Is Red Lobster Open On Christmas Day 2023? Red Lobster Christmas Eve Hours

If you are craving seafood, the best place you can ever visit is Red Lobster. The Christmas season is upcoming and you might want to have a feast with your family on the big day. However, as Christmas is a federal holiday, most restaurants will remain closed. But what about Red Lobster? Is Red Lobster Open On Christmas Eve? Find the answer down below. Red Lobster is one of the most trusted places to get seafood. If you want to tease your taste buds on Christmas with authentic seafood, you must consider visiting Red Lobster. 

Red Lobster is a chain of restaurants offering fresh seafood to customers since 1968. The restaurant has around 719 locations across the world. The chain has received critical acclaim from customers for the kind of food it offers. It rose to instant fame and customers started pouring in huge numbers. If you are looking for Red Lobster Christmas Eve Hours you are on the right page. In this article, we are going to explore the Red Lobster Christmas Eve hours and Christmas Day hours. So, you might find this article helpful if you are searching for the same. 

Is Red Lobster Open On Christmas Eve

The Christmas season is all about celebrations and feasting on delectable dishes. Well, while you can cook at home your favorite food if you want to skip the cooking session and visit a restaurant that offers your favorite cuisines, your first task is to confirm if the restaurant is open or not.  More specifically, if you want to visit Red Lobster, you may wonder Is Red Lobster Open On Christmas. For those who want to find out the Red Lobster Hours for Christmas, here is the update. Last year, Red Lobster closed its business at 8 PM on Christmas Eve. 

The usual business hours of Red Lobster are from 11 AM to 10 PM. Nevertheless, the holiday hours are not the same. They are subject to change and also not all locations maintain the same business hours. So, it is important to check the working hours of your local Red Lobster before visiting directly to dodge dismay. We suggest you call the customer care desk to confirm the exact Red Lobster Christmas Hours in your area. You can also visit the official website of Red Lobster and use the store locator tool available to find the respective business hours. 

Red Lobster Christmas Day Hours

If you want to drool over the seafood offered at Red Lobster this Christmas season, you have to find out if the restaurant is open for the big holiday of the year. Usually, Christmas Day is a holiday for most of the restaurants. But Is Red Lobster Open On Christmas Day? This is a common question in many minds. If you also have the same question, continue reading to find the answer. Red Lobster has a well-curated menu that leaves you amazed. During the holiday season, it adds more unique dishes to its menu, and also customers can avail of discounts on the food. 

If you want to take advantage of all that, you must book the table well in advance. You can expect a lot of foot traffic during the Christmas season at Red Lobster as it is one of the finest dining places in the country for seafood. Coming back to Red Lobster Christmas Day Hours, the restaurant will remain closed for the holiday. However, if you badly want to indulge in the seafood offered at Red Lobster, you can visit the outlet in  Times Square, New York. 


Red Lobster has been around for quite a long time and it has been serving the customers tirelessly for diverse meals in a day. The restaurant is closed only for Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day in the whole year. You can plan your visit to the restaurant on Christmas Eve if you want to indulge in seafood during the Christmas season. Otherwise, wait for Christmas Day to pass to feast at the restaurant. We hope we helped you a little in finding the Red Lobster Hours you are looking for. If so, please bookmark our website – and keep visiting to know more about the restaurant hours.

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