Things To Do In Christchurch For New Years

If you wish to make the upcoming New Year a pinnacle experience, you should first look for a place that helps you create that moment. New Year is the perfect time for celebrations and retreats. It is not just the time for resolutions; but also the time for a holistic celebration of life. As you step into the New Year, you would want to celebrate it in the best way possible either with family, friends, or alone. If you want to get away somewhere to a beautiful place you have never been to before, look no further than Christchurch. There is a lot to offer at the Christchurch New Year’s Eve event for the tourists. 

If you wish to visit Christchurch to celebrate the New Year, this article will assist you in finding the best things you can explore in the city. The city is full of surprises and amusing things, and if you appreciate unconventional experiences, Christchurch is the go-to place for you. You can have a blast by taking part in the mind-blowing New Year events. Bid goodbye to the old year and embrace the New Year with open arms in Christchurch. 

Things To Do In Christchurch For New Years

You are not limited to just a set of things at Christchurch; you can explore a whole lot of unique experiences at the place, especially during the New Year. You can witness a diverse range of Christchurch New Year’s Eve Events. Whether you are looking to party hard, immerse yourself in the beauty of mother nature, or simply want to relax and chill during the holiday season, there’s something for everyone in Christchurch. You can discover the top things to do in Christchurch for New Year’s in this article. So, without any more stalling, get reading!

1. Adrenaline Forest 

If you are an adventurous person and want to explore some thrills in the Christchurch region, look no further than Adrenaline Forest. You can come across the most exciting adventures in the forest area such as high rope, flying fox, zip line, etc. You will be entertained to the core by these adventures. Adrenaline Forest t is just 20 minutes away from the Christchurch CBD, and you can get into the most adventurous park ever at your own risk. 

The park offers six varieties of courses, which are divided based on the difficulty level and, you are free to choose which level is appropriate for you. The minimum age to take part in the challenges is 10 years. There will be guides to guide the adventurers across various levels of challenges. You can have the best experience of your life at Adrenaline Forest if you are looking to chill in nature. 

2. Arthur’s Pass

Arthur’s Pass is located in the South Island of New Zealand. It is a mountain pass which is situated in the Arthur’s Pass National Park. If you are a mountaineer, you must fall in love with this mountain pass that has serene beauty around it with lovely landscapes and rivers. Other than the scenic beauty, tourists can also participate in fun activities like hiking, tramping, etc. 

Visitors can go hiking for Avalanche Peak Track and Bealey Valley Track. The pass is over 900m above sea level and is regarded as the best scenic place in New Zealand. While on the way to the pass, you can also witness NZ national parkland and impressively built bridges. For the long drive lovers, this will remain as the best road journey they have ever made with stops in every nook and corner. New Year’s Eve In Christchurch Nz can be a memorable one if you celebrate it at Arthur’s Pass.

3. Orana Wildlife Park

If you are an animal lover and want to witness exotic animals, you must visit Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurch for sure. It serves as one of the best wildlife parks in New Zealand. If you want to have a close encounter with the wildlife, you can do so by booking them. The park is spread across an area of 80 hectares, which gives the animals ample space to inhabit their way. 

If you wish to feed the animal directly, you can from the strongly meshed vehicles. The vehicle is taken directly into the woods you can take photographs of them and also feed them from inside the vehicle. Moreover, you can witness diverse animals in the park from different countries. The animals list includes zebras, giraffes, kangaroos, lions, tigers, hippos, and more. 

You can also watch the birds and listen to their brimming as you go deep into the park. If you plan to have a direct encounter with the animals you buy the ticket and get into the jungle where the lions reside. If you have kids, Orana Wildlife Park is a definite go-to for you.

4. Christchurch Gondola 

A gondola is nothing but a cable car, which is very commonly found in hill stations. If you are adventurous and also want to explore the city and its beauty without much travel and effort, Gondola is the ultimate choice for you. You can get a panoramic view of Christchurch and its surroundings as you ride the Gondola. As a part of this cable car ride, you will get to see the Port Hills, the harbor of Lyttleton, and the Southern Alps among other places.

After you reach the top of the mountain, you can visit the popular places there like Red Rock Cafe, Time Tunnel, etc. The Gondola is a four-seater cabin that takes visitors to the top of the mountain in just 10 minutes. After reaching the mountain top you can take a walk around to witness the scenery and beauty of the place. If you want to get a brief overview of the city, taking a Gondola ride will help you a ton. 

5. Botanic Gardens

For the nature admirers, Botanic Gardens will leave them speechless. You can catch the sight of breathtaking views of exotic plants in the garden. The garden was established over 150 years ago and has huge trees, ponds, plants, and much more. If you want to escape the hot sun and relax with your family or friends, Botanic Gardens provide the best oasis. The lush green spaces fill your eyes and heart with happiness.

