Is New Year’s Eve A Federal Holiday?

The current year is going to wave good bye soon making place for a New Year to enter our lives. With the New Year drawing near there are many doubts that make us confused about the New Year’s Eve being a federal holiday or not? As we all know, New Year’s Eve falls on December 31st and it is obviously the last day of the year. People host huge bashes on the night of the Eve to their friends and family and enjoy all the night waiting to cheer for the New Year.  If Is New Year’s Eve A Holiday?, your uncertainty then dive in to this article to clear it once and for all. Here we will explain you about the federal holiday and New Year’s Eve and whether they are related or not.

Is New Year’s Eve A Federal Holiday

When New Year’s Eve is concerned, it is not a holiday established by government; meaning not all the schools, businesses and other stores are closed on that day. Only few will be closed and it totally depends on their decision. It is a normal working day for everyone and you can find almost every store open on the day, at least for limited hours. Coming back to the holiday concept, very few small offices, and schools in certain areas will be closed citing the parties, celebrations etc. 

On the New Year’s Eve, the most significant thing that takes place is ball drop at Times Square. It is most-awaited thing for everyone living in the United States. People wait at the Times Square for hours to view the ball drop. Coming back to Is New Year’s Eve A Federal Holiday, it is not a federal holiday in first place. Federal holiday refers to the public holiday granted by the government of the country. The United States government has not declared the New Year’s Eve as a federal holiday and so it is not a federal holiday.

So, it is clear that December 31st is not a federal holiday. There is something more you have to know about New Year’s Eve. It does falls in the holiday season as it is between Christmas and New Year. In most of the prominent states in US, most of the schools and institutes and small scale offices will be closed. Though few open, they operate at limited hours. 

If you ask us, Is New Year’s Eve A National Holiday, it is not. It is not a national holiday for your information. Half of the schools, institutes, stores, restaurants etc stay open on the Eve. Nevertheless the timings may see a change due to the parties and special events scheduled for the night.

Wrapping up, it is certain that New Year’s Eve is not a federal holiday in United States and Is New Year’s Eve A Holiday?, completely depends on the individual decision made by the schools or institutes or whatever. We hope your doubt has been clarified. If so, don’t forget to bookmark our website – NEWYEARWIKI.COM and stay tuned for more updates.

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