Dillard’s New Year’s Day Sale 2021 Shopping Tips

New Year’s Day is very near and on the big day many top stores such as Dillard trade large amounts of different stocks. If you wish to take a trip to the local Dillard to grab the awesome deals then check out this informative article that reveals everything about the Dillard’s New Year’s Day Sale 2021. This sale from Dillard is the biggest sale of the year which goes live on New Year’s Eve. All the clearance items are put up on sale with 50% off tag and people go crazy to grab their favorite designer brands. If you are someone shopaholic then this sale by Dillard’s is definitely for you.

A lot of thought and preparation should go into it before going to shop the Dillard’s sale on Eve. We did the necessary research and brought before you the tips to shop at Dillard’s that will help you snatch all the surprising deals.

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Note: Dillard’s New Year’s Day Sale 2021 was not yet confirmed due to COVID-19. Once we get the information, we will update in this web page. We recommend you to check with local store.

Dillard’s New Year’s Day Sale 2021 Shopping Tips

Not everyone is familiar with the Dillards New Year’s Day Sale and so it is necessary to know about it in detail if you have plans to shop there this Eve. The tips that we are going to present here will simplify your shopping session and help you shop more. Have a study of the tips!

Dillard’s New Year’s Day Sale
  • Reach the store at least 30 minutes before the opening time. Give a call to your nearest Dillard’s store and check with them the working hours. As the departments are divided, you can stay, right at the door of the department that you want to shop hugely from! As soon as the shutters open, crowds rush in to grab their favorites. So, be prepared and alert.
  • Carry a sling bag so that you need not hold it with your hand. This will aid in shopping easily in the highly-hectic store. Having a handbag in your hand will only worsen your shopping experience.
  • Dress in your comfies. From attire to shoes make sure to don those that are not restrictive. Skip heavy jewelry as well. Also, if you want to buy new shoes then wear easily removable shoes in the store. It will save your time as slipping and out is quick with comfortable shoes. 
  • Don’t just stand and watch as the items will be out of stock in no time. Don’t waste your time lingering around, instead pick the things you like immediately. Later when you are done with your shopping shortlist the items you want to purchase. Dillard also offers a 3-day return policy for its customers. Customers who want to return any of the clothes they have bought in the store on the 1st of January can return them if they want.
  • Take with you big bags to bag everything you have shopped. Not just for Dillard’s New Year’s Sale 2021, but every time the store offers its customers large cardboard boxes to put the items they have shopped.
  • Go by the order with your shopping. If your shopping list has shoes and handbags in it, make sure you shop them first. Women go mad while shopping for the aforementioned items and pick up everything that they rate even as average. So try to be the first one to get them first on the list. Next, you can go shop for linens and ornaments followed by clothing and last but not least jewelry.
  • Carry a water bottle or some snacks to snack on that gives you instant energy to shop your heart out. Though you can find them in the store, going all the way to the food court leaving your cart is not so good idea. 
  • Go alone or take some friends with you who can help you with your shopping. 


Many people have this doubt on Dillards New Year’s Sale Hours and you can check out the frequently asked questions on this matter.

Does Dillard’s Have a Sale on New Year’s Day?

Yes! The Dillard’s store is open on the New Year’s Eve and that too with a blasting sale ever. The sale goes live online in the official website of Dillard and customers who cannot make it to the store physically can add the items to their cart and pick them in your scheduled time. The sale is quite amazing that no one can resist buying them at all. 

What Time Does Dillard’s Open on New Year’s Day?

Dillard’s is one of the biggest stores to buy groceries, home needs, clothing, accessories etc. Unlike the other similar stores Dillard’s is open on the New Year’s and that too with a big brand sale. For the upcoming festivals followed by the New Year you can start shopping from now itself. The Dillard’s New Year’s Day Sale 2021 Hours are very usual. Just like everyday Dillard opens at 9 AM sharp on the New Year’s. The store will be closing by 7:00 PM. You can shop until you are satisfied between the operating time.

So this is the complete overview on Dillard’s New Year’s Day Sale 2021. If you enjoyed reading this post then do give us a big thumbs up. Also bookmark our website – NEWYEARWIKI.COM and keep checking this space for more interesting articles on New Year. Hope you shop the best of the items this New Year’s at Dillard’s. Happy shopping!

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    • Yep, I was there to return some items two days ago and the employee at customer service says they will open at 9 am. They are not sure how they are going to handle the number of shoppers during the pandemic but a good option would be to park in the parking garage and enter the store that way instead of the ground floor where everyone will be standing in line to get in. This way, entering from the garage, you can just walk right in.

    • Let me clarify the entire article from above. There will be a sale on January 1st. Please check with your local store for hours and instructions. This will be controlled. There absolutely will NOT be any rushing into a store. Period! There is extra security to enforce all safety precautions. Security means local off duty police and sheriff. You cannot bring bags into a store. Depending on the store, there will be controlled entrances. You cannot just grab and go. There will be limits on certain items. You will not be permitted in the building without a mask and the mask must worn properly over the nose. If you refuse, you will be escorted out. There will be lines set for most areas. THERE ARE NO RETURNS FOR ITEMS PURCHASED ON JANUARY 1ST. Absolutely no exceptions!! We, the employees miss the social part of the sale, but safety comes first. Please respect the protocols put into place for everyone’s safety or you will be escorted out. Happy shopping!!

  1. Start last year, Dillard changed policy to no return of purchases on New Year, so the fitting room was crazy long waited. I also brought a big bag to carry everything in the bag, they stopped me and told me I can’t use bag. It’s suck.

  2. For this year due to the COVID, maybe you should have a preview day for card holders. And keep the sale going for a couple of days.


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