IHOP Christmas Eve Hours 2023: Is IHOP Open Christmas Day?

If you enjoy eating pancakes and want to treat yourself to the best pancakes ever, you must visit IHOP. With Christmas on the cards, you want to see a famous place with your family and have a feast. What better place than IHOP to have a waffle and pancake feast? However, the store may operate at adjusted hours due to the festive season, which you need to check before heading there directly. Here we have come up with IHOP Christmas Eve Hours so that our readers can easily find the business hours of IHOP on Christmas. 

IHOP Christmas Eve Hours

In this article, we will share IHOP’s Christmas Eve and Christmas Day hours. If you have been looking online for the same info, you can dig in this article to find out. So, Is IHOP Open On Christmas Eve? Yes. Unlike the other stores and food chains, IHOP doesn’t abide by the federal holidays. It is one of those stores that operate around the year restlessly. Moreover, there are certain franchises of IHOP that operate 24/7. If you are worked up about the adjusted hours, you can visit the stores that run day and night. 

IHOP is open and serving on Christmas just like any other day. Still, the thing is, a few branches may close earlier than their regular business hours, which can be found by calling the customer care desk or by using the online store locator feature. Well, Is IHOP Open On Christmas? Yes. IHOP opens its doors on Christmas Eve, which means the customers can feast on the special pancakes, waffles, and much more offered by the store to make their Christmas even more memorable.

Is IHOP Open Christmas Day

Most stores will shut their services on Christmas Day and indulge in the festivities, but IHOP is an exception. It opens and closes its stores across the country at its regular hours. However, the IHOP Christmas Hours will be affected in specific locations. It is recommended that customers who are particular about their time check the festive business hours beforehand to avoid dismay. Also, you can review our website – NEWYEARWIKI.COM, when you are close to Christmas for the updated holiday hours of IHOP. 

Currently, IHOP follows a 7- to 12 AM schedule to operate the store on regular days around the year. This is the exact schedule that it follows on festive days. Well, Is IHOP Open Christmas Day? Yup. The store is open on Christmas Day, though it is a federal holiday. This is because many customers visit the store on festive days, and it just can’t let go of its business in the name of the holiday. Nevertheless, the business hours may be affected here and there. 

As we said earlier, the IHOP Hours Christmas Day will be different for all stores across the country. The hours vary depending on the location. So, you must be sure about the timings before leaving your house. If IHOP closes, you can look for alternative food chains to fill your tummy.

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