New Year’s Day Laundry Superstition

New Year Eve is one of the most awaited days of the year. It is the day the entire world anticipates celebrating with great enthusiasm.  Ending all the differences, people come together to make the day a memorable one. On the New year eve, people follow various rituals and traditions as handed over by their ancestors. They are called as superstitions and almost every person follows one or two of those superstitions. The laundry superstition is one of the famous superstition followed by many.  Today, we are going to talk in detail about New Year’s Day Laundry Superstition.  Read on!

New Year’s Day Laundry Superstition

New Year is considered as a fresh start by many.  While resolutions are meant to be positive and aim at improving oneself in all aspects, superstitions are believed blindly by the people and are very much linked with the New Year.  Every culture and tradition in the world prompts the superstitions and so the people follow them very sincerely without hitting miss. The superstitions are based on the beliefs of the people on what will happen if certain thing is done in certain way and vice versa.  The superstitions are in accordance with the foods we eat to the laundry we do on the New Year eve. There is a popular superstition that doing laundry on the New Year eve is a bad sign and will bring bad luck.

New Year’s Laundry Superstitions
New Year’s Laundry Superstitions

These laundry superstitions are believed to be true by most of the people who follow them thick and thin.  Though they are mere superstitions, they hold greater significances then one can think.

  • There is a strong belief in the people that doing laundry on the first day of the year will wash away family member in the coming year.
  • Washing clothes on new years superstition says that doing laundry on the New Year eve will take away the good fortune of the people in the new year.
  • Another superstition is that doing laundry on New Year day will make you do more and more laundry all the year.
  • Other similar superstition about cloths is that wearing new clothes on New Year eve will increase the chances of buying and wearing more new cloths in the coming year.

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These are some of the popular New Year’s Day Laundry Superstition in use.  If you want to explore more on this topic stay tuned to our website.  Do check our website New Year Wiki for more new year related stuff.

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