Is Goodwill Open On New Year’s Day 2024? Goodwill New Years’ Eve Hours

Goodwill stores are located all across the U.S and are named for offering high-quality products at reasonable prices. Every day, customers can come across new deals on thousands of items. The store has everything you ask for, from everyday needs to clothing to home decor, jewellery, and instruments. With New Year on the cards, you must be anxious to go shopping to grab the essentials. If that is the case, you can always visit the Goodwill store, but Is Goodwill Open On New Year’s Day? That you have to find out down here. Dive into the article and read the information provided below.

Is Goodwill Open On New Year’s Day

Goodwill offers its services round the clock, and New Year is no exception. If you want to visit the Goodwill store on New Year’s day, you can do so as the store shall keep its doors open for its customers. Is Goodwill Open On New Year’s Day 2024? As per the previous year’s holidays, Goodwill will also be working on New Year’s Day. Though the store will be open, customers can expect it to be closed earlier due to the festivities. 

The Goodwill New Year’s Day Hours are revealed, and as per the schedule, the store will be open from 9 AM to 6 PM on New Year’s Day. The store closes just two hours earlier than on regular days. So, you can visit the store during business hours to shop your heart out. The store also runs special deals and offers on various products for the New Year. Nonetheless, it is better to contact the customer care desk before going to the store to save gas and energy.

Goodwill New Years’ Eve Hours

If you are a shopaholic, you must be well-versed with Goodwill stores. The store works almost all the days of the year except for Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving day and Christmas day. On Christmas Eve, the store closes early to observe the festivities. On the remaining days, the business hours mostly remain unchanged. Here you can find Goodwill New Year’s Hours. According to the information, the store will be from 9 AM to 6 PM on New Year’s Eve. 

The usual business hours of Goodwill are from 9 AM to 8 PM on weekdays and 10 AM to 6 PM on weekends. You can always visit the store between these times to grab the essentials at slashed deals. So, Is Goodwill Open On New Year’s Eve? Yup. The store is open and waiting for its customers to serve even on the last day of the year. It is advised to the shoppers to check the local Goodwill for its business hours.


The Goodwill New Years’ Eve Hours are affected, and the store will be closed earlier than usual, as we said earlier. So, if you have scheduled your shopping at Goodwill around that time, you will have to reschedule it or visit the store before it closes. If you find the information provided on this page helpful, don’t forget to bookmark our website – NEWYEARWIKI.COM. We will excite you with the latest updates from time to time.

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