Things To Do In Fiji On New Years Eve

New Year is around the bend and everyone must be thinking of ways to make the most of the holiday season. If you align with this thought, you must be here searching for the best place to explore and celebrate New Year’s Eve. In this article, we are going to take you on a ride to Fiji where you can ring in the New Year in Fiji New Year’s Eve style. For those who like beaches and cultural activities, Fiji is a mainstay. You can make the best memories ever by kicking off the New Year in Fiji.

The place is often visited by Australians and other tourists from around the world. The resorts and hotels get filled in no time with tourists and the place becomes the ultimate hub for New Year festivities. The city offers accommodation for every budget and visitors can choose as per their preference. To ensure a comfortable stay, it’s important to book your accommodation in advance. As the year draws to a close, Fiji City becomes more and more tourist-friendly offering all kinds of A-class services to the visitors. 

Things To Do In Fiji On New Years Eve

Whether you are looking to party on the beach side, watch firecrackers, take the cruise ship ride, or simply dance the night away at the New Year’s Eve party, you can have a rollicking good time in Fiji. If you are new to the place and wish to have a never-before and ever-after experience, you must first check the Things To Do In Fiji On New Years Eve. As you get deep into this article you will find out the things you can do on New Year’s Eve in Fiji to make your New Year noteworthy. 

For the unversed, Fiji is an Island country, which surprisingly has more than 300 islands. With that said, only a few of them are popular and have become the best tourist attractions. The two major islands where lion’s share of tourists visit are, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Depending on your preferences and interests, you can choose the way you want to welcome the New Year.  

1. Cruise Ride

What better way to commence the New Year than by taking a cruise ride and welcoming it amid the lovely blue waters? If you vibe with this thought, you must take a cruise ride on Fiji Island to have Fiji New Year Celebration. Whether you are alone or with a family or kids, you can take the cruise to make a lasting memory of celebrating New Year. You can also have a mouth-watering dinner on the cruise with your family while enjoying the sail. The food is prepared by experienced chefs on board with fresh ingredients. 

2. Resort Style Welcome

The main intention of a holiday is to relax and chill. So, you have to find the best resorts around the islands to relax and have a ball while at it. The top resorts in Fiji host various New Year Events to entertain the tourists. You can indulge in savories, take relaxing spas, and drink refreshments in the resorts while enjoying New Years Eve Fireworks Fiji in the night sky. You can shake your leg to the most popular dance numbers and give your taste buds a treat with the famous Kava drink.

We can suggest you few resorts where you can chill with your family during the holiday season. You can stay at Sheraton Fiji Resort in Denarau if you are a music lover, Radisson Blu if you are a party animal and also a foodie, and Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort if you have tagged your kids along. If you like to go pubbing or watch beautiful fireworks, Beachcomber Island Resort, Mamanuca Islands is apt for you. For those who have a liking for night shows and DJs, Resort Relax Fiji is the choice. 

3. Village Celebrations 

Villagers in Fiji celebrate New Year for a week unlike the rest of the world which celebrates for one or two days. The families in the villages come together to celebrate the New Year on a grand note. They carry out feasts and perform a dance style called “Meke”. There is also a tradition where people splash water on each other as a part of celebrations. Fijians also provide homestay in the village and if you want to observe their living style and how they celebrate the New Year closely, you better book a homestay in the village. 

There are multiple online websites available from where you can book your homestay in Fiji. You can find the best homestays in the Yasawa Islands and the Coral Coast on Viti Levu. Fijians give utmost importance to their cultures and traditions and their rich heritage speaks it all. Fiji cities are one of the Best Place For New Years Fiji. 

4. Welcome New Year in Suva and Nadi

If you haven’t decided on a place to celebrate New Year in Fiji and want to delve into an all-new world of New Year celebrations, you must visit Suva and Nadi. For the unknown, Suva is the capital city of Fiji and has exceptional parties and events going on for the New Year. The place has street parties going on every New Year’s Eve, which are quite popular among the locals as well as non-locals. 

The parties usually have dancers, DJs, bands, water splashing, fireworks, etc. You can countdown the last seconds of the year and welcome the New Year as the clock strikes midnight. The best part is that these parties are alcohol-free and are apt for people of all ages. The street parties are usually held in the capital city, Suva, or Nadi. If you like to party all night, as the street party closes at 1 PM, you can get into any nightclub of your choice to groove to the chartbusters. The popular nightclubs in the area are located on Victoria Parade and Queen’s Road. 

5. Island Hopping

If you want to take a round of the beautiful islands around Fiji city, you have to go for Island hopping where you can book a cruise and sail to the nearby islands. The cruises take you to different islands around the city and you can relax while sailing and enjoying the yummy meals. Tourism over there offers various family-friendly services to visitors which include child-caring services, meals, small adventurous trips to islands, etc. The popular cruise tour packages are 4, 7, and 9-night packages from which visitors can choose the package they like. 


Well, these are the Things To Do In Fiji On New Years Eve. If you have plans to visit Fiji this New Year, you can visit these badass places to have a blast. Make the New Year utmost special and memorable by visiting the place and making memories that last a lifetime. Make sure to respect the culture and traditions of Fijians as they are known for their hospitality and warm welcome. If you find this information helpful and think that we have helped you discover your destination for the coming New Year celebrations, bookmark our website – and stay tuned for more such articles and travel inspirations.

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