New Year’s Food Superstitions: What to Eat and Not Eat

New Year eve is on the calendar already and the customs, traditions, rituals to be followed on the eve will be in the limelight once again.  No matter how modern we turn, we still tend to believe in the old superstitions that were laid by our ancestors. Though these superstitions that we are referring here will do no harm to anyone, in reality they have a different meaning as a whole.  Most of the new year superstitions are related to food and so we are here with the same topic New Year’s Food Superstitions.  Read on to find out what are they!

New Year’s Food Superstitions

New Year always comes hand in hand with the superstitions from ancient days.  There is this superstition where bubbles are considered good luck by the people.  People follow these superstitions with an intention to bring good into their lives on the occasion of the New Year and the days ahead in the year.  There is yet another superstition that says kissing someone on the 31st midnight will keep them close all the year long.  Another superstition says that shouting in the midnight chases away evil spirits from home.  Though they supposedly have no sense, they are being believed from ages by zillions of people.  Check out what to eat and What Not to Eat on New Years Day.

New Years Food Superstitions
New Years Food Superstitions

Other than these good luck and bad luck superstitions, there are food related superstitions as well that are tagged with good and bad lucks respectively on eating them. We have covered some food superstitions that are in practice by the peers from ancient times.

  • Eating black-eyed peas on the New Year eve is considered good luck by Southern people.  Eating green peas which signify money is believed to bring wealth to the people who eat them on the first day of the year.
  • Eating lentils is also considered as good luck by many, as yellow color signifies gold which in turn is a form of money.  Green lentils are also considered lucky by many.
  • Unlike lentils and peas, pigs are considered symbols of good luck in South.  They eat pigs in their meal on the New Year eve to get good luck. It is served with rice which signifies abundance as it opens up as it cooks. Also, a shiny coin is chunk into the cooking pot and the person who gets it in his meal will be considered extra lucky.
  • Dissimilar to that, it is considered bad luck to eat crab or lobster on New Year’s Day, as they move sideways.
  • Also, eating chicken or turkey is also a bad luck because they have this habit of digging backwards in search of food.
  • If you want to know What to Eat on New Year’s Day, then eat 12 grapes, each grape signifies good luck in each of the 12 months.  This is followed by Spanish people and the sour grapes signify bad luck.

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These are the New Year’s Food Superstitions that are in practice by the people around the world.  If you are aware of any other superstitions please feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.  Also, bookmark our website –

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