Best Place to Celebrate New Year in Turkey 2024

With a myriad of expectations and hopes, people across different parts of the world enter into the new year. To plan your new year’s eve celebrations uniquely, you can head to Turkey. The New Year’s occasion is one of the significant days of celebration in Turkey where people indulge in a plethora of fun-filled events, exceptional activities, and more across the country. If you want to explore new cities in Turkey, pick the best places for your new year 2024 celebration in Turkey. Whether you chill around the streets of Turkey or spend some cozy nights in a luxurious hotel, here are some of our suggestions regarding the best place to celebrate new year in Turkey. Have a glance!

Best Place To Celebrate New Year In Turkey

Where to spend new years eve in Turkey? For those who are planning to explore exceptional places in Turkey, this is the right post. People in Turkey follow a slew of traditions and customs on the new year’s eve that include midnight countdown events, family dinners, and more. One can enjoy welcoming the very first day of the new year amid massive celebrations in Turkey with your friends and beloved pals. With magnificent fireworks shows, scrumptious meals, exceptional parties, and more spend the whole 31st December night happily in Turkey. Below are some of the best places to celebrate new year in Turkey. Take a look!

1. Istanbul

Istanbul is a must-visit place in Turkey to witness the stunning fireworks and dazzling lights sparkling in the dark sky. If you want to spend the new year’s eve luxuriously, you can accommodate in the topmost hotels in Istanbul such as Pera Palace Hotel, Ciragan Palace Kempinski, Fairmont Quasar, and more. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and it is the major attraction during the new year celebrations. To enjoy special dishes on 31st December night, you can pick the best restaurants to enjoy delicious dishes and the finest cocktails. One can get a memorable experience by spending the new year’s eve in Istanbul. 

2. Antalya

If you are pretty much confused about where to spend new year in Turkey, we suggest you head to Antalya. Antalya is absolutely the noteworthy new year destination in Turkey where you can watch mind-blowing dance performances, live music concerts, and more. A plethora of hotels and restaurants in Antalya hosts unique events as part of the new year celebrations to entertain the guests and tourists. One can find beautiful mountains in Antalya from where you can watch stunning fireworks display. Once you eat a delicious dinner, you can head out to enjoy live music all night. The streets of Antalya turns lively on the new year’s occasion with copious events, and huge crowds gathering at one place to ring in the new year.

3. Ankara

Being the cosmopolitan capital city of Turkey, Ankara is the best place for your new year celebration in Turkey. With special New Year’s Eve menus at popular restaurants, exceptional events hosted by popular hotels, and more, you can welcome the new year 2024 in Ankara. Some of the best hotels where you can spend some quality time in Ankara include Wyndham Ankara, Sheraton Ankara, and more. If you are fed up sitting quietly in your hotel room, just explore the streets of the city to witness amazing fireworks. One can find the fireworks display in Kizilay where the new year party begins after the clock strikes 12. 

4. Bosphorus

Bosphorus is the best place in Turkey where you can enjoy watching the unique dance performances of popular celebrities and artists. Enjoy a special Indian menu in prevalent restaurants in Bosphorus. It is one of the spectacular places to celebrate the new year’s eve in Istanbul. With plenty of restaurants offering delicious dishes, arcades, and more, welcome the new year in Bosphorus with your family and friends. If you are highly stressed due to hectic work, you can get rid of your stress residing in the serene locations of Bosphorus. Enjoy special food, live musical shows, dance performances, finest drinks, and more to welcome the very special new year with your beloved ones. Bosphorus Bridge is the most iconic places to view the sparkling skyline in Turkey. 

5. Uludağ

If you are a ski lover then, Uludag is the perfect destination spot. Besides Uludag, you can also visit Kartalkaya and Erciyes to take part in adventurous activities like skiing, skating, gliding, etc. Most people may not be aware of Turkey being the best ski destination. Head to one of the best and most prevalent ski resort towns in Uludag and spend the very first day of the new year’s eve indulging in your favorite hobby. Besides skiing, people can also enjoy special musical concerts performed by popular artists of the country. Uludag is the perfect destination for those who want to experience nightlife entertainment during the new year’s eve.

