Happy New Year Wishes in Malayalam Language 2021

With the old year coming to a close soon the world is waiting for the new year to arrive.  On the new year the aspect that is considered most important is the wishes that we exchange with others on the occasion.  They plays a significant role as they mean a lot to many. Today we bring front the New  Year Wishes In Malayalam for you.  These wishes are way too popular and are in use from quite a while now.  If you want a hint of these wishes then read this article completely.

New Year Wishes 2021 In Malayalam Language

Malayalam is one of the major languages spoken in India. It is a native language of Kerala state.  Coming to the new year in Kerala, it is celebrated with much pomp and show just like in other places.  The fireworks, delicacies, greetings etc are common there as well, but however the wishes change because of the language.  If you knew Malayalam then it is well and good. You can simply type New Year Wishes In Malayalam Language and send it to anyone you like.  But if you are unaware of the language then you can take our help to frame the wish.

You can use the Malayalam wishes that we have proffered here in this page to wish your near and dear ones on the new year eve.  You are not charged for using our wishes. They are free and you can simply copy paste them in the messaging apps to convey your friends Happy New Year Wishes In Malayalam 2021.  You can also make changes if you want to the wish by adding your own customized message.

പുതുവത്സരാശംസകൾ പ്രിയ സുഹൃത്ത്

oru puthu valsaram koodi varavaayi.

Eee masam koodi kazhinjal njan pokum,
Ini varilla Ennennekkumayi yathra parayunnu,
Avasanamayi onnu chodichotte Ishtamayirunno enne,
Othiri Snehathode swantham.

New Year Wishes In Malayalam
New Year Wishes In Malayalam

Ennumennum Nanmakal Nirayatte Oro Dinavum Sanhoshapoornamavatte Ennu Prarthikkunnu.

Snehavum Samadhanavum Namayum Niranja Nalla Naalukal E Puthuvarsham Ninakku Sammanikkatte.

Ormakalude Chillayil Sneha
Pookalumayi Manasil Chekkeriya Ente Priya
Varanirikuna Vasanth Kalathinte Kulirumayi New Year Ashamsakal

Jeevithamenna yathrayil orupad mushinju naariya vastrangalpole orupad manasine vedhanipikunna ormakal undakam.

Puthiya dinam,
Puthiya varsham,
Puthiya thudakkam,
Puthiya pratheekshakal,
Ee 2021 sarva aishwaryangalum
Niranjathaakatte !!
Wish you an excessively Happy New Year

Ormakalude Chillayil, Sneha Pookalumayi,
Manasil Chekkeriya, Ente Priya Friendinu,
Varanirikuna Vasanth, Kalathinte Kulirumayi

Ormakal Koodu Koottiya Manassinte Thalirchillayil Niramulla Oraayiram Ormakalumayi Oru Varsham koodi kandannu pokunnu; Puthuvalsara Aasamsakal. !

Aa bhandakettukalellam 2021 enna chavat kottayil upekshich 2019 enna puthu vandiyil oru pudhiya yaat 2021 thudanga.

Innalakalile Nashtangale Patti Orkkathirikkam, Shubha Pretheekshakalode Nalla Nalekkayi Kathirikkam. PuthuValsara Aasamsakal!

Nanmayudeyum Snehathinteyum sahodaryathinteyum oru puthu valsaram koodi varavaayi. Sneham niranja PUTHU VALSARASHAMSAKAL!

Snehavum Santhoshavum Samadanavum Nanmayum Niranja Nalla Nalukal Ee Puthuvarsham Ninaku Sammanikatte. Happy New Year.

Ennumennum nanmakal mathram nirayatte. Oro dinangalum santhosha poornamakatte Ennu prarthikunnu. Puthuvalsara Aasamsaka.

Oru puthuvarsham koodi pirannu,
samadhanathinteyum santhoshathinteyum
Dinangalkkayi namukku prarthikkam.

It is very easy to say Happy New Year Wishes In Malayalam Language and you will find it once you go through our collection of wishes here.  Well, these are the Malayalam wishes that we are talking about. If you like them visit our website New Year Wiki often.


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