Target Christmas Eve Hours 2023: Is Target Open on Christmas Day?

Target is a major retail chain in the United States with almost everything in its stores to shop for. With Christmas rolling in, you must be planning to shop the home essentials or stock up your kitchen for the festive feats. If that is the case with you and are looking for Target Christmas Eve Hours, you are on the right page. We have exclusively brought before you the Christmas business hours of Target. After checking the timings here, you can happily schedule your shopping at Target for Christmas.

Is Target Open On Christmas Eve

Target keeps its doors open for extended hours starting the first week of December itself. It is to help the customers grab the essentials without worrying about the regular business hours. You can visit the store after its regular hours in December and grab your favourites at best deals. By the way, Is Target Open On Christmas Eve? Yes! Target is open on Christmas Eve. Nonetheless, the store may not operate at its regular hours. You can expect the stores to close earlier than its standard business hours. You have to cross-check the business hours with the concerned local store owners before paying a direct visit. 

If you want to make a last-minute run to Target and wonder Is Target Open On Christmas? to the much delight of last-minute shoppers, Target will work on Eve. The store closes around 7 PM to 8 PM and it completely depends on the individual store locations. So, you have to confirm the appropriate closing time of Target by dialing the customer care department or by using the online store locator. The store will be closed earlier on the Eve, but you can visit the store before closing time to bag the items super quick.

Target Hours For Christmas Day

As a lot of cultural and traditional festivities shall be observed on Christmas Day, most stores, pharmacies and grocery chains will be closed for the day. In the same light, Target Christmas Eve Hours 2023 will also be affected. To be more precise, the store will be completely shut for Christmas day to observe the festivities. So, if you have scheduled your shopping at Target on Christmas Day, you have to rethink about it. However, there are plenty of options out there and you can always visit another store if you are in an urgent need of something.

The Target Christmas Hours will not change for the entire Christmas season except for the Christmas Eve and Day. So, you can shop your heart out on other days in the festive season. Besides, the store will work at extended hours to serve its customers. So, you can visit the store even after your hectic work at the office to grab the essentials. We however suggest our readers to check the local store timings with the store management before visiting.

Still if you wonder Is Target Open On Christmas Day? The answer is no. The store will be completely closed for Christmas Day and you have no choice, but to change your plans. Nevertheless, you can count on Target to shop around on other days of December and of course the later days. You can even grab the items at discounted prices around the Christmas season. 

Target will close around 7 PM or 8 PM on Christmas Eve and will open regularly on 26th December. The regular timings of Target are from 8 AM to 10 PM, but during the Christmas season, the hours will be extended until midnight. However, you shouldn’t concern yourself with Target Hours For Christmas Day as the store will be closed. 

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