6. Marmaris

Thinking where to spend new years eve in Turkey? Marmaris is another best place you can pick from the list to witness a beautiful combination of winter and summer weather. Marmaris is a place considered as the warmest and rainy locations in Turkey. To spend a serene and peaceful time in Turkey during the new year’s eve, just choose Marmaris. Make sure you book one of the best hotels in Marmaris in advance to indulge yourself in the joyful entertainment on new year’s eve. Leaving all your worries and tensions in your hometown, spend some quality time with nature in Marmaris. The nightlife in Marmaris is quite exceptional especially on the beaches to relax.

7. Turkish House Party

If you are a tourist visiting Turkey, you can immerse yourself in the joyful environment with your friends and family in the Turkish House Party. Join any of your friends from Turkey to roam around the streets of the city to understand the lifestyle and chill out on the new year’s eve. As part of the house party, people follow some new year traditions of Turkey that you may not witness in club parties. Get to know more about the Turkish customs on this special occasion and explore the city to enjoy delicious food, drink, and more.

8. Bodrum

Bodrum is situated on the Bodrum Peninsula. It is the place city quite popular for its mesmerizing views of the Castle. If you are highly confused to choose the best places to celebrate the new year in Turkey, Bodrum is the right pick. You can find copious bars and bar streets in the city. With stunning fireworks shows, traditional Turkish dishes, and live music, ring in the new year with your pals in Bodrum. Make sure you explore as many unusual and special places in Turkey as during your holiday trip. 

9. Alaçatı

Planning to celebrate the new year’s occasion next to the sea, just pack your bags and head to Alacati. Despite being a small town in Turkey, Alacati offers you a calm environment to ring in the new year peacefully. Take part in some activities like sunbathe and enjoy the sea-side view for a certain time. You can even find some stylish hotels in Alacati to accommodate for a few days. If you are a new couple, stay in a romantic hotel to spend the new year’s eve more lovingly. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere in Alacati and head to a popular hotel for a nice dinner and special drinks.

10. Izmir

Izmir, one of the popular cities on the Aegean coast of Turkey is known as Smyrna for its antiquity. It’s the right place to witness a lot of entertainment options to enjoy the new year’s eve in Turkey. Visit some charming villages of Izmir like Sirince to enjoy the winter weather and welcome the new year quietly without any Hungama. The small towns in Izmir grab the attention of the tourists with its beauty and street parties during the new year’s occasion. It is one of the best places where you can enjoy nature and spend some gala time with family. 

11. Cappadocia

If you want to ring in the 2024 new year exceptionally, Cappadocia is the right destination spot. It is full of surprises to the visitors. Taste the special Cappadocian wine and Turkish tea or coffee for sure. Enjoy the jaw-dropping view of Cappadocia especially under the snow during this season. With rambling horses, flying balloons, fairy chimneys, and magnificent views of the city, Cappadocia mesmerizes the tourists. To enjoy the glory of the snow season in Turkey, accommodate in one of the best resorts in Cappadocia. Make sure you visit every special place in Cappadocia to acquire a memorable experience of your trip. 

12. Belek

Belek is a beautiful resort town located on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It is well known for its thermal spas, beautiful beaches and golf courses. It is a must-visit place to spend a cheerful new year in a relaxing manner. You can even witness the best voyage parties and resort parties hosted in Belek. With live music concerts, fun-filled activities, adventurous rides, and delicious food, ring in the new year with your family. 

That’s all! These are some of the best places to celebrate new year in Turkey. We hope this guide on where to spend new year in Turkey has helped you to the fullest to plan a special holiday trip with the family. If you have any other places in your mind, do comment in the below comments space. Visit our website frequently to get unique new year ideas to celebrate with friends, best places to spend the new year across the world, and more.

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