Happy New Year Love Shayari 2025

We’re on the brink of the New Year and it is almost time to think about the wishes we would like to impart to our dear ones. While typical wishes are at one level, Shayari is at another level. Using Shayari to greet a dear one makes for a greater impact than regular wishes. 

Moreover, what better day than New Year to express your feelings for the love of your life? If you resonate with this thought, you can check out our Happy New Year Love Shayari compilation where you can find a lot of inspiration to greet your sweetheart.

Love is a wonderful emotion and everyone gets to become a poet at the touch of it. We have come across innumerable love stories to date. It is no less than a privilege to be loved by someone dearly or to love someone dearly. No matter which end you are at, you must understand that expressing love is way more important than loving itself. 

You have to be expressive when it comes to conveying your feelings. Love Shayari is the ideal way to express your feelings for them. To make things accessible for you, we have come up with the best love shayari to use on New Year. Read through!

Happy New Year 2025 Love Shayari

Love Shayari was extensively used during the olden times to convey feelings of love. As they say, the past recurs, and despite being in a modern era, people still yearn for love shayari that has profound meaning to them. 

The New Year Love Shayari we have here for you will lead your way right through the heart of your loved one. These Shayari have been exclusively written by talented poets, and we handpicked some best Shayari for you that carry timeless brilliance. 

These Shayari are meant to express your inner feelings to your partner, girlfriend, or boyfriend. We made sure to upload a great collection of love Shayari for our readers who are busy searching for perfect ways to express their love to their boyfriend/girlfriend. 

During the New Year while everyone usually exchanges New Year wishes, you share a Happy New Year My Love Shayari with your sweetheart. Let him/her decode what you have in your heart for them. If they feel the same for you, they might reciprocate with a similar Shayari. So, hold on to your braces and wait for the reply with bated breath. 

Our Shayari collection is a mixed bag and has both old and latest love Shayari covered. You can either say these Shayari in person, send them over a text, or share them on social media platforms if you want to make your relationship public. These Shayari are very well structured and will surely convey your feelings to the other person. 

These Shayaris can be used to propose to your girlfriend/boyfriend as well. Though these Shayari are widely used on Valentine’s Day, we believe that there shouldn’t be a confined day for love and it should be conveyed every day of the year to have strong relationships that last ages.

With that said, we have brought before you some interesting Happy New Year Love Shayari In Hindi. If your native is Hindi, you will find these Shayari impressive. We have not only compiled romantic love Shayari but also heart-touching, witty, serious, simple, etc. for individuals with diverse interests. 

These Shayaris will help you pull off the stunt of proposing effortlessly. You can choose the style of Shayaris that suits the preferences of your beloved. You can also take inspiration from these Shayari and jot down your own set of Shayari if you have a footing in poetry. 


You can directly pick the Shayari from our huge compilation and send it to your dear one on New Year. You can even download them in bulk to use them as and when needed. Also, you can share our website link – www.newyearwiki.com with your friends who are struggling in love and help them get their love this New Year. We sincerely hope you win the heart of your soulmate this New Year and our Happy New Year Love Shayari has a little contribution to it. If you find our Shayari collection impressive, bookmark our website for a more vivid New Year Shayari collection.

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