Is Vons Open On Christmas Eve 2023? Vons Christmas Day Hours

The Christmas season is fairly near and it’s almost time to start thinking about the things that need to be bought home. Taking into account the deals and discounts that come accompanied with Christmas, you might be wondering about shopping during the season. Also, if you are wondering Is Vons Open On Christmas Eve, you are on the right page. Vons is a supermarket chain headquartered in California. The store has more than 128 stores and offers grocery services along with gas and meds. If you are out of any of the products that are available at Vons, you can visit the store to grab them.

If you are looking to find Vons Christmas Eve Hours, you are in the right place. We are here to provide you with brief info about Von’s Christmas hours. Whether you’re a frequent shopper at Vons or new to the store, you will find shopping at the super exciting. The store offers a wide variety of products like groceries, gas, and meds. Find everything you want to shop for at one destination and that is Vons. Without further adieu start reading to know if Vons is open on Christmas or not.

Is Vons Open On Christmas Eve

Vons is one of the best places to shop given that it has everything you are looking for in one place. It not only saves time and energy but also offers a wide range of quality products, making your shopping convenient and hassle-free. Well, if you are wondering 

What Time Does Vons Close On Christmas Eve, you will get the answer here. According to the latest update received from the close sources of Vons, the store will be open on Christmas Eve. Moreover, the store will close at 12 AM just like any other day. 

We advise those who wish to visit Vons on Christmas Eve to call the local Vons to know the exact business hours. This is because not all the outlets may not maintain the same business hours. While some outlets may close early, few others may remain open for extended hours. You have to cross-check the same by calling the local Vons. You can also find the Vons Christmas Hours by checking it online on the official website of Vons. The store also updates the holiday hours on its web portal. You can use the ZIP code of your area and find the store details. 

Vons Christmas Day Hours

Christmas Eve is not a major holiday and it is common for all the big and small stores to remain open and working at regular hours. However, that is not the case with Christmas Day. It is the biggest festival ever celebrated across the world. Having said that, Is Vons Open On Christmas? This is a common question that many shoppers have. If you also have the same question, you can find the answer here. As per the information we have, Vons will be closed for Christmas. Not even a single Vons store will be open on Christmas Day. 

If you have any urgent business to attend at Vons on Christmas Day, it is advisable to reschedule it for another day. The store will be closed for the holiday, and you may have to suffer inconvenience if you plan all your shopping solely on that day. We suggest you shop earlier as soon as the Christmas season starts to take advantage of the discounts and deals offered at Vons. We hope that your question Is Vons Open On Christmas Day has been answered.


Vons stores are very popular in the California region and it is all thanks to the large array of products the store offers at great discounted prices. Christmas is a holiday at Vons, but if you want to shop for some essential goods, you can look for alternate stores that are open on Christmas Day. Coming to Vons Christmas Day Hours, they are not to be bothered about. You have to wait for the Christmas Day to pass to shop at Vons. Vons will be open at its regular hours on the next day of Christmas. We hope the information covered in this article is helpful to you in finding the Vons Christmas hours. If so, don’t forget to bookmark our website – and stay updated about other store hours.

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