christmas Tree

    For a 8ft Christmas tree you will need at least 800 Christmas lights. The more the height of the tree, the more the number of lights it should have. Keep this formula in mind while assessing How Many Lights For 8ft Christmas Tree in terms of its height. The maximum lights you can have for a 8ft Christmas tree are 1600 lights.

  4. 4. How Many Lights For 9ft Christmas Tree

    You can have a minimum of 900 lights for a Christmas tree which is 9f tall. If you like your tree to shine bright like a star, you can go up to 1800 lights max.

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