KFC Christmas Eve Hours 2023: Is KFC Open On Christmas Day?

KFC is a globally famous food chain that offers world-famous chicken. The entire world craves the mouthwatering tender chicken that KFC brings to the table. In the world of fast-food cuisine, KFC’s menu stands out outstandingly. The quality and taste offered by KFC have been consistent all these years and it has a loyal customer base for what it offers. The food chain is open practically every day of the year. If you want to find out KFC Christmas Eve Hours, you are on the right page. We are going to explore the KFC Christmas hours in detail. 

Whoever has tasted KFC chicken would want to savor it time and again, especially during the festive season; one cannot resist thinking about the yummy KFC chicken. The crispy, juicy, and tender chicken is what makes KFC fried chicken stand out among other fast food options. So, if you want to taste KFC fried chicken on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and are wondering Is KFC Open On Christmas Eve? You can stay relaxed as we are going to cover that info in this article right here. You can get to know about the KFC Christmas hours and more in this article. So, keep reading!

Is KFC Open On Christmas Eve

KFC Chicken is quite famous among chicken lovers, and if you are craving their tender chicken, you might want to have it every day. If you are planning to indulge in KFC chicken on Christmas Eve, you have to first know Is KFC Open On Christmas. To your surprise, KFC does remain open on Christmas Eve. Moreover, it is open for regular hours on that special day. While most of the food outlets close early on Christmas Eve, KFC works until dawn without compromising on the business hours. It strives to accommodate all its customers without fail, operating at regular hours despite many of its peers working at reduced hours.

Coming to KFC Christmas Hours, the KFC outlets start the business at 10:30 AM and close their doors for the customers at 11 PM. So, if you want to quickly grab some fried chicken or some other snack from KFC, you have to visit the outlet at the time mentioned. Otherwise, you may miss out on the yummy chicken on Christmas. As the store is open on Christmas Eve, you can also order food online and get it delivered to your doorsteps. What’s even better is that you can enjoy discounts on the food items during the Christmas season.  

KFC Christmas Day Hours

Christmas Day is a pretty busy day in every household. With decorations, lighting, and attending to guests, the day is jam-packed. If you have no time to spend in the kitchen for a quick meal, restaurants come as a savior. But wait, Is KFC Open On Christmas Day? The answer is No. While KFC is open on Christmas Eve, it is closed on Christmas Day. The reason for this is that Christmas Day is a federal holiday, during which most food outlets and convenience stores shut their business. KFC is no exception and so it also remains closed on Christmas Day. 

If you are badly craving Chicken, you have to either look for other alternatives or cook it at home. If you don’t like either of the options, the best thing to do is to wait until the sun rises as KFC will be open on the next day of Christmas at 10:30 AM just like any other day. The KFC Christmas Day Hours are the same in all the locations and you cannot find even a single outlet open on that day. 


Every year, KFC opens during the festive days to serve its customers who are craving its special fried chicken. Though KFC operates round the clock to serve its customers and meet their ever-increasing demands, it takes a break on Christmas Day. Nevertheless, you can always have the tender chicken on any other day of the Christmas season. You can also make use of the home delivery option if you want. If you have found this information about KFC Christmas hours useful, we request you to bookmark our website – newyearwiki.com and stay in the loop to read more such content.

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