Happy New Year Attitude Shayari 2025

We are almost at the end of the year and the calendar is going to turn new soon. On the New Year, we take up new challenges, make resolutions, set new goals, etc. We strive hard to make the most of the day believing that it sets the tone for the rest of the year. Every one of us starts off the New Year with a positive attitude and in anticipation of new opportunities. Having said that, having a positive attitude plays a key role in crafting a perfect future. Keeping that in mind, we have come up with these New Year Attitude Shayari that you can read as well as share with others to boost Attitude.

We did some good research to find out the best Attitude Shayari to share during the New Year season. You can share these Shayari with your beloved people who lack a positive attitude towards life to help them develop it. These Shayari can help you a great deal in becoming the best version of yourself. So, without further ado check out our collection of Attitude Shayari we have exclusively for you.

Happy New Year 2025 Attitude Shayari

The New Year is about to make its grand debut very soon. We are here with the Happy New Year 2025 Shayari Attitude, which you can use to make the upcoming year the best. These Shayari can help you shape your attitude so that you can make the right decisions and act appropriately in any given situation. So, this New Year try and use these Attitude Shayari instead of using typical wishes or quotes to wish and greet others. You can download the Shayari from our page right here and share them with your dear ones without hassle.

Gone are the days when Shayari is looked down on for being outdated. They are now the trend and people are greatly using them almost replacing quotes and wishes. So, if you want to wish your elder ones, use these Shayari in place of wishes. These Shayari help you embrace the New Year with open hearts and unshakable faith. So, give these Happy New Year Attitude Shayari a read so that you can gain the much-needed faith in yourself. Also, share these Shayari with the people who are lacking a positive attitude towards life. 

Attitude makes a big difference in any person’s behavior. Attitude determines the value of a person in general. It also determines the direction of a person. So, if you want to resolve in the New Year to work on your attitude, you must have some inspiration. To give you the inspiration we have gathered these New Year Attitude Shayari In Hindi for you. You can read them and know what attitude exactly is and how it can shape your character and of course your life for the better. These Shayari are in Hindi and if it happens to be your native language, you can take full advantage of them.

न तो 2023 हमारा कुछ बिगाड़ पाया है,

न ही 2024 हमारा  कुछ बिगाड़ पायेगा,

शेर पहले भी थे, शेर अब भी हैं

राज पहले भी करते थे, राज अभी भी करेंगे

निभा लो नए  साल के मौके पर तुम मेरा किरदार  फिर पता लगेगा कि कितनी जिम्मेदारियां हैं  हम पर

इतना तो यकीन है मुझे अपने पर, कि लोग हमें छोड़ तो सकते हैं लेकिन भूल नहीं सकते….!!!!

यह धोखा देना मैंने आपसे ही सीखा है अगर आपको ही धोखा दे दिया तो क्या बड़ी बात है

मेरे सब्र का इम्तिहान मत ले वरना तेरा पूरा साल खराब हो जाएगा

हम बेशक गर्म मिजाज के हो लेकिन अभी भी दिल हमारा नरम मिजाज का ही है

इस नए साल के मौके पर मिटा देंगे बड़ी बड़ी हस्तियों को जिन्होंने धोखा दिया था

इस साल अपने साथ शेरों को रखना है गिद्धों की ख्वाहिश छोड़ दि है हमने

हम जिंदगी को थोड़े अलग तरीके से जीते हैं हम सिर्फ जिद का जाम पीते हैं


With the New Year on the horizon, there must be a lot running through your mind regarding the wishes to share and the greetings to send to your beloved people. If you find it difficult to zero in on any particular wishes, we would suggest you share our New Year Attitude Shayari with your near and dear ones on the New Year to greet them uniquely. These Shayari carry great meaning and should be exchanged with friends and family to help build a strong attitude towards life. If you find our Shayari collection intriguing, add our website – NewYearWiki to your bookmarks list and stay updated.

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