Kroger New Years Day Hours 2024: What Time Does Kroger Close on New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Day is impending and no matter how smartly we plan everything for our get together or party at house on the Eve, we may still forget some essentials to be bought for the day. There are many things we will need for the New Year celebrations from groceries to decoratives to snacks and lot more. It is imperative to get all the needy on time without delay to avoid last minute hurry. To avoid that you have to first know whether the local store say Kroger is open or not on the New Year’s Day and of course if it is open, the hours of it’s operating. Here we talk about Is Kroger Open On New Years Day and you will get to know about the store working hours on the New Year’s Day clearly.

Is Kroger Open On New Year’s Day 2024?

Kroger as we all know is an American retail company. It is the largest supermarket in US. It has got many locations from which it operates and has zillions of regular customers all across the country. It has both grocery and multi-department stores, pharmacy, convenience, and jewelry stores under its name. The store is so popular for its quality products and reasonable costs that customers get engrossed with it. If you are also a regular to Kroger and want to know Kroger New Years Day Hours 2024 here is the info for you.

Kroger New Years Day Hours
Kroger New Years Day Hours

Kroger is open on New Year’s Eve and also on New Year’s Day. Though some local stores may take special holiday hours and work for reduced hours citing the festivities, it will surely operate on the New Year’s Day. Considering the past year’s working hours of Kroger, almost all the major stores of it were open on the New Year’s Day and very negligible numbers of local stores were shut that too for very limited hours.

If you are in a hurry and there are important things to be bought in the last minute, you can absolutely visit the Kroger store to grab the needed. You can even enjoy New Year’s deals on some products. It is better you give a ring to the local store and confirm if it is open or not during the hours you are planning to visit. The Kroger New Years Day Hours 2024 are pretty same as the regular day hours. Regularly, the Kroger store opens at 6 AM in the morning and runs until 10 or 11 PM in the night. However, the pharmacy hours will be 9 AM to 5 PM on January 1.

Kroger New Years Eve Hours

Kroger also has 24-hour stores that run 24×7, but they close at 10 PM on New Year’s Eve and reopen at 7 AM on New Year’s Day. Coming to the Kroger New Years Eve Hours, the stores will operate as usual and you can go visit the store to buy essentials in your free time. On the New Year’s Eve, the store opens at 6 PM as usual and closes between 10 PM to 12 AM. 

The store hours vary from location to location. One has to check with the local store hours to clear the doubt. You can contact the supermarket to know the exact hours of operation and then visit the store to get your essentials. If you want to know at What Time Does Kroger Close On New Year’s Eve, as we said earlier, the store will be closed between 10 PM and 12 AM. Sometimes, it may even operate until 1 AM. 

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