Is Olive Garden Open on New Year’s Day 2024? Olive Garden New Year’s Eve Hours

Have you thought of your New Year’s plans yet? If you haven’t, make it quick. It is known that most stores and restaurants will be closed on major holidays, and New Year’s Day is no less than any big festival. Of many popular restaurants, Olive Garden is one of the best restaurants in the city, with a distinguished menu consisting of Italian-American cuisines. If you plan to schedule your visit to Olive Garden, you have first to be clear about Is Olive Garden Open On New Year’s Day. Only after confirming it can you visit the restaurant. You can end your search here and now as we came up with the exact operating timings of Olive Garden here. Please read on!

Is Olive Garden Open on New Year’s Day

Olive Garden offers a great variety of cuisines that are finger-licking and tasty. It is given that the restaurant will be as busy as a bee on a festive day. So, the better idea is to ensure the timings of the restaurant before heading there. Here you can find Is Olive Garden Open On New Year’s Day 2024. Per our information, the restaurant will be available on the first day of the year. You need not postpone your visit to the restaurant and kick off the year on a great note with yummy food.

Olive Garden is open and available, offering services to its customers religiously. The restaurant will be open from 11 AM until 11 PM on New Year’s Day. So, you can enjoy your New Year’s Day at Olive Garden, having a feast with the best dishes. The Olive Garden New Years Day Hours will not be changed, but if you have any doubts, you can always call ahead of time and reschedule your visit to the restaurant.

Olive Garden New Year’s Eve Hours

If you want to spend the last hours of the year at Olive Garden, you have to be sure about the closing hours as it is a festive day, and there are high chances for the store to close early. So, it would be better to check the Olive Garden New Years Hours before visiting. The regular timings of the restaurant are from 11 AM to 10 PM from Monday through Sunday. You can visit the restaurant on New Year’s Eve and enjoy your favourite food.

The Olive Garden New Year’s Eve Hours will be reduced at a few locations where the frequency is low, while at a few prime locations, it will operate at regular hours. It is entirely up to the franchise owner to decide the opening and closing timings on New Year’s Eve. It is ideal to call the customer care desk and confirm the business hours of Olive Garden on New Year’s Eve before visiting.

Olive Garden has a trendy menu that consists of Chocolate Brownie Lasagna, Black Tie Mousse Cake, tiramisu, Warm Italian Donuts, etc. If you are craving to have any of these on New Year’s Eve, you can check the Olive Garden Hours New Year’s Eve here and then plan accordingly. The restaurant will be closed for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day and will be open at regular hours and reduced hours on festive days. 

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