Best Places to Spend New Year’s Eve In Lebanon 2024

Everyone loves partying on New Year’s Eve amid loads of fun-filled activities, scrumptious cuisine, unlimited drinks, and more. Planning to chill around with your best pals in Lebanon for New Year? With cultural intermingling, Lebanon is a vivacious country for most party lovers. Whether it is a belief or a part of the excitement, people mostly celebrate New Year at night all over the world to welcome the very first day of the year. Our selection of the prevalent locations is the ones that are the most visited places for new year in Lebanon. We have picked some of the best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Lebanon. Take a glance!

Best Places for New Year’s in Lebanon 2024

1. Martyr’s Square

Martyr’s Square is one of the best places for the new year in Lebanon. It is the most well-known place in central Beirut that was built by the Ottman rule several decades back i.e., in 1931 as a tribute to the martyrs. The special attractions in Martyrs Square include Mohammed Al-Amin Mosque, Saifi village, and Roman Baths. The Lebanon New Year’s revolution event will take place on 31st December between 7 PM and 3 AM. 

2. Beirut

With vibrant fireworks and colorful lanterns, Beirut’s New Year event is one of the significant celebrations. People across different places visit this place to enjoy a delightful night in Beirut. Millions of people gather at one place to witness magnificent fireworks. One can spend gala time through a wide range of entertaining stuff like music concerts, spectacular waterfalls, delicious dinners, and more. 

3. Nejmeh Square

People can enjoy breathtaking fireworks at Place de l’Etoile or Nejmeh Square. Once the clock ticks at 12 PM on 31st December, a splendid fireworks show goes up from the Beirut port. The historical 1930 clock tower is the most recognizable place in Nejmeh Square. The special features one can witness in Place de l’Etoile include mosques, Lebanese Parliament building, eccentric cafes, and more.

4. Hamra Street

On the eve of New Year, people can enjoy the Hamra Open Party. Hamra Street is popularly known as Lebanese ‘Champs-Elysees’. One can consider this place as their top priority on where to spend the new year 2024 in Lebanon. During autumn, the annual Hamra Street Festival is celebrated. With a wide range of restaurants and cafes, the entire Hamra street jam-packs with visitors and party-lovers. At Hamra Street, one can enjoy participating in multiverse games, enjoy delicious food in Cafe Hamra and Barbar restaurant.

5. Riad El Solh Street

Walk down the red carpet to enjoy the New Year’s Eve party and make it an unforgettable night. People in Lebanon visit the Riad El Solh Streets to take part in the New Year’s revolution event. Join the huge crowds taking part in the revolution to bid farewell to the old year and uniquely welcome the new year. People across different regions reach Martyr’s Square and Riad El Solh Streets to celebrate the new year’s eve. This event takes place between 7 PM and 3 AM on 31st December night.

6. Tripoli

To acquire gala time with your friends and family, just visit Tripoli, Lebanon. Bid adieu to the old year and welcome the new year in Tripoli. Dance hard till you exhaust your energy all night during the new year celebrations. Just by gazing at the spectacular fireworks display in Tripoli, welcome the new year’s eve with much excitement. Brace yourself to ring in the new year with your beloved ones. 

7. Zahle

If you are exploring a unique place with a great view then, Zahle is the best place to celebrate new year’s eve in Lebanon. People celebrate the new year’s eve in Zahle following all the Lebanese traditions and customs. Starting from 9 PM on 31st December to 5 AM, people across different parts of the city visit Zahle to take part in traditional new year celebrations. This place is quite popular for its geographical location and known as ‘the City of Wine and Poetry’.

8. Baatara Gorge Waterfall

Geared up for the New Year’s Eve extravaganza at incredible waterfall.? It is obviously one of the significant places for the new year in Lebanon with friends and family members. Join the New Year celebrations and make it a memorable end to 2024. It is a spectacular location where you can witness magnificent waterfalls. Just take a dip in the water and witness unique natural rock formations. While enjoying the beauty of Lebanon and the waterfalls, welcome the new year’s occasion.

9. City of Byblos

Ring in the New Year 2024 with an elegant celebration with great live performances and full of entertainment. The city of Byblos is the most visiting place in Lebanon to celebrate the New Year. It’s the right place for those who want to plan an outing with friends in Lebanon. Celebrate the beginning of 2024 with the finest performances that give splendid vibes to everyone. Explore the City of Byblos to know more about the existence of ancient human civilization.

10. Lake Qaraoun

To raise your spirits and welcome the new year amid peace and a serene destination,  just head out to Lake Qaraoun. It’s an exceptional place considered the biggest freshwater body in Lebanon. You may not be able to swim in the water still, you can explore the lake by taking a quick boat ride or take a stroll along the lake. Once you are done with sightseeing,  enjoy scrumptious food in one of the nearby restaurants.

That’s all! These are some of the noteworthy places to celebrate New Year’s eve in Lebanon. We hope this guide has given you adequate information on where to spend the new year 2024 in Lebanon. If you have any other places in mind, just add them in the comments space. We try to include them in our list. For more related information to explore different places across the world, keep in touch with our website

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