If you want to picnic with your family, Botanic Garden is the best picnic paradise for you. The rose garden is like a die for giving a positive feeling. You can also come across Avon River which passes through the garden. You can also find restaurants in the garden where you can enjoy the delicious snacks. You can take a ride through the garden on the Caterpillar Car and ravel the nature view to the core. 

6. Orama Wildlife Park

If you are in Christchurch and are wondering whether there is a nearby place where you can relax and enjoy nature, Orama Wildlife Park is the answer. The park is just 25 minutes away from Central Christchurch and is the home to many different animals. You can even find species that are only seen in New Zealand and nowhere else in the world. For those who like to have a direct encounter with animals, this park is apt. You can get into the wild and feed the animals with your own hands and full safety measures are taken by park officials.

The park has great prominence in conserving animals and rare species. They also highly promote and educate students about the conservation of animals and its importance. The park also has cafes on every corner where visitors can get refreshments. You can even participate in the activities and events conducted by the park officials every day of the year. 

7. TranzAlpine Train

The TranzAlpine train travels in the city from the East Coast to the West Coast. It is one of the most popular train journeys in New Zealand that starts in Christchurch and ends in Greymouth. The train covers a distance of 223 kilometers. If you are someone who wants to cover a lot of places on the go, but don’t have ample time in hand, you can take this train to get almost every site seeing covered in New Zealand.

You have to pre-book the tickets for the journey, which has multiple stops. The seating is very comfortable and the travelers can enjoy a great view of the surroundings from the train. For those who want to take a close look at nature during the ride, there is a facility at the end of the train where they can stand and watch the scenic beauty of the city. 

8. Quake City 

As the name suggests, Quake City represents the kind of quakes it has suffered due to natural calamities. It was turned into a tourist attraction and it is all thanks to the locals who are optimistic about the approach. The city shows how badly the place was affected by the quakes. It shows how nature can affect human beings as well as the city. It is quite engaging for visitors to see the exhibits about the destruction that was caused to the city in the form of great art.

The exhibits have relics from the time of the quake as well as the giant bell of the Roman Catholic Cathedral and some remains from the Christchurch Cathedral. The visitors can witness how the city has emerged from the destruction to the rise in Quack City visits. 

9. Avon River

If you enjoy watching water flowing, you must and should include a visit to Avon River. It is one of the most iconic places in the city that passes through various prominent parks in the city. Visitors can go punting into the river and enjoy the river view very closely. Visitors can also go for a picnic in the gardens around the river and relax. The river has undergone recovery after being badly affected by earthquakes. 

Other than punting, visitors can also take part in kayaking and canoeing on the banks of the Avon River. Visitors can also view the beautiful ducks and swans swimming their hearts out in the river. The river passes through popular landmarks like the Bridge of Remembrance. 

10. Christchurch Tramway 

If you want to take a local tour in the city, instead of taking a car ride, take a Tramway ride. It is one of the oldest and popular rides in Christchurch which presents to you the beautiful Kiwi city. You can have a wonderful time sightseeing around the city. Also, you can witness the historical monuments on the ride. It is one of the tourist attractions in the city which takes the passengers on a tour giving them a great scenic view of the city. 

The Tramway ride covers attractions like Cathedral Square, Avon River, and Canterbury Museum. The vintage Trams are often ridden by visitors to take a tour of the city. The best part is that the riders are provided with information about the sites they are viewing through the tram via commentary. Visitors can get down the tram to explore the attractions in a better way. Instead of taking the regular car ride, choose this Tram ride to explore the Kiwi city in style. 

11. Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve is another wildlife park located not much away from central Christchurch. Animal lovers who missed out on other wildlife parks mentioned in this article can visit this park to get the sight of exotic animals. The park also has a rare bird called Takahe bird on display. If you admire wildlife and want to explore different species in one place, you must pay a visit to Willowbank Wildlife Reserve. 

12. Canterbury Museum 

For those who like history, the Canterbury Museum is the apt place to go. The museum has on display the great history of New Zealand. The architecture of the place blows one’s mind. The museum was founded way back in 1870 and has slowly emerged into a foundation over time. The museum has more than 2.3 million artifacts for display, which itself is quite overwhelming. 

13. Hagley Park

Hagley Park is one of the most popular and most-visited public parks in Christchurch. The park stands as a great attraction for visitors hosting different activities and events to entertain the guests. The park is situated on 407 acres of land and is walkable from Christchurch’s CBD. Avon River passes through the park and visitors can enjoy the river view by sitting on its banks. Punting is also a popular activity held there. For those who like to welcome New Year with fireworks, Christchurch New Years Eve Fireworks are carried out at Hagley Park.


These are the Things To Do In Christchurch For New Years. If you are planning to visit New Zealand to ring in the New Year, you can tour these places and make everlasting memories. Know what New Zealand is all about exactly with this tour. We hope the places we have covered in this article will assist you in making your visit to New Zealand a success. So, if you are a travel trotter who likes welcoming New Year’s in different corners of the world, you should consider following our website – as we often upload articles on travel inspiration.